Why Use Tarot when Reading? • Clairvoyant Ann George

I recently received a call from a potential client. I feel sure he had not explored my website before calling as he asked me if I could do a reading without using Tarot. I have not been asked this question for many years. Taken aback at what seemed a fear of Tarot, my reply was, "Of course, but why would I do that? Do you not want the most accurate, complete answer to your question that I am able to provide?"

I offer apologies to my caller. I would have been more kind, less direct, and referred him to this article had it been online. To better answer his question, I am writing a more in-depth introduction to the benefits of consulting the Tarot than is found on my site.

As a clairvoyant person, I am able to read, or to "see," without Tarot. In fact I must be mindful to "see" only when asked, and only for the benefit of my clients. I am able to receive all kinds of information throughout the day. If I read without Tarot, I also receive all kinds of information upon the request of the seeker. As a question specific reader, my purpose is to answer any question you ask me as accurately as possible, telling the truth no matter what.

I don't see any benefit in abandoning the best second option (Tarot) I have found to validate what I see before speaking. It is my purpose to serve as a reader, I was born for this work -  to "see" the past, present and future for the benefit of my clients. I am honored by their trust, and realize that many come at very stressful points in time, burdened by important decisions.  I respect that trust, and intend to provide them the most accurate answers possible without doing any harm.

The Tarot is a most remarkable vibrational phenomena. Although Tarot appears as playing cards, it is in fact a very dense book of occult wisdom which is quite responsive to the thoughts of the seeker during a reading.

When you have a reading with me, I will only ask you for your questions. After the question is asked,  I will ask you to "show me" or to visualize the answers to questions I ask you. These questions are asked to ensure I am able to get at the heart of the matter and provide the correct answer. Once you have "shown" me.. or "thought to me" all the important aspects that affect your question we will see the answer.

During your visualization I will be shutting the Tarot. Regardless of the deck used* your thoughts are energy, they have a frequency. Tarot is extremely sensitive and responsive to your mind stream. I shuffle on your behalf, dropping my mind so that your thoughts are dominant during this portion of the reading. Thus, Tarot hears you and when placed on the table presents an out-picturing of the answer.

As well, I am "seeing" with your permission, the people, events, concerns, hopes and fears that affect your future regarding the question before us. When you are ready, I will tell you what I "see." The beauty of this method is, for me, that before I speak, I am able to see the spread of Tarot and gain additional insights into the answer, as well, to be sure that what I see is indeed accurate and empowering when the Tarot reveals the same answer as the one I find.

The benefit for you, the Seeker, is that during the visualization process, you will reveal all matters that affect your body, mind and spirit concerning the question, you will set your boundaries, keep private what you wish, and you will show us how deeply your are willing to look for the source of the trouble, how far you want to see into the future of the matter. The more freely you "show me" the matter, the better able I will be to provide the most complete answer possible.

My purpose is not to amaze by revealing secrets from the past, or to trouble you by revealing issues you are aware of but prefer not to discuss. Tarot ensures that I am mindful, thoughtful and on point.  That no verbal information, other than the question you ask, is provided also ensure that your reading is as accurate as possible.

Sometimes language gets in the way of communication. When you "show" me your lover  for example, most people can easily recall the appearance and nature of their friend revealing details it could take hours to describe. While you show me, and I "hear" or "see" the nature of that person as regards your question, the oracle of Tarot is also present, responding during the shuffling of the cards to your visualization as well.

It is not my purpose at this time to explore the metaphysics, or the quantum theory that explores the interdependence of phenomena, energy as thought, thought as vibration, vibration as affecting the world that is constantly coming to you. My purpose at this post is to share my experience of the benefits of using Tarot during a spiritual consultant - whether you call it a psychic reading, a Tarot reading, a clairvoyant Tarot reading (my preference), the experience is remarkably interesting at the least.

There are more articles on the Tarot on my site. They are simple introductions. The in-depth posts are here on this Tarot Blog. I hope you find this helpful to understanding that all the readings I offer are clairvoyant readings validated by Tarot.

Regardless of whether you have a live session or a phone session, there is no difference in the quality of the session caused by the presence of your physical body. Mind to mind, thought to though, we are reading or "seeing" your reality of your moment as recorded in the Akashic. There are more posts on vibration, energy fields, and and the wonders of this and other worlds on my FaceBook page. I hope you will "Like" the page. It is a good way to stay connected to all updates on goods and services I offer.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 


Walk-In Thursdays - Readings at Midnight Sun • Jacksonville, Florida

Ann George, now in her 18th year of service to clients in the greater Jacksonville area, continues to offer walk-in readings on Thursdays. All other readings, whether in person or by telephone are by appointment.

