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How Often Should I Have A Reading? An Honest Answer from a Professional Psychic Reader

Many first time clients find that the reading (I offer clairvoyant or psychic readings with Tarot) provided greater benefits than they expected.  Having a good reader, one who can “see” answers to your questions, who can find the why or the how of expereinces affecting you, can be a very pleasant sensation. Many first time clients find they feel very validated. Many feel that they have more confidence about the next steps to take to achieve their goals. Many learn that it is safe to trust their intuition.  Some people are really surprised that they enjoyed the session so much, and many want to have another reading again, perhaps right away!  Some seem to feel a little bit guilty about wanting another session, and I am sure I should invite all my clients to feel welcome to come again. (I am rather shy about that.)  The purpose of consulting a seer is to have the   benefit  of that second sight and put the information revealed to best use. So, how often should one