Why Use Tarot when Reading? • Clairvoyant Ann George

I recently received a call from a potential client. I feel sure he had not explored my website before calling as he asked me if I could do a reading without using Tarot. I have not been asked this question for many years. Taken aback at what seemed a fear of Tarot, my reply was, "Of course, but why would I do that? Do you not want the most accurate, complete answer to your question that I am able to provide?"

I offer apologies to my caller. I would have been more kind, less direct, and referred him to this article had it been online. To better answer his question, I am writing a more in-depth introduction to the benefits of consulting the Tarot than is found on my site.

As a clairvoyant person, I am able to read, or to "see," without Tarot. In fact I must be mindful to "see" only when asked, and only for the benefit of my clients. I am able to receive all kinds of information throughout the day. If I read without Tarot, I also receive all kinds of information upon the request of the seeker. As a question specific reader, my purpose is to answer any question you ask me as accurately as possible, telling the truth no matter what.

I don't see any benefit in abandoning the best second option (Tarot) I have found to validate what I see before speaking. It is my purpose to serve as a reader, I was born for this work -  to "see" the past, present and future for the benefit of my clients. I am honored by their trust, and realize that many come at very stressful points in time, burdened by important decisions.  I respect that trust, and intend to provide them the most accurate answers possible without doing any harm.

The Tarot is a most remarkable vibrational phenomena. Although Tarot appears as playing cards, it is in fact a very dense book of occult wisdom which is quite responsive to the thoughts of the seeker during a reading.

When you have a reading with me, I will only ask you for your questions. After the question is asked,  I will ask you to "show me" or to visualize the answers to questions I ask you. These questions are asked to ensure I am able to get at the heart of the matter and provide the correct answer. Once you have "shown" me.. or "thought to me" all the important aspects that affect your question we will see the answer.

During your visualization I will be shutting the Tarot. Regardless of the deck used* your thoughts are energy, they have a frequency. Tarot is extremely sensitive and responsive to your mind stream. I shuffle on your behalf, dropping my mind so that your thoughts are dominant during this portion of the reading. Thus, Tarot hears you and when placed on the table presents an out-picturing of the answer.

As well, I am "seeing" with your permission, the people, events, concerns, hopes and fears that affect your future regarding the question before us. When you are ready, I will tell you what I "see." The beauty of this method is, for me, that before I speak, I am able to see the spread of Tarot and gain additional insights into the answer, as well, to be sure that what I see is indeed accurate and empowering when the Tarot reveals the same answer as the one I find.

The benefit for you, the Seeker, is that during the visualization process, you will reveal all matters that affect your body, mind and spirit concerning the question, you will set your boundaries, keep private what you wish, and you will show us how deeply your are willing to look for the source of the trouble, how far you want to see into the future of the matter. The more freely you "show me" the matter, the better able I will be to provide the most complete answer possible.

My purpose is not to amaze by revealing secrets from the past, or to trouble you by revealing issues you are aware of but prefer not to discuss. Tarot ensures that I am mindful, thoughtful and on point.  That no verbal information, other than the question you ask, is provided also ensure that your reading is as accurate as possible.

Sometimes language gets in the way of communication. When you "show" me your lover  for example, most people can easily recall the appearance and nature of their friend revealing details it could take hours to describe. While you show me, and I "hear" or "see" the nature of that person as regards your question, the oracle of Tarot is also present, responding during the shuffling of the cards to your visualization as well.

It is not my purpose at this time to explore the metaphysics, or the quantum theory that explores the interdependence of phenomena, energy as thought, thought as vibration, vibration as affecting the world that is constantly coming to you. My purpose at this post is to share my experience of the benefits of using Tarot during a spiritual consultant - whether you call it a psychic reading, a Tarot reading, a clairvoyant Tarot reading (my preference), the experience is remarkably interesting at the least.

There are more articles on the Tarot on my site. They are simple introductions. The in-depth posts are here on this Tarot Blog. I hope you find this helpful to understanding that all the readings I offer are clairvoyant readings validated by Tarot.

Regardless of whether you have a live session or a phone session, there is no difference in the quality of the session caused by the presence of your physical body. Mind to mind, thought to though, we are reading or "seeing" your reality of your moment as recorded in the Akashic. There are more posts on vibration, energy fields, and and the wonders of this and other worlds on my FaceBook page. I hope you will "Like" the page. It is a good way to stay connected to all updates on goods and services I offer.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.