All readings are best described as Clairvoyant Tarot readings. As a clairvoyant person, Ms. George is able to access a tremendous range of information specific to your questions and uses Tarot as both a focusing tool, and a "second" to ensure she is able to provide you the most accurate answers possible.

Walk-In times are Thursdays between 12:30 and 5:00 PM at the Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, 32204. You have two reading choices. The 15 minute session usually enables you to receive answers to one, two or perhaps three questions, depending on the complexity of the matters at hand. The fee for the 15 minute session is $40.

Should you have four to six questions, the half hour session is your best choice to ensure that most all your questions are answered. The fee for the half hour session is $70. If you are new to readings, then it is very important to understand that a well crafted question is one of the best ways to ensure a successful experience. If you wish to have a past lives reading or to ask for mediumship work, the half hour is also the best choice.

You may pay for your session with cash, debit or credit cards as you prefer. FMI or to schedule a session, please contact Ann George at 904-993-7466.


Are you a Medium? Mediumship - Readings to Connect with Lost Loved Ones

Clients often call to ask if I am a medium. It is necessary for me to answer that question twice. 
        To begin:  It is my experience that all events leave a mark the the Akashic Record and when you and I sit down to do a reading, we agree to open the doors to that Record together.  I provide a sacred, safe space in which to go looking, and therefore, we are able to see the past, present and future. In this way, we are also able to see messages from those no longer living as well as to see your past lives. 

Past Life Readings - Past Life Mediumship

I am gifted to be able to serve as a Past Life Medium, one who sees backwards in time, to help clients find the life that may be most affecting them in the relevant present. Many times this kind of reading is very liberating, and helps to pull together bits and pieces of life experience in a new, and often more coherent way. 

Things that “didn’t quite fit” can suddenly come into perspective, whether we look at one or sometimes several live times that are “pressing” on our subconscious awareness of the present. We may find freedom from fears, understand suppressed desire, awaken to new talents, or discover that we are in relationship with someone we once loved. 

Reading to Connect with Lost Loved Ones - Mediumship 

Most people want to know if I am able to contact, or connect with departed loved ones. Under the circumstance where the seeker is present with me in full attention regardless of whether we are working live or by phone, I am able to connect with departed people most of the time.

There are some qualifiers I feel it important to mention. I work best if you provide the full name of the person you are inquiring about, and if you have particular questions for that person, it is that much easier for me to engage their attention. 

Sometimes the consciousness of the departed is not directly available. This often occurs when the person has been dead for some years. Many minds move away from this world on journeys to other paradise realms after death, and do not linger long here.  In those cases, they often leave a message - rather like a message in a bottle - for those they loved. I am most always able to find that message for you. 

Sometimes, the person you are looking for may have already reincarnated in this world or another. In cases like these, I may not be able to connect with their current mindstream, but may still be able to find that “message” left for you. 

It is my responsibility to tell you the truthful answer to any question, and to do my best to provide you the service you are paying for. It is usually immediately clear if I am unable to find your lost loved one, and the session will end quite quickly with no charge to you.  I will always trust that when you sit down with me, that you are asking an honest question, with the true desire to receive truthful answers. It has been quite some time since anyone has played “trick the psychic” (I am most grateful for that.) .. but it can be very easily done as I will trust you, and go looking for what you seek. 

If I am unable to find what you are looking for, I will tell you right away, or ask that you concentrate a bit more clearly on what you wish to see. I have been in service to the public for over 17 years, and it is not often that I am unable to accomplish a reading.   However, readings are co-created experiences and work best when we work together. 

I hope you find this note helpful.   

Ann George


Tell Me My Future - How to Best Ask Your Psychic Questions.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a new client. I was not able to provide a reading for her, and we parted on good terms. She was a customer of another style of reader and was used to receiving a different kind of reading than the ones I offer.

I am publishing to share again my understanding of the right use of clairvoyance and the worldview from which I read. I realize that many cultures have different understandings of how the future unfolds.  I am able to "see the future" in general. However, as most clients want accurate readings that empower them to make useful choices, readings to validate their own intuitions, or readings to offer direction and insight, I do not offer "general" readings.

