When “In Person” Sessions Might Be Your Best Choice - Ann George - Jacksonville, Florida

I began to offer Clairvoyant Tarot and Psychic Readings by phone in 2000. This reading process began at the request of clients who had moved away and did not want to lose access to the reading style I provide. 
I was initially skeptical because this was just about the time that the new “Psychic Hotline” services were being advertised (@2000) and of course there was a good deal of skepticism and many late night comics poking fun of readings in general and telephone readings in particular. 

All the same, my first phone client had great confidence in me and felt sure that this would be just fine. At her suggestion I did my first phone reading for her, and we were both very pleased with the outcome. 

She felt that she received all the information she needed to make healthy decisions, and I felt as clearly connected to her portion of the Akashic Record as if she were in front of me. It was then that the obvious dawned. I was never reading her physical body.

The physical body of the client is a vehicle that brings his or her voice to my ear. Through speech we are able to connect mind to mind to see the future. In many ways, using the phone put my first clients voice right in my ear in a very pleasant way.

As well, there were no distractions nor cues. I did not look at her appearance nor she mine. I did not notice if she was twisting a ring in anxiety, smiling at my answer, or looking very disappointed with the answer to a question. 

The freedom from the subtle “cues” all clients send thus freed me to look more deeply and closely at the matters that were connected to her questions. As she was calling from her own home - a safe and comfortable environment - there was nothing to distract her from concentrating to provoke the visualized information I needed to find or to “see” the answers to her questions.

Now, as most all my clients call for phone readings, this method is as natural and as effective as the in person kind. Phone readings also offer many advantages. A short list:

  1. No driving! (This is excellent for the planet, the pocket book and peace of mind.)
  2. No trouble finding a parking spot. ( Again - good for peace of mind.) 
  3. No distraction from shoppers.  (Calling from home facilitates the ability to concentrate for the seeker.) 

There are also times when a “live” session or an “in person reading” is far and away the best choice if you are near a reader.  

If you are in a deeply emotional state, suffering the loss of a loved one, loss of work, loss of a relationship, or facing the illness of a loved one, it can be very comforting to have your reading with your consultant “right there.” 

A good reader will be “present” with you. Of course ethics demand your reader or consultant tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask, however a good reader will also have tissues, and feel comfortable giving you space to cry if you need to. 

There is a very special vortex that is created when two people agree to see the future. This agreement between seeker and reader to throw wide the doors of the Akashic Record is a precious and powerful decision. Some people enjoy sharing that experience in physical presence of their consultant. 

I enjoy offering live readings very much. This is why there is Walk-In Thursday every week at Midnight Sun. You may simply walk in between 12:30 & 5:00 for a session. I encourage everyone to visit my site http://anngeorge.com and to review the articles there before choosing me as your consultant. 

I hope you find this short article helpful. 

Ann George