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Consulting the Tarot - the importance of the question

It sometimes happens that clients come for their first reading and are a bit surprised when I ask them for a question. I suppose the word "reading" does imply that I will be able to see their future, reveal influences around them, events that are at hand... and while this is true, or possible.. I prefer not to read that way. I strongly prefer to use the Tarot to provide clarity, direction, and insight that will empower people to make the best decisions possible under the present circumstances, or to find ways to improve those circumstances so that their lives move in the direction they prefer. When I offer readings, I trust that my clients are sitting with me willing to be open to the reading process. Now, I still have the skeptical few clients who want to "test" the psychic, or ask questions to see if I am "real" or not. This puts me at a distinct disadvantage as I am sure we, the reader & the seeker, are co-creating the session. I work very wel

Tarot Card Readings - What to expect in your live session.

If you are coming for your first reading with me, I hope you will take a moment to review some articles that I think are very important to ensure that you have a good experience. Every reader is different, each bringing special skills to the table. I am a question specific reader. By that I mean to say that I offer you the greatest benefit when you ask me a direct question designed to provide you clarity, insight and direction toward a goal. Here is a link to an article about this style of reading & the philosophy behind the method: "Tarot readings & Seeker's Questions." Another article you might find helpful is this one, which helps you to understand the "What Happens in s Reading - The Spread of Cards" during your session. One of the delights in returning to reading live is that I am able to share with clients the beauty & power of the images that reflect their life experience, nature, and future outcomes. I often use the Archeon Tarot because

Tarot Saturday - February 14 from Noon 'til 5:00 PM

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be offering clairvoyant Tarot readings today at The Midnight Sun, located in Historic Five Points at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida. Private readings are available in the lovely Yoga studio in the back of the shop. !5 minute readings, a good choice if you have one or two important questions, or perhaps three simple ones, cost $35.00. Half hour readings cost $65.00 and offer time to fully explore four to six questions. At present, I am able to accept cash, and hope to provide you a credit card option in the near future. If you would like more information, or to schedule your session, please call (904) 993-7466. Walk-in clients are welcome, but those with appointments will be seen on schedule. Namate, Ann George

Learn Tarot - Tarot Class Sunday, 2/15/09 at The Midnight Sun

Tarot for Beginners - An Introduction to Cartomancy with Ann George Sunday - February 15, 2009 - 1:00 pm ‘til 3:00 pm This class offers you the chance to come to understand the origin of the meanings of Tarot cards, develop your intuition, open the Akashic record, and to find a new confidence in your ability to use the Tarot for spiritual development as well as divination. Enjoy your Tarot Class in the lovely, private space through the double doors at the back of the Midnight Sun. Bring your favorite deck, a pad & pencil. This two hour class will feature discussions on : • Developing a Relationship with Tarot • Psychic Self-Defense And a brief overview of: • The Major Arcana - power & purpose • The Minor Arcana - element & number • The Court Cards - what they represent • The Aces - Unmanifest Potential • The 16 card spread - used by the Golden Dawn Course Fee - $20 for the two hour class - Seating is limited. Ann George is a professional Tarot con