Reconnecting to Spirit Realms - The Healing Benefits of a Reading

To hold our natural ability to connect with spiritual realms it is very important that we maintain our ability to connect to the natural world. 

For many people this is becoming much more difficult to do. 

We are at an unusual time as humans on the planet. Many of us no longer walk barefoot on the Earth for we now have paved roads, sidewalks and shoes. 

Our most basic connection to the natural world is broken as we no longer feel the Earth beneath our feet as we walk across her. 

For many, a calming walk through the woods or meadows is not an option. The wilderness is tamed and filled with buildings of all kinds. We can go to parks in cities, but the sound of traffic follows us almost everywhere, disturbing our connection to our own inner knowing.

Where once we could relax on a porch or a stoop in the evening and hear the crickets, tree frogs, night birds and many other creatures moving in the darkness, many now hear traffic, sirens, or radio music as cars drive by pumping the latest hit song into the night. 

As we lose access to the sounds and comforts found in the natural world, it is reasonable that we would also feel cut off from our own inner knowing, whether it is our mystic darkness or our stars.  As we lose these connections, the joy and strength of our spiritual well being can suffer.

It is very reasonable that in these times many people feel the need for validation of their intuitions. It is very reasonable that many people need to see more clearly than this new world of technology and constant interruption allows. 

Many people find that consulting a reader (psychic, spiritualist, clairvoyant or Tarot card) is not only necessary to get an honest second opinion, it is necessary to gain a true insight into what the future holds. 

For many, a reading is more helpful than expected.  So many of us have inner knowings and intuitions about situations and circumstances that we doubt. 

It is easy to lose touch with hope, to stop believing that a bright tomorrow is possible even though we are sure that could be our truth. 

The natural world, bursting with new life at every turn is removed from our everyday, and so we can forget that new beginnings happen all the time!  Flowers on the breeze, fireflies dancing in the night sky, owls calling out are wonderful moments humans need to stay calm, centered and connected to the wonder of the possible. 

Although I was born with certain abilities, to be of true help to others, I chose to invest my time in decades of study and practice which has enabled me to make those abilities useful to my clients. 

I am very lucky that my life path requires that I take a dip into the mystic waters of the natural and supernatural worlds on a daily basis! 

As a professional clairvoyant consultant I must invest time to connect with the earth, the placement of planets in the heavens, and greater movement of the stars as well as the movement of global mindstreams. 

To continue to be of service I watch signs and omens, note the passing of crows, the falling star, the new and full moons, and I follow reports about changes in our natural world as well as the human world of money, politics and trade.  

In so doing, I am much better able to create, in sacred space, a clean frequency we use to climb the ladder of perception that will take us both the the Akashic for a look around. 

When we sit together for a reading, we will make an agreement to connect to the Akashic. Your participation is critical to our process, and yes, we will use your intuitions and perceptions to begin to open that door. 

All ethical readers, all those who are indeed gifted with the ability to walk between worlds of perception can find answers to your questions. 

If you choose to fully participate, to share in thought your intuitions to the future and your perceptions of the past & present,  we will have a much more successful session. 

I am not the kind of reader who wants to hold your power, I want to help you reconnect to that power walk away from our time together with answers that reveal the future you want to live. An ethical reading can help you find new and successful opportunities for confidence, peace and the ability to make choices with a better understanding of the consequences of your actions.

Many clients leave our session reporting that they “feel much better”. This does not happen because I offer only happy answers. This does not happen because I tell only what people want to hear. What happens in a session is a far brighter blessing. 

At the end of a session, we will have walked together into the future, we will have taken a dip into that special place of awareness that transcends time and the material world. For many this reconnection is a kind of healing. 

The true cause of “feeling better” even if a hard truth or “unfortunate” outcome is revealed, is that most clients have touched their own inner mystic and made reconnection with their inner mystic. 

If you would like to schedule a reading with me, I offer in person sessions by appointment in my private office at 840 Edgewood Avenue South, Suite 217 or readings by telephone appointment. I have these sessions most every day from 10:00 am - 7:00 pm.

