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Testimonial for Psychic Ann George - Clairvoyant

I am pleased to post an unsolicited testimonial from a satisfied client, and remain quite grateful to all who have worked with me over the years. Ann, I am so glad I talked to you today, I don't know how I went so long without an update from you. Today I was reminded how amazingly gifted you are, I felt you were very tuned in, you picked up many things about my situation that no one could ever guess. What you see for the future also is very much in line with things that I have already set in motion. You are always so honest, I really appreciate that. and you have been right about so many things that did not make sense at the time, but later came to be as you predicted. So lucky for me today, most of what you picked up was positive! and I feel pretty peaceful about the not so positive as well, you helped me to understand him better and accept what is out of my control. Thanks so much, I wish you all the best. Talk to you again soon! gk Sunday, June 07, 2009 at 09:16:53.

Your First Tarot Reading - How to Prepare

I had a call from a new client who wanted to schedule their first Tarot reading. If you are in Jacksonville, Florida and would like to come for your first Tarot reading, I am very happy to schedule a session for you. Here are a few tips to help you prepare: First - It is good to know What Happens In a Reading . Second - It is helpful to ask questions that will give you the direction you need. Third - I think it is very useful to know something about the values of your Tarot consultant. Finally - Testimonials from reliable sources (friends you trust, other clients of that reader, or the online testimonials for the psychic.) A few of the other posts in this blog are written to help you have the most useful Tarot reading possible. Of course, some people just walk right in, take the plunge, have a reading and are very happy with the outcome. One purpose of consulting the Tarot is to gain clarity, insight, direction. If you are able to spend a few moments preparing your questions

Psychic love reading - Tarot for the energetic nature of relationship.

Often when looking into relationships, I find that it is important to address both the physical truth & the energetic truth of emotional/sexual relationship. Sometimes I will be reading for a client who is looking for new love, asking "Show me the best path to right love" perhaps, and even though that question implies the client is single, the very same client reads as a married person. Examples when this might occur include those who are recently divorced and still physically living in the same home, co-workers who have ended an emotional relationship but still see each other everyday at work and people who really are physically separated but who have not made the emotional disconnect. It is my nature to read the energetic reality first, which means I tend to see the physically single person with a deep attachment to a relationship partner as a couple regardless of the physical nature of relationship. I have published another article on the energetic nature of relatio