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"The Truth About Psychic Readings"

I was looking around the web today. I wanted to see what kinds of articles were out about psychic readings, readings for sale and the current price for psychic readings in general. In so doing, I came across a very good article in a blog from Please know... I have not explored the site at all, just the post, and I found it very well written and useful, so I include it here.  "The Truth About Psychic Readings"  I hope you find it helpful. I have published several articles on my site designed to help people have the best possible psychic readings. A few of my articles are: Ethical Psychic Readings What Happens in a Reading  (Tarot reading in particular) and the most important article, Ask Useful Questions The importance of the questions cannot be emphasized enough. The question opens the door to the answer, and creates the best ground to see the outcome of situations. Sometimes, when reading forward into situations where there are others involved,
The Major Arcana Workshop - The Tarot of Justice On 9/11/11 the Tarot of study and discussion will the the tarot of Justice, Trump of Libra. Class will meet at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204 in the lovely meeting room in the back of the shop. The study deck for all classes is the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson. As well, Ann George will bring two new visual aids to class, a very lovely meditation and teaching tool in the form of The Alchemical Star as well as the Tree of Life poster by the accomplished artist and instructor Paul Guess. An class outline is provided for you, and you are welcome to take notes. The cost per class is $15 - cash please. For any questions, please contact Ann George directly at 904-993-7466.

What is Clairvoyance? Enjoy a podcast talk.

Greetings all, I am happy to present my first podcast for you. It is also available for play on iTunes, but I am able to post a link here. What is Clairvoyance? A Public Talk by Ann George The podcast is about an hour and a half, with lively questions and answers along the way. I was invited by the Institute of Noetic Sciences to speak to their group, and had the presence of mind to record it. I seldom speak of my personal experiences as a clairvoyant person, so this is a good "cast" if want to know more about my journey. In Lakech Ann George