I also have walk-in readings on Thursdays at Midnight Sun - a glorious import store full of stones, candles, incense and jewelry of all kinds. Walk-In Thursdays hours are from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm. If you don’t see me, there is a sign up sheet at the back counter.  

Please call the studio at 904-993-7466 to schedule, or send an email. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George 

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Creating a Frequency - How We Access the Akashic with Tarot

I often write articles to help people understand the metaphysics of seeing the future. My motive is to help new clients feel comfortable when they come for a psychic reading with Tarot.  I will always prefer the word “clairvoyant’ to describe the services I offer. It seems a cleaner description, to be “clear seeing.” 

Lately I have been helping first clients come to a greater peace for their session by explaining an aspect of “how” we get to the Akashic Record to find the answers to their questions. I will post that explanation here, and hope you enjoy it.

You do need to come to the table with questions. Really, anyone who sits for a reading already has questions, they may not yet be clearly articulated, but we sit for readings to gain insights we don’t yet have. Often we just want clarity, insight, a sense of what is happening. 

The process of accessing the Akashic begins when you speak your question. Let’s use the example question of “Show me the outcome of staying in my current position, at my company, for the next three years.”

Now that you have stated a request and we agree that this is the answer what we are looking for. This is the end of talking. I no longer need you to say anything out loud. 

I do very much need you to concentrate, visualize or remember answers to questions I will ask you. You do not need to answer these questions by voice. It is very important that from the asking of the question until the time we find the answer that you are as focused as can be. 

The questions I ask are to see as I go along, perhaps I need to see your resume, the last business meeting, or job opportunities in your workplace. The questions I ask are directed by what I am finding as I look for your future. 

In this example to “find” the future of your work life I may ask you to visualize your office/workplace. I may ask you to look around and “see” your co-workers, your boss, or to share the feeling of the culture of your workspace.   

My asking and your visualizing sets up a frequency that shines a light on that part of your life experience relevant to the future of your work life.  

I may ask you to think about the business in general, how well your company seems to be doing, any layoffs, anyone fired? as well as your hopes or your conflicts.

As you visualize, you focus a frequency that helps me clearly see your future. Good readings are co-created. When we work together, I can get the most accurate information as clearly as possible. 

While some people want to come and sit at the table and have me tell them what I see, I do not prefer to do this at all! 

I have been seeing the future since I was born. I have been visited by spirits of all kinds, heard people thinking, seen time stand still, as a clairvoyant person I would rather be useful. 

To set me out to look through all the mulitverses, and all possibilities for all future outcomes of your life experience is a very tall order. It is also vague. 

I ask that you do not send me out and have created no frequency for seeing. We have many paths, some are best described as Elemental. 

We have a Fire Path - the path of Spirit, right work, career, passion, purpose and creation. 

We have an Earth Path - the path of Body, money, property, possessions and death. 

We have a Water Path - the path of Emotion, caring, love, healing and growth. 

We have an Air Path - the path of Social interactions, friends, enemies, family and actions. 

It helps us both if you are able to ask me to see the future of continuing to follow one of these paths as you are now. If you are unable to ask for specifics - I may or may not return with information you can use to make a better tomorrow. 

I am not a fortune teller. I am not an entertainment reader. For what ever reason, my bloodlines, my incarnations through time, I am able to see things for you. I want to use this ability for your benefit. I want us to have a peaceful, powerful moment together. 

My first rule of “seeing” is that I must tell you the truth about all that I find. For this reason I encourage you to set boundaries on the answers you receive.

Sometimes after a reading people will say:
You hit the nail on the head” or
“You captured my boyfriends personality perfectly” or
“No, I don’t have any questions about that answer”.

This successful reading is made possible by you giving me the “boost” of frequency. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

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Did the cards tell you all of that? Psychism and Tarot.

Sometimes new clients, and some who have had readings with others, seem surprised when their reading is very accurate. 

Often they want to me explain the cards to them so that they can get a better understanding of the psychic process and how it was possible for me to “know all of that”. 

In some cases, Tarot card readers do offer a card by card explanation. The “Ten Card Spread” is an excellent choice to provide this service. 