I am sure that we live in an interdependent universe. I am sure that we are co-creating our future with every thought, word and deed. I believe your future is not a given... rather it is a consequence. So, to see your future, I prefer you to ask me to see the future of __________.

Each of us has a Fire Path (this includes career, right work, ethic and values,) an Air Path (the path of words, social interactions, education and politics,) and Earth Path (the path of body, of land, of material possessions, wealth and loss,) a Water Path (the path of love, feeling, physical and emotional health,) and finally, the Spirit Path (the path of past lives, spiritual development, purpose and purification.)

On any given day, we may be more concerned with one path more than the other. We may face choices that have the ability to move us forward or hold us back, we may seek to connect with our higher selves, the divine unfolding, or the Akashic Record for guidance.

My purpose is to serve as a conduit for that information. My purpose it to look to see the outcome of your choices, the best paths to accomplish your goals, your past lives if need be so that you may gain greater insight into the now.

People sometimes come to find out about others...... living and dead. I am able to serve as a medium between the worlds, but this is always contingent upon the availability of the departed. I may or may not be able to make direct connection, however there is almost always an imprint of those who have left us, and that imprint can provide the information you seek.

I advise all clients that the most successful readings are those in which you come with questions in hand. This provides me a starting point, a ground to work form. I am not able to see 50 years forward.

The world is constantly coming. We are all in this together. If you get up from any reading, change your phone number, hair color, and occupation, you may rest assured that the future seen in the reading you just had will not likely come to pass. Why? because the foundation of the question, the nature and appearance of the seeker has changed so dramatically the the outer world will change as well.

I have published a list of suggested questions on my site, as well as a few more blog posts to help you decide if I am indeed a reader you would like to work with. If so, I offer readings by appointment.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 


Why am I alone? Tarot readings provide a perspective on Solitude.

Why am I alone? 

Many times we find ourselves looking at the happy coupled relationships of others, especially on Valentines Day, and wondering why we find ourselves without the loving relationship we hope for. 

Although there are many mundane reasons why we might be single such as a hectic work schedule that leaves little time for recreation, a lack of healthy group activities that put us in contact with suitable partners, a diminishing social network as friends couple, or move away - the heart of the matter is, in my experience, caused by an imbalance in our energetic well being.

Consulting the Tarot at times like these a very useful way to gain insight into the inner workings of our minds to discover those thought patterns that keep us from “right love.”  I use the term “Right Love” to try to help clients create the most complete picture of the kind of relationship they are looking for. 

“Right Love” is discovered when one has really taken the time to investigate, and perhaps list, the qualities that one hopes to find in a partner as well as the qualities of loving kindness one hopes the partner is willing to receive. It is best if we think as much about how we want to show love as it is to think about how we want to receive it.

In a reading, asking the question “Show me the best path to right love” often brings great insight and helps one see the subtle habits, mental patterns, or social decisions that move us away from what it is we truly want. 

When clients come to find the best path to right love, I invite them to visualize the answers to specific questions to help open the doors to the Akashic Record and find those very insights. As all readings are co-created experiences, the willingness, and preparedness of the seeker to visualize answers is very helpful. 

Should you come to me for such a session, it is best to have given thought to these kinds of ideas:

  • What faith or spiritual practice is comfortable for you?
  • What level of education is necessary for you connect well with your partner?
  • What activities will you share as a couple?
  • How much personal space do you require in a relationship?
  • What kinds of music do you prefer to listen to together?
  • Will you keep house pets? If so, what kind? 
  • What is your diet style/life style/health style? 
  • Do you want children? 

These are just examples. Each person is different, and each person brings a different personal history to the table. Sometimes it will be the case that as the reading unfolds, deeper and more personal questions arise to be asked so that the seeker may get in touch with subconscious negative messaging, energetic wounds that have not yet healed, or a false self-image that keep them from happiness.

The more open one is during the visualization process, the wider the doors are thrown open, and together we will look to see what can be changed to move your closer to the love you seek. Sometimes, one is really already on path to right love, and there is nothing to change, it is just a matter of waiting to manifest, or to receive, that which is already on the way. 

Sometimes, after a session, it is the case that the seeker, or reader and seeker together realize that there are energy wounds that cannot be easily healed by thought alone, and that an energy healing may be very helpful to repair tears, or other disturbances in the energy body. 

Many times after a death, divorce, or painful breakup, a person internalizes messages or endures wounding that does not clearly have a name. Adjectives such as depression, emotional exhausting, discouragement or frustration are often used to describe this kind of energy wounding. 

