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Tarot Class & Discussion Group Today 6/13/2010

As scheduled, the Tarot Class will meet at 1:00PM at 1055 Park Street, The Midnight Sun. Fee for the class is $15 and the course runs until 3:00PM. Experienced as well as new readers are welcome to attend. FMI: (904) 993- 7466. Class taught by ann George.

Past Life Readings - How to Benefit From Your Session.

It is not often than a person orders a past life reading, but I am always happy to offer them. Here are a few tips to have a successful experience. 1) It is best to ask to see your most relevant past life. This question makes it easy to open the door to the Akashic record.  I will ask you to concentrate on your reasons for seeking a past life reading, to think of places, experiences, talents, music.. or some other factor that has caused you to choose to schedule a past life reading. 2) Be relaxed and open to the process. Sometimes a past life reading will show up right away, sometimes we will get an answer to an unasked question you may have about your present life. Clairvoyant readings are an intuitive process, and it may take a moment to clearly see your most relevant past life. ( * I recently had a caller who was looking for validation of what another reader seen about a past life in a particular period. This may or may not occur. I will not know what another reader has seen f