I do not offer a card by card session. If you were to ask me about my reading style, I would say I use a 16 card spread and the “landscape” method of reading. You can find more information about that on this page on my site.  

As I was born clairvoyant, I have always seen and known things that should have been beyond my reach. When I was young I could see all kinds of spirits and “creatures” that others did not see. I was often able to “hear” people thinking, and it was very easy for me to know what was going to happen next. 

I did not realize everyone was not seeing nor hearing the world as I did until I went to public school at the age of 4. I do remember being transferred from one school to another before I finished kindergarten, and that was when I realized I had best keep my seeing thoughts to myself. 

In general, there was no real way for me to use this knowing and so I tried my best to become part of mainstream society, suppressing visions, spirit visits and second sight. It was not easily done. 

I had a conversation recently with someone who was concerned that I used Tarot Cards while offering readings. Some people are more familiar with the spiritualist style of readings, channelling, or the use of “Spirit Guides”. (I have never uses Spirit Guides.) 

I really am able to connect directly to the Aksashic record with your permission and use the Tarot as light to help find that part of the record where your answers lie. 

Some people have been taught that the Tarot is evil, or unclean, or in some way a dangerous power to be avoided. Some people prefer a “psychic” reading for that reason. As for me, I have an abiding trust in the Tarot.  

I strongly prefer a Tarot reading by a gifted seer, psychic or clairvoyant than a reading without the use of this powerful, accurate witness. I will always choose Tarot. 

As the gift of seeing manifested in my daily life with a great force when I was 36, I began to study Hermetics and other esoteric writing in earnest. I realized that I was born to “read” or to “see” and there was no way to turn off that ability.  

After an apprenticeship with a professional psychic for one year and at least a year or more reading at psychic fairs at a local spiritualist church, I felt confident that I could provide accurate answers to questions every time I sat down. 

(Now of course I do not pretend to be accurate 100% of the time. That is just not possible. People have free will and can choose to do what ever it is they choose to do! There are variables that can cause the future seen in a session not to manifest.) 

I continue to choose Tarot as my vehicle to the Akashic, and when reading, I drop my agenda & personality to serve you and to report the answer to your question as it is revealed.

It is difficult for me to go back to tell the story of the answer again. Sessions are now usually 15, 30 or if needed 45 minutes long depending on the number of questions as well as the complexity of the questions you have. 

I realize that it can seem amazing to some that I am able to uncover so many specific details about questions using the Tarot and the visualization process. It is not “wierd”….. it is my work, my nature, and as normal to me as breathing. 

I try to remind clients that a reading is a co-created event. I try to remind seekers that their contribution of remembering and their visualization of circumstances relevant to the question helps me find their “slice” of the Akashic Record, and the answers contained therein. 

If we stop a moment and think about seeing the future, the power of mind, and the idea that time is only a construct it may become easier to accept that the future can be seen, and if need be, changed.

Remembering that all things are interdependent may also help you feel more comfortable with the idea that we can see the past, present and future if we agree to look together. If you do have a very clear reading and feel that the answers are accurate, then we are a good team. 

Every psychic, clairvoyant or “seer” is not the best match for every client. We all have different tastes and expectations.  For those who are willing to participate with me, we should be able to have a good session. 

It is also important to remember that a reading - whether you feel as if the psychic you consulted was “spot on” or left you with more questions than answers - that the process of consulting alone should help you clarify your path.       

Having someone tell you the story of your answer should help clarify your truth.  If you would like a reading with me you may choose to have a session by phone.

You may also choose to come see me for “Walk-In Thursdays” at Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Suite 101. I now have a second location for in person sessions by appointment that allow me to be more available to you. 

My new private office is located in Murray Hill in the offices in back of the bank.  The address is 430 Edgewood Avenue South, Suite 217, Jacksonville, Florida 32205. 

In person sessions in Murray Hill are available by appointment Sunday through Wednesday and again on Fridays. Appointment hours are 10:00 am - 7:00 pm at that location.  I think you will enjoy the space.

Please call me at 904-993-7466 to book your session. 

Thank you for your attention to my post.