Often, an Usui Reiki Remote Healing treatment is very helpful to help heal the wounding of the emotional body, or the etheric bodies in general,  and to restore balance and well being on a deep level.  The primary purpose of this post is not to address the benefits of energy healing, but to point out that the Tarot is a very good tool to help reveal all the facets of thought, word and deed that are keeping us from finding the love we are hoping for and to direct us toward changes so that we may create the future we truly want.

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 2014.


Professional Psychics in Jacksonville Florida Have an Occupational License.

From time to time I will get a call from someone interested in getting a reading who wants to come to my home for that service. I have come to understand that there are people who are offering readings from home in Jacksonville, Florida.

In the city of Jacksonville, Florida, a professional psychic, clairvoyant, medium, astrologer or mental healer is required to purchase a business license. To obtain that license, one must provide evidence of having a business location. This is the law. There are penalties for failing to honor those requirements.

Several years ago, the city restricted readers - myself included - to practice only in the areas of town zoned CCG-2. This zoning is for a variety of service providers, including but not limited to topless bars, adult bookshops, and the like.

Most of these kinds of buildings were large, expensive and located in parts of town where retail shopping, boutiques, restaurants and such were hard to find. After maintaining a studio in just such a location for 5 years, I transitioned into telephone reading services.

Happily, the zoning code was changed, and I am now able to read from a lovely shop, The Midnight Sun in the Historic Five Points district near downtown. I pay my business tax, purchase my occupation license and file my corporate report to the State every year.

I feel this is very important. You can find me. I am available, visible, and willing to put my name, my reputation, and my contact information online for public review.

I believe it is important to respect my neighbors, who live in a quiet historic district, and wish to be in peace. They did not purchase homes, only to have a services vendor operating a consulting practice in their neighborhood. My neighborhood is zoned residential, and I also like it that way.

I feel it is important to offer my clients a professional environment, with public parking, a beautiful shopping experience should they choose to browse as well as anonymity of service.

Some suggest that it really doesn't matter. Some suggest that readers who are reading from home are just doing the best they can. Some argue that this is traditional.  It is not my intention to argue at all.

I wanted to state that I feel that a business should pay it's taxes and be part of the community... not pocketing cash and working "under the table" or "on the side."

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am indeed compliant with all city and state regulations. I apprenticed, studied and trained to be able to consistently provide my clients the very best service I can offer.

I am happy to read for you by appointment, either in person or by phone. This year I am trying something different.. the "Walk In" day. It  has been tricky to find that best day, however I seem to have settled on Thursdays from 12:30 - 5:00 PM.

I hope that having a regular walk-in day will make it easier for some clients to get a reading. As my practice has grown over the past 17 years, I do a good deal of work by telephone nationally, and have now developed a small international practice.

Phone readings are available Sunday through Friday - however it seems I will be taking Thursdays to be fully present for my Northeast Florida clients.

Wishing peace & prosperity to all.

Ann George


"Walk In on Thursday" - Clairvoyant Tarot at The Midnight Sun

Most every Thursday I will be available for readings from 12:30 pm until 5:00 PM at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

Many have stopped by for a reading only to find that I work by appointment during the week, except for "Walk In Thursday."

I am fortunate to have national and international clients who require phone readings, so I did not have a regularly scheduled "live reading day."

To better serve my clients here in NE Florida, I will now be at The Midnight Sun every Thursday afternoon. No Appointment Is Needed. I am able to accept cash or debit or credit cards, which ever is easiest for you.

I will simply be available on a first come, first served basis offering either:

  1. The 15 minute reading  for 40.00  which is usually best to answer one to three questions or 
  2. The 30 minute reading  for $70.00 which is usually best you have  four to six questions.

I do recommend you call me to be sure that I am in the shop on the Thursday you hope to walk. Please feel welcome to contact me at 904-993-7466.

If you are a new client, I encourage you to review the following articles on my site:
I should quickly mention that I do not offer palm readings. Also, I am not gifted with with ability to find lost object, nor lost persons. I do offer mediumship work. I am best as a past life reader, but in many cases am able to receive information from or about deceased loved ones. 

I look forward to meeting you in person. My commitment to you will always be to provide honest, accurate answers to any question you may ask. 

Live readings on other days will still be available by appointment, however several days notice is usually necessary to secure the appointment time you prefer.  For more information, please visit my web site.