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Live Sessions by Appointment Only today - 3/27/09

Greetings All, I am not going to be in store at the Midnight Sun today, however, if you need a reading, please call (904) 993-7466. With sufficient notice, I should be able to come to the shop for you today.

Past Lives are often revealed in a Tarot Reading.

Recently, several clients have had past lives revealed during their Tarot readings. The questions they asked were not about past lives at all, but about critical present life relationship experiences. This seemingly unexpected revelation is not at all unusual. In fact, many times when people are having powerful relationships with each other, when their lives intertwine at critical moments, when their bond seems to transcend the expected, or the "rational", they are experiencing what I describe as a "past life return." It seems that some of us somehow choose to be born again and again with each other. This phenomenon is easily seen in the case of enlightened masters of established spiritual traditions where past lives and reincarnation is a natural part of their spiritual world view. Teachers and students of these traditions form a connect by agreement based on devotion that enables them to incarnate in this world in proximity to each other for the benefit of al

Tarot in Sacred Space

The "Tarot Room" at the Midnight Sun is so lovely that people often stop in just to experience the glow. This sacred space I am fortunate to use as a reading room has been blessed with the right intention and action of Yoga teachers, Kirtans, healing workshops and the good, sweet loving energy of the people who make this wonderful shop possible. I very much enjoyed being present on Saturday, and was happy to be able to provide some clarity, insight and validation to those who chose to experience the benefits of Tarot for the first time. I hope you will feel welcome to call if you would like to have a live reading on a day other than Saturday. I am happy to come to the shop between Noon & Five PM if need be. Please call my office at (904) 993-7466 to schedule an in person session. Readings by telephone are also available if you prefer not to drive. When working by telephone, I am also working in sacred space, reserved only for that purpose. In fact, you may enjoy this