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Tarot in Troubled Times

I am reprinting an excerpt from an article on my site about the benefits of Tarot readings. I find that sometimes people who really want a reading may feel a bit uncomfortable about scheduling a consultation. It may seem new, unusual, or a bit frightening to consult a psychic or clairvoyant reader for the first time. Many people do not know what to expect when they order a reading. I encourage all to check references, ask friends for suggestions about ethical consultants, and to be sure that the fees charged seem reasonable. It is my experience that a Tarot reading is particularly helpful for people looking for direction and validation during troubled times. I hope you find this excerpt helpful. The entire article may be viewed by clicking the title of this post: "Since the dawn of time, people have sought the advice of an oracle.The desire for clarity and insight, the need to make sense of the turmoil of everyday life and find peace with our place in the world is healthy. T