Ann George 

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Psychic Services • A "menu" from Ann George Studios, Inc.• Established 1996

As I am rebuilding my website to accomodate the new “Phone First” protocols of design I have been looking at other readers sites. Some are very, very well done!

I have added a new “phone friendly” store page which is still in process. The Tarot section has been updated for some time now.

I have been very surprised to see psychic readers, especially in Jacksonville, Florida, advertise services that are not allowed under the occupational license for our profession.

Some services advertised actually require a college degree in most states! Some "psychics" are selling spells and magic. I do not sell magic. You are the magic. My job is to help you rediscover this truth.

I am not posting this list in judgement of any other service provider. Everyone brings different gifts to the table.

I am posting to share that some services others offer may leave you vulnerable to emotional or financial abuse (the sale of magic spells in particular). Always avoid invitations to bury money in the graveyard, and please do not spend hundreds of dollars on candles and spells that must be done in "a special place".

As for me, I have always posted that I cannot find lost people, pets nor objects. Most of the other psychic sites I visited do not offer this service.

Before I go into a very long list of services I don’t offer, you may well wonder what just what it is I do.

I am able to see the future. 
I am also able to “see” the past, past lives and if the departed are willing, to connect with the “wisdom mind streams” of those who have left this Earth. I do have a podcast about mediumship for you. 

I offer clairvoyant Tarot readings. Within that brief description I can say that if past lives are revealed, I will tell them.

If you have made some poor decisions about friends or family and you ask me to show you the best way to heal your relationship with someone, I will tell you what I see. I will not tell you what to do.

This is the advantage of consulting an ethical reader, you are able to get an objective second look at most any matter, think about those insights and use the to inform your decision making.

Often people do come and ask “What should I do?”.

There is way to get that “advice” by asking for information in a different way.  I will answer your question, best asked in a pro-active way - such as "Show me the best way to accomplish my goals under the present circumstances." I am not comfortable telling anyone what they “should” do.

We are all complex creatures and the answer which may seem right and obvious for one may be the worst answer for another.

If you ask me, I can tell you the outcome of a decision you want to make and then you can decide if you like that outcome. If you like the outcome, you may

choose to follow that path to its end.

Here is a more complete list of services I do not provide:

  • Palm Reading
  • Aura Reading
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Crystal Readings
  • Crystal Ball Readings
  • Pet Readings
  • Aura Cleansing & Balancing
I do not give advice. I am not a Licensed Mental Health Social Worker. I am not a:
  • Love Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Professional Financial Advisor
People go to school and get degrees to be able to offer the services listed below, I have not. I am not trained nor certified to offer:
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Child Therapy
I am very glad to have you use my services as often as you feel necessary, but I am not going to be intrusive. I am not going to encourage a dependence.

The best way to use clairvoyant or psychic services is to consult at least every six months, although a quarterly reading is usually best.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.

Ann George

(I am not "Miss Ann", nor "Mrs. Ann", nor "Ann Psychic Reader and Advisor." I am Ann George and have been offering services as Ann George Studios, Inc to the public since 1996.) 

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 2017


What does that Tarot card mean? A deeper look at readings.

Some readers use a traditional 10 card spread, often called the Celtic Cross.  In a 10 card spread the reader will often turn and place the card on the table. Many readers will tell you what that card means before revealing another. 

When the next card is turned, the reader will then tell you the meaning of that card, in the new positon as it applies to your question. The Reading unfolds card by card until all ten are put down to reveal your answer. 

I do not do card by card readings, but use a “landscape spread” of 16 cards.  As I was born clairvoyant, the Tarot is my key to the Akashic Records.  As well I find it is a vibrant tapestry, rather like a table cloth we lay down to  present your answer.  I use the Tarot as another set of eyes that often clarifies and also validates my seeing. 

When we really look closely at the Tarot, an ancient book of wisdom, we find treasury of hidden knowledge that may originate in Chaldean times. Some say the Tarot is filled with references to the mysteries of Egyptian mystic knowledge and has been colored and expanded through the Renaissance until the early 1920s with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

Save for the Aces and Court Cards, each Tarot card has a minimum of 10 possible interpretations, and the qualifying cards that surround each of the three in a spread will determine what meanings are possible for you. 

