The importance of the Question in Psychic Readings

Recently I have had calls from young women who are seeking some insights into their futures. Initially, it is difficult to help them because we are coming to the reading process from two very different points of view.

Here are a few examples of questions I cannot easily answer:

"Will he come back to me?"
"When will he call?"
"What does my future hold for me?"
"Will I get married?"
"How many children will I have?"

The basic problem inherent in all these questions is the passive nature of the world view that makes that question possible.

First, I take my clients trust in me seriously, and when I sit down to do a reading, I drop my agenda, my opinions, my values and personality in order to be fully present for the seeker and to be able to "find" the answer to the question. I strongly prefer to provide accurate answers to questions, and to be as specific as possible.

If you want to see the outcome of continuing to wait for your beloved to return to you, I can answer that question. I don't think it is really quite ethical to read the mind of another person who has not given me permission to access their thoughts, nor to see what that persons future actions may be.

The empowered and most useful question to ask would be "Show me the best way to heal my relationship, if possible." This question should let the you know whether or not too much damage has been done for healing to occur, and should reveal whether waiting for your lover to return will be helpful.

Further, just because a lover returns to you does not mean that the relationship will be successful, or will unfold any differently that it has in the past. If your partner has not changed, if you have not changed.... how then can two people have a different future, or a successful relationship.

Open ended questions about the future in general are also almost impossible to answer. The future is a result of action, both individual and group action. If you want to see the outcome of continuing your current career path, that question at least provides some ground, a context and a foundation to use when looking forward in time. Then we can see if studying the law, or massage therapy is a career path that will bring you happiness and prosperity.

That question also "opens the door of seeing" to find other areas where you might excel, as looking for the outcome of one path may lead to another that you prefer.

The primary problem with the question of "How many children will I have" is that most people hope to have children born of a marriage, or children born of love, rather than children born by accident. However, the actions of the mother have a powerful effect on this question. Really this is one question where a woman has almost complete control over the outcome of the situation.

It is very difficult for me to see past a decision you have not  made. However, and this may seem odd, if you ask to see the best way to a happy marriage with children, I can help you. If you want to know the best time to conceive a child, or if any children are waiting to be born to you, I can help with that question because we are working with the ground assumption that you do want children, and that you do want to have them with in the context of a marriage.

These little nuances of language really are more about setting your intent, and intent is everything. The why of what you want, and the amount of energy you are willing to put into it matters very much.

I hope these examples are not muddying the water too much. There may well be readers who are able to have a look at someone and know to the bone that the seeker will have two marriages, four children, and die at the age of 56. I am not of them.

There are so many variables that affect the future, that a sincere, well-thought out question will enable me to provide you a useful reading.  I realize that some people come for a reading, perhaps their very first one, without having any idea how useful they can be.

Many don't know that it is just fine to bring a list of questions to my table. I have published many articles on my website, as well as this blog, to try to help you see me views on the reading process.

If I were to distill my values..... I believe reading is a sacred moment, co- created by two people who are working to create the best  future possible. If that value appeals to you, please feel welcome to contact me.

Whether you choose to consult me, or another reader, I believe this article will help you have a more successful and accurate reading.

For a review of my clients comments, please visit my references page.

Ann George