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Clarity, Insight & Direction • Three Powerful Benefits of Psychic Readings Every reader has a different approach to the process of “seeing” whether they are looking to the future, troubles of the present, or perhaps past lives that are relevant to the now.  I am a question specific reader who looks to the Akashic Record to find your part in the great interdependence and to see what was, what is and what you are co-creating.  The benefits of this approach are many, and I will review briefly how we work together to see the future.  There are articles published on my website that will walk you through the reading process, in particular the reading process with Tarot as a tool. The most important article there can be applied to all the readings I offer, and I hope you review it.  The title “Help Me Ask My Questions” provides us a ground to see from. An empowered question is all I need to begin to find your answer. Once asked, I do not need you to physically te

Psychic Readings with Tarot - The Best of Both Reading Styles.

Many times, when people are seeking a psychic reading they are not aware of the great benefits to be hand by using the Tarot during their session. Perhaps many people have had psychic readers who offer only one type of session. Over the years I find it is best to make use of all available tools when seeking insight into the past, present or future. Tarot is particularly useful when a client is seeking a reading as it helps both reader & seeker tune into those people and events that are directly influencing the present.  As well the Tarot, which I shuffle during your session, is a highly responsive oracle that is adjusted by your visualizations, memories and hopes during the process of asking your question to reveal the most specific answer possible.  When you relax your mind and focus your attention on the matters at hand, I am able to look with your. We see together.  Once your question is asked, I do not need you to tell me anything. Your visualized responses