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Live Readings - New Pricing Begins 2/20/2010

Greetings all, Just a quick note to post a modest fee increase for live sessions. Prices will go up $5.00 per session for in person readings to help cover various new expenses involved in provided live readings. To keep costs low, I will accept cash - no debit or credit cards - so no extra fees will be added there. The new prices for in person readings are now $40 for a 15 minute reading and $70 for the half hour session. I thank you so much for your kind understanding... and look forward to seeing you all soon. Prices for telephone readings have not changed. By phone, the 15 minute reading is $35 and the half hour remains $65.00 and still holding at 2008 pricing for online clients! With best wishes, Ann George

Tarot Class Is Cancelled for Sunday, 2.14.2010

The Tarot Class usually held the Second Sunday of every month will not be taught in February. Ann George will be attending Losar celebrations on that day. To learn more about Tibetan New Year, please enjoy any of these links: Losar A Happy Losar Song Losar: Students for a Free Tibet Class will resume in March. I do apologize if anyone is inconvenienced by the cancellation.. but there are so many new items in stock at The Midnight Sun, you could find a bit of comfort there. Tashi Delek.