Tarot in Troubled Times

I am reprinting an excerpt from an article on my site about the benefits of Tarot readings. I find that sometimes people who really want a reading may feel a bit uncomfortable about scheduling a consultation.

It may seem new, unusual, or a bit frightening to consult a psychic or clairvoyant reader for the first time. Many people do not know what to expect when they order a reading. I encourage all to check references, ask friends for suggestions about ethical consultants, and to be sure that the fees charged seem reasonable.

It is my experience that a Tarot reading is particularly helpful for people looking for direction and validation during troubled times. I hope you find this excerpt helpful. The entire article may be viewed by clicking the title of this post:

"Since the dawn of time, people have sought the advice of an oracle.The desire for clarity and insight, the need to make sense of the turmoil of everyday life and find peace with our place in the world is healthy. The wish to understand the greater meaning of the changes we face; the desire to understand ourselves in relationship to those we love... all these are reasons to seek beyond our own mind for a glimpse of a greater plan."

It is important to add that one of the many benefits of a Tarot consultation is the opportunity to ask direct questions about the future, and to receive a direct and honest response to those questions from an objective witness who has nothing to gain nor lose in being honest with you.

When I read for you, I only ask that you tell me your question. Then, during a meditative process, I will ask you to concentrate on the details of that question while I shuffle the cards, and "listen" in psychic attention to your process. Thus, the the only information I have about your situation is that information you share when concentrating on the particulars of the matter.

For more information on this Question and Answer process please enjoy the article "Help Me Ask MY Questions", written to ensure that you receive the most relevant & accurate answers possible. There are many other articles online at Ann George Studios, Inc. written to help you have the most useful consultation possible.

Whether you choose to have your reading in person, or by telephone, the accuracy of each answer will be determined large part by your willingness to open to the process and to share your thoughts with your reader. The more direct and clear the question, the more accurate the answer.

If really are very upset, or are feeling very frightened or confused, it may be best to wait until you feel a bit more calm before scheduling an appointment. Please feel welcome to call me for more information if the articles on the blog or the site do not provide sufficient information.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.

Ann George