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Why Use Tarot when Reading? • Clairvoyant Ann George

I recently received a call from a potential client. I feel sure he had not explored my website  before calling as he asked me if I could do a reading without using Tarot. I have not been asked this question for many years. Taken aback at what seemed a fear of Tarot, my reply was, "Of course, but why would I do that? Do you not want the most accurate, complete answer to your question that I am able to provide?" I offer apologies to my caller. I would have been more kind, less direct, and referred him to this article had it been online. To better answer his question, I am writing a more in-depth introduction to the benefits of consulting the Tarot  than is found on my site. As a clairvoyant person, I am able to read, or to "see," without Tarot. In fact I must be mindful to "see" only when asked, and only for the benefit of my clients. I am able to receive all kinds of information throughout the day. If I read without Tarot, I also receive all kinds of i