Although there is often a keyword printed at the bottom of the Major Arcana, it is important to realize that the Arcana either mark a path on the Tree of Life or that Tarot may be the full embodiment of one of the four elements of the natural world. 

The numeric cards are each a slice of the sphere of the Zodiac, as well as a reference to one of the sphere on the Tree of Life. Each Minor Arcana reveals a planet in a sign and can reveal so many influences and energies that affect your question. 

As we are co-creating the reading, and both agree to relax - you to visualize the important elements of your questions, and I to find the answer in your slice of the Akashic, to stop to decode one Tarot is not really helpful. 

Perhaps at the end of the answer to your questions if a particular Tarot is troubling you, perhaps the “Death card” or the Tarot of the Devil appeared and this concerns you. I always tell my clients to let me read the cards. 

Death is the Trump of Scorpio and the sign of Capricorn is embodied in the Tarot of the Devil. The significance of the card will be tempered by our own birth sign. If you are born under the sign of Capricorn and the Devil card is revealed the interpretation for you will be much different for you than someone born under a Fire sign. 

The beauty of the 16 card spread is that it allows of a full answer to your questions. As always I must tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask. We must know the ground we stand on to move forward. 

I do not give advice, although sometimes in telling the answer it may seem so. I cannot tell you what you "should" do. I can show you the outcome of choices you want to make, relationships you want to keep or end, and you may then decide what you want to do. 

Thank you for your attention to my post. I am available for phone readings Sunday through Friday from 10 am - 7 pm Eastern. Walk- in Sessions are available most Thursdays at Midnight Sun in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Please feel welcome to call my office to schedule a session. You will find more information on my web site. 

Ann George 

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Will My Loved One Be Ok? Seeking Psychic Insights for Friends & Family.

Many times clients come for a reading because they are very concerned about a family member. The pressing question is “Will my child will be ok?” or perhaps, “I just want to know how my sister is doing.” 

These are important and loving questions, but they are very hard to answer as asked. The best way to get the most information about a loved on is to phrase the question in a way that includes you in the asking. 

If you ask, “Show me the best way to parent my child at this time.” I will be able to find answers to that question. 

If you ask, “Show me the best way to support my sister at this time.” I will be able to find answers to that question. 

We all face hard times, difficulties that we must walk through, and walking through with the loving support of a family member or friend is far easier for most of us that walking alone. 

When you come to the reading with the desire to help someone, the doors of the Akashic Record are very easy to open.  When you are able to visualize your loved one, and when you think objectively about the troubles they are facing this is a great help. If you can also think of what you would like to see happen to protect them, then you light the path to the answer. 

Your participation through remembering, or visualizing the circumstance facing your loved one is very important. 

If you relax and allow me, I will be able to see with you. As an empath, it is very easy for me to see the feelings in the facial expressions of the loved on you are imagining. 

If you are able to hear your persons voice, their laugh or to see the sadness in their eyes, I will know so much more about what is happening than if you try to use words to tell me the story of what is worrying you. 

Sharing memories, feelings, and concerns silently not only saves time, but allows us to connect together to find the answer. Readings are co-created. 

I need you to participate with me, and if you choose to do so, we can have very accurate answers that are helpful to all. One truth I must share now is this: Sometimes people do not want to be well. 

Sometimes loved ones do not want to be helped or they are not able to accept help just yet. Our loved ones maybe engaged in self-destructive patterns they cannot break.

Sometimes there are steps you can take to help your loved one and one of those is to take care of yourself as an example. 

If we are in good health, happy, having an open mind and loving heart we are more likely to be able to help than if we are enmeshed in worry, fear or anxiety. 

A loving heart and open arms may not always be appreciated right away, but I assure you, love is always remembered. 

In a reading, it is always my responsibility is to tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask. This can be difficult to tell and hard to hear. 

I have learned how to tell hard truths gently. If you know where you stand, and know what is needed, you are in the most powerful position to help. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.  

Ann George

If you would like to book a reading with me, I offer in person sessions and readings by phone. Please call my office at 904-993-7466. 

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