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Tarot Readings • The Hardest Things to See

Many time times clients want to know what someone else is thinking or feeling. Sometimes, particularly people who are in love, or are in a loving relationship, will want to know about the beloved. I have been asked many unanswerable questions such as: "What does he/she think of me?" "How does she/he feel about the letter I wrote?" "When will he/she call me?" "Why does she/he not understand __________ (what I am trying to say) ?" "Does he/she love me?" "Why did he/she say that?"  The reasons I name these questions as unanswerable are many. First, at any given moment, a person may feel angry toward you, and then in five minutes, remember all the kindness you have done and feel loving toward you. Trying to accurately report another persons thoughts or feelings about a particular situation is very difficult.  Further, there is no real power to be had in the answer, no peace. The better question, the better way

Ann George offers Clairvoyant Tarot in Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida.

Hello everyone! Some of you may have tried to find me online and discovered that you cannot access my website: . No worries, my site is still there, and I am still "here" offering live readings at The Midnight Sun by appointment. I am also offering phone readings as well for clients who are out of town. For those who wish to book a session and pay online, please know that we can continue to work together during this internet breakdown. Please feel welcome to call the Studio at 904-993-7466 to schedule your appointment. We can work together by phone or in person, which ever works best for you. I am able to send an electronic invoice for phone sessions as need be. This site outage seems to affect only AT&T customers, who are probably not seeing many sites right now. I am hoping my site will be back for viewing in the very near future, and my web hosting service is doing all they can to return me to "live" web presence. Thanks to al