Clairvoyant Readings By Phone - Do Phone Readings Work?

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Often, when clients are calling to make their first appointment for a spiritual consultation, which may also be called a clairvoyant reading, a psychic reading or even a Tarot reading... they ask "Which is better, to read in person or by phone?"

Of course, if you do not live the the greater Jacksonville, Florida area, then a phone reading is your best choice. However, even if you live in the city, you may choose to work by phone as well.

Allow me to take a moment to explore the metaphysical reasons why a telephone consultation may be as good as, or in some cases more beneficial for the seeker than an in person reading.

The first principle is that we are never "reading the body." Your body is the vehicle that enables your voice to speak your mind, and my body, the vehicle that enables me to hear what you are saying. This union of minds is the foundation for a successful reading.

We are always reading the past, present and future outcome of  your question, or concern. Even if we are exploring questions that might address health concerns, for example "Show me the best path to optimum health and well-being," the mind contains all the information about your physical reality, so it is not necessary for the body to be present.

In some cases, it is actually easier for both the reader and the seeker to read by phone. For the seeker the benefits are: privacy, reading from the comfort of home or office, freedom of expression, and anonymity. As well, many people find local traffic trying at best.

The greatest benefit for the seeker (when scheduling with me) is that it is much easier to have a same day appointment, as well as to read earlier in the morning, or later in the day. Phone readings also cost a bit less per session as I have no additional rents to pay.

For the reader, the advantages are: being better able to offer my clients same day service and reading without distraction. Many times, clients give visual or verbal cues during the reading process indicating that I have "struck a nerve" or am "right on time" or in some other way am accurately describing their circumstances. These are cues I must overlook to continue to offer objective readings. These are some of the reasons why a phone reading may be better than a live reading for some clients.

To give the best possible reading, in my opinion, the reader must be absolutely free from any desire to please the client ( other than by providing accurate insights), and must be able to reveal the truthful answer, no matter what that answer may be.

As to the metaphysics of phone reading, one advantage is really that when speaking into the phone, you are speaking directly to me, and we have the ability to create a very powerful mind to mind connection.

*For first time clients, it is important to state that I am not able to read you against your will. It is your cooperation, and willingness to open to the process that allows us to achieve the most useful reading. It is rare that people call to "trick" or to "confuse" or even to "disprove" a psychic, but it does happen.

I begin all readings with the assumption that you come to the table, either physically or spiritually with an open mind and the desire to get clarity, insight and direction concerning your questions. Phone readings also make it easier to take notes, if that is your preference, or even for you to record the session if you like.

I am very happy to read in person, and do so by appointment at The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204. I am very fortunate to have such a lovely space there. Clients who have readings in the studio at the back of the store find the room spiritually uplifting and very pleasant.  I do require at least 24 hours notice for an in person reading and invite you to call my office at 904-993-7466 to schedule your session.

Please do not call the store for scheduling information as my schedule changes frequently, and it's much easier to schedule by calling me. If you get my voice mail, I hope you will leave a message, or, if you prefer, you may send an e-mail.

In person sessions also have advantages. Many clients prefer to have direct contact with their reader. Many like the process of choosing the Tarot they prefer to work with, and being able to see their consultant at work. There is a very special energy that is co-created when reading in person as both the seeker and the reader are working in harmony to open the Akashic record, and this mutual "pull" is a unique vibration.

Live readings also provide you the opportunity to bring an adult friend or family member with you during your session. For more information about the reading process please visit my website.

I hope to post an audio file from public talk given for the Institute of Noetic Sciences here in Jacksonville in the next few days. Please visit again.