Are you a Medium? Mediumship - Readings to Connect with Lost Loved Ones

Clients often call to ask if I am a medium. It is necessary for me to answer that question twice. 
        To begin:  It is my experience that all events leave a mark the the Akashic Record and when you and I sit down to do a reading, we agree to open the doors to that Record together.  I provide a sacred, safe space in which to go looking, and therefore, we are able to see the past, present and future. In this way, we are also able to see messages from those no longer living as well as to see your past lives. 

Past Life Readings - Past Life Mediumship

I am gifted to be able to serve as a Past Life Medium, one who sees backwards in time, to help clients find the life that may be most affecting them in the relevant present. Many times this kind of reading is very liberating, and helps to pull together bits and pieces of life experience in a new, and often more coherent way. 

Things that “didn’t quite fit” can suddenly come into perspective, whether we look at one or sometimes several live times that are “pressing” on our subconscious awareness of the present. We may find freedom from fears, understand suppressed desire, awaken to new talents, or discover that we are in relationship with someone we once loved. 

Reading to Connect with Lost Loved Ones - Mediumship 

Most people want to know if I am able to contact, or connect with departed loved ones. Under the circumstance where the seeker is present with me in full attention regardless of whether we are working live or by phone, I am able to connect with departed people most of the time.

There are some qualifiers I feel it important to mention. I work best if you provide the full name of the person you are inquiring about, and if you have particular questions for that person, it is that much easier for me to engage their attention. 

Sometimes the consciousness of the departed is not directly available. This often occurs when the person has been dead for some years. Many minds move away from this world on journeys to other paradise realms after death, and do not linger long here.  In those cases, they often leave a message - rather like a message in a bottle - for those they loved. I am most always able to find that message for you. 

Sometimes, the person you are looking for may have already reincarnated in this world or another. In cases like these, I may not be able to connect with their current mindstream, but may still be able to find that “message” left for you. 

It is my responsibility to tell you the truthful answer to any question, and to do my best to provide you the service you are paying for. It is usually immediately clear if I am unable to find your lost loved one, and the session will end quite quickly with no charge to you.  I will always trust that when you sit down with me, that you are asking an honest question, with the true desire to receive truthful answers. It has been quite some time since anyone has played “trick the psychic” (I am most grateful for that.) .. but it can be very easily done as I will trust you, and go looking for what you seek. 

If I am unable to find what you are looking for, I will tell you right away, or ask that you concentrate a bit more clearly on what you wish to see. I have been in service to the public for over 17 years, and it is not often that I am unable to accomplish a reading.   However, readings are co-created experiences and work best when we work together. 

I hope you find this note helpful.   

Ann George