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Are you a Medium? Mediumship - Readings to Connect with Lost Loved Ones

Clients often call to ask if I am a medium. It is necessary for me to answer that question twice.          To begin:  It is my experience that all events leave a mark the the Akashic Record and when you and I sit down to do a reading, we agree to open the doors to that Record together.  I provide a sacred, safe space in which to go looking, and therefore, we are able to see the past, present and future. In this way, we are also able to see messages from those no longer living as well as to see your past lives.  Past Life Readings - Past Life Mediumship I am gifted to be able to serve as a Past Life Medium, one who sees backwards in time, to help clients find the life that may be most affecting them in the relevant present. Many times this kind of reading is very liberating, and helps to pull together bits and pieces of life experience in a new, and often more coherent way.  Things that “didn’t quite fit” can suddenly come into perspective, whether we look at one or