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Psychic & Tarot Readings Today in Five Points

Enjoy a live psychc reading with Ann George today at her new location in The Midnight Sun. Ann will be offering 15 minute readings for $35 and half hour sessions for $65 ... cash please. If you require more time for your reading, please contact Ann to schedule a longer session. Many articles on psychic readings, tarot, clairvoyant tarot and other topics of metaphysical interest are published for your review at and testimonials and references are online as well.

Learn Tarot in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday September 13, 2009

The Tarot Class & Discussion Group meets September 13, 2009, at 1055 Park Street, in The Midnight Sun. Class will be offered on the second Sunday of every month at The Midnight Sun. From 1:15 PM until 3:15 PM Ann will teach from the Tarot Intensive course outline posted on her site. Classes will begin from the Hermetic point of view, but are not limited to that theory. Tarot instruction is offered from 1:15 until 2:15 PM. Each class will be followed by a question and answer period & group discussion from 2:15 PM until 3:15 PM. This Salon should facilitate a discussion of all aspects of Tarot and metaphysics. The class fee is $15 per class/salon. Reservations are not needed, but are greatly appreciated. One benefit of the ongoing class format is that students are welcome to participate as they are able. As well, each class opens with a request for topics for the day. This Wednesday, the Salon met for the first time and topics chosen were the Minor Arcana & spreads.

First Friday in Five Points - Tarot Readings at The Midnight Sun

For those who may be curious about Tarot, have never had a reading, and just want to "give it a try"... The Midnight Sun will host mini readings this Friday, September 4, 2009, from 5:00 until @ 7:00 PM. I will offer a special introductory reading: One Question for $10. If you have never consulted the Tarot, and are not sure how to ask an answerable question, please take a moment to visit "Help Me Ask My Questions" for a bit more information. Know that your willing participation in the reading process is very important to a successful outcome. For more information about clairvoyant Tarot readings in general, please visit the Tarot section of my site. As the readings offered for First Friday are intended to introduce the Tarot.. and not to delve deeply into spiritual matters, you may prefer to make an appointment for a private session. If so, you may contact me via my website.