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When “In Person” Sessions Might Be Your Best Choice - Ann George - Jacksonville, Florida

I began to offer Clairvoyant Tarot and Psychic Readings by phone in 2000. This reading process began at the request of clients who had moved away and did not want to lose access to the reading style I provide.   I was initially skeptical because this was just about the time that the new “Psychic Hotline” services were being advertised (@2000) and of course there was a good deal of skepticism and many late night comics poking fun of readings in general and telephone readings in particular.   All the same, my first phone client had great confidence in me and felt sure that this would be just fine. At her suggestion I did my first phone reading for her, and we were both very pleased with the outcome.  She felt that she received all the information she needed to make healthy decisions, and I felt as clearly connected to her portion of the Akashic Record as if she were in front of me. It was then that the obvious dawned. I was never reading her physical body. The physica