The Fluid Nature of Reality • A Perspective on Tarot Readings

The Fluid Nature of Reality • A Perspective on Tarot Readings

Sometimes clients of psychic services, especially when they are hoping for a particular outcome, will call several weeks after their first reading for a follow-up session. Often they are hoping that the outcome they long for will be revealed this second time.

However, the outcome they receive at the second session is often not what they expected to hear. This is when people say 
“But last time you said ________.”, 
then they state the some particular thing they remembered hearing.

Often, callers feel frustrated or disappointed because the future they hoped for is not at hand. So often we really do want what we want. So often we believe we must have this partner, this job, this home in our lives for all to be well. 

Once a reading is over every client may choose to follow the guidance revealed in a session and take the actions that Tarot & the reader affirm will bring about the change they want or they may choose to disregard the guidance (the answers revealed) in their session and continue life as before. 

If a client does not take the suggestions revealed and instead waits for the world to change to conform to their expectations, it is not reasonable that their future will be any different than the present was when last they called.

The idea of responsibility for self is the pivotal point to consider when you choose to use a clairvoyant or psychic advisor. If you feel that the outcome revealed in a reading will help you, will get you to your goal, or that it provides the clarity and direction you seek, then it is wise to follow the suggestions revealed and to take the actions indicated to co-create a new future.

(Please be sure to know that I am talking about actions you may take to empower yourself and not expensive goods and services the alleged psychic must perform for you because only that reader can solve your problems, return your love, or make everything OK)

The answer revealed in any session is always dependent on the circumstances you bring to the session at that time. What you have done and what you are thinking is what helps to create your future. When we change our thinking and our habits then our lives will change. 

The world is constantly coming, constantly changing. All is in a state of constant evolution. If a reading suggests a path that moves your forward, and you take those suggestions then the future must change, and you must move closer to your desired outcome. Will it turn out exactly as revealed? Often the future revealed by an accurate psychic reader in practice for many years does manifest exactly as described in the reading. However, this future may also occur because you have taken the actions suggested to manifest that future! 

The idea of taking action based on answers revealed in a reading is indeed the right use of Tarot. It is wise to use the portions of the reading that bring you to your desired outcome. Tarot is a book of mirrors that reflects the out picturing of the future based on the past and present. If suggestions to make changes in the present are revealed, and you make those changes, it is a matter of metaphysics that you will affect your future in a particular way. 

Often we lose the thread of our own story - we become overwhelmed, over worked, under appreciated, or perhaps we are quite alone. It can be difficult to feel confident that the action we are about to take is the right one. Consulting the Tarot through a clairvoyant or a psychic can provide the clarity, insight and validation you need during those times.

However, if our purpose when having a reading is to change another person, to  “make” them love you, be faithful to you, be honest with you, or to quit drinking it is very important to realize you are asking to see the future, or to affect the future of someone over whom you have no control. It is always best to ask how you may change your life. Of course you may ask to see the best way to heal a relationship if possible. This answer will almost always be one that provides suggestions about what you can change about your self, your responses, and your habits in relationship to that other person.

Sometimes those answers are hard to hear as it may be best to move on, let go, or take a break from your present and return to your authentic center. 

An ethical reader will not make “predictions”, that is impossible. They will tell you the future they see for you based on your relative past and your thoughts & actions in the present.  An ethical psychic will empower you to change yourself,  and in so doing you will create change in all your relationships. An ethical reader will not offer to solve your problems for you. 

I do not offer predictions, nor do I give advice. My responsibility is to read the Akashic Record. I use Tarot as a tool to ensure that what I see is indeed correct, and then I must tell you the truthful answer to your question regardless.

I do not offer “general” readings. The possibilities are far to vast, the world far to mysterious for me to just “see” your future. If you want to see the future of a choice or an action and are willing to participate in the creation of your life, then I can help your find the clarity you seek.  

I am available to consult the Tarot with you. I work by appointment, and telephone appointments are available most every day. For further insights, please explore this blog. You may visit my website for more information as well. 

I look forward to working with you. 

Wishing you peace in all things, 

Ann George

Ann George Studios, Inc.

March 29, 2016



Clairvoyant Tarot Reading and Psychic Reading with Tarot? Which to Choose?

I have been asked this question many times, but today is the first time I really stopped to think about this on a deeply personal level. 

The words “psychic” 
[relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance] and  
[ having or exhibiting an ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact]  
have similar definitions in a dictionary.

The constant in most all services I offer is Tarot, which is my “second”, my witness and a validator for your benefit.

For me - a Clairvoyant readings deal with matters of this world. Questions such as “Show me the best path to right love.” or “Show me the outcome of moving to Detroit.” are based on being here now. 

Clairvoyant reading is a flow of clear seeing the future. The future is a consequence of what we have done in the past, what we are telling ourselves about the present and the choices we make that affect the future.

Clairvoyant readings help people explore themselves in the relative present - or future - and find answers to emotional, social, personal matters giving clarity, direction and insight. 

When I offer a Psychic Reading  it is one where the questions seek answers beyond this world. Psychic readings split the veil between the worlds. Examples of readings I consider to be psychic are those where clients ask to be connected with a loved one who has left this world. 

Another example of a Psychic Reading would be a past lives reading where I am asked to scroll backwards through time - perhaps though centuries to help a client gain greater insight into their present circumstances. 

Always, a Psychic Reading is one where a paranormal event of some kind requires investigation. These are all matters that require extra care, extra protection, extra awareness on my part. 

Many do no know that a good reader will create a sacred space before the questions begin. Using what ever tools are part of his or her spiritual path - the reader will invoke blessings, protection and empowerment to safely see what needs to be seen, then, when finished, to close the door to other worlds so all may safely walk away.

Beware the reckless, the arrogant or the cocky readers who promise grand outcomes, reunions, healing of all kinds. Whether the person has that ability or not - reckless boasting is not wise. 

In summary - For all readings the Tarot will be by gateway & my ground. 

I am grateful to you if you do order Psychic Readings for sessions that take us out of time and away from this world, you help me prepare to be of best service. 

Choosing Clairvoyant Tarot helps me prepare to see into the complexities of the everyday and see the outcome of plans, relationships, promotions and such. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.

I will be available this Thursday - 3/10/16 for live readings at Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32205 between 11:30 & 4:30. No appointment needed.

Ann George