Tarot Readings • The Hardest Things to See

Many time times clients want to know what someone else is thinking or feeling. Sometimes, particularly people who are in love, or are in a loving relationship, will want to know about the beloved.

I have been asked many unanswerable questions such as:

  • "What does he/she think of me?"
  • "How does she/he feel about the letter I wrote?"
  • "When will he/she call me?"
  • "Why does she/he not understand __________ (what I am trying to say) ?"
  • "Does he/she love me?"
  • "Why did he/she say that?" 

The reasons I name these questions as unanswerable are many. First, at any given moment, a person may feel angry toward you, and then in five minutes, remember all the kindness you have done and feel loving toward you. Trying to accurately report another persons thoughts or feelings about a particular situation is very difficult. 

Further, there is no real power to be had in the answer, no peace. The better question, the better way to get your needs met, is to ask questions that are similar to these:
  • "Show me the outcome of trying to establish a relationship with ________."
  • "Show me the outcome of mailing my letter."
  • "Show me the outcome of waiting for _______ to call" or better still
  • "Show me the best way to heal my relationship with _________ if possible."
  • "Show me the best way to communicate with _________ at this time."
  • "Show me the outcome of continuing to love ____________."
  • "Show me the best way to understand/support my___________  at this time."
The purpose of a reading, in my opinion, is to provide your clarity, direction and insight. The purpose is to see the future, the outcome of actions you have already taken, or are thinking of taking, that will affect your life. 

We teach people how to treat us, and sometimes, when our need for clarity or closure becomes overwhelming, our insistence on "knowing" what is happening actually creates discord and pain in a relationship.

Tarot, as I understand it, serves the seeker by shedding light on matters over which they have control. Please do not leave this article with the misapprehension that Tarot cannot help you find right love, heal a relationship, make healthy choices when choosing a life partner, as a consultation most certainly can provide you all that information. 

The point is that  Tarot works best when the seeker uses it to shine light on their path... and not to peek into the private world of another. 

One of the most challenging questions I am faced with is "Does he/she love me?" Each person defines love differently. Sometimes your partner may love you very, very much - however, the way they understand love, express love and expect love may be nothing like what you think is right or proper loving.

This doesn't mean you are less loved - it means that the kind of loving you are receiving is not the kind of loving that is natural or comfortable to you.  As well, love alone is not always enough to sustain a good relationship. Time together, shared values, shared goals, similar tastes in food, art, music....... all these kinds of things are important to have "love."

I have published several articles on my site that are designed to help you ask useful questions, and I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for your kind attention to my article.

Ann George


Ann George offers Clairvoyant Tarot in Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida.

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