Why am I alone? Tarot readings provide a perspective on Solitude.

Why am I alone? 

Many times we find ourselves looking at the happy coupled relationships of others, especially on Valentines Day, and wondering why we find ourselves without the loving relationship we hope for. 

Although there are many mundane reasons why we might be single such as a hectic work schedule that leaves little time for recreation, a lack of healthy group activities that put us in contact with suitable partners, a diminishing social network as friends couple, or move away - the heart of the matter is, in my experience, caused by an imbalance in our energetic well being.

Consulting the Tarot at times like these a very useful way to gain insight into the inner workings of our minds to discover those thought patterns that keep us from “right love.”  I use the term “Right Love” to try to help clients create the most complete picture of the kind of relationship they are looking for. 

“Right Love” is discovered when one has really taken the time to investigate, and perhaps list, the qualities that one hopes to find in a partner as well as the qualities of loving kindness one hopes the partner is willing to receive. It is best if we think as much about how we want to show love as it is to think about how we want to receive it.

In a reading, asking the question “Show me the best path to right love” often brings great insight and helps one see the subtle habits, mental patterns, or social decisions that move us away from what it is we truly want. 

When clients come to find the best path to right love, I invite them to visualize the answers to specific questions to help open the doors to the Akashic Record and find those very insights. As all readings are co-created experiences, the willingness, and preparedness of the seeker to visualize answers is very helpful. 

Should you come to me for such a session, it is best to have given thought to these kinds of ideas:

  • What faith or spiritual practice is comfortable for you?
  • What level of education is necessary for you connect well with your partner?
  • What activities will you share as a couple?
  • How much personal space do you require in a relationship?
  • What kinds of music do you prefer to listen to together?
  • Will you keep house pets? If so, what kind? 
  • What is your diet style/life style/health style? 
  • Do you want children? 

These are just examples. Each person is different, and each person brings a different personal history to the table. Sometimes it will be the case that as the reading unfolds, deeper and more personal questions arise to be asked so that the seeker may get in touch with subconscious negative messaging, energetic wounds that have not yet healed, or a false self-image that keep them from happiness.

The more open one is during the visualization process, the wider the doors are thrown open, and together we will look to see what can be changed to move your closer to the love you seek. Sometimes, one is really already on path to right love, and there is nothing to change, it is just a matter of waiting to manifest, or to receive, that which is already on the way. 

Sometimes, after a session, it is the case that the seeker, or reader and seeker together realize that there are energy wounds that cannot be easily healed by thought alone, and that an energy healing may be very helpful to repair tears, or other disturbances in the energy body. 

Many times after a death, divorce, or painful breakup, a person internalizes messages or endures wounding that does not clearly have a name. Adjectives such as depression, emotional exhausting, discouragement or frustration are often used to describe this kind of energy wounding. 

Often, an Usui Reiki Remote Healing treatment is very helpful to help heal the wounding of the emotional body, or the etheric bodies in general,  and to restore balance and well being on a deep level.  The primary purpose of this post is not to address the benefits of energy healing, but to point out that the Tarot is a very good tool to help reveal all the facets of thought, word and deed that are keeping us from finding the love we are hoping for and to direct us toward changes so that we may create the future we truly want.

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Professional Psychics in Jacksonville Florida Have an Occupational License.

From time to time I will get a call from someone interested in getting a reading who wants to come to my home for that service. I have come to understand that there are people who are offering readings from home in Jacksonville, Florida.

In the city of Jacksonville, Florida, a professional psychic, clairvoyant, medium, astrologer or mental healer is required to purchase a business license. To obtain that license, one must provide evidence of having a business location. This is the law. There are penalties for failing to honor those requirements.

Several years ago, the city restricted readers - myself included - to practice only in the areas of town zoned CCG-2. This zoning is for a variety of service providers, including but not limited to topless bars, adult bookshops, and the like.

Most of these kinds of buildings were large, expensive and located in parts of town where retail shopping, boutiques, restaurants and such were hard to find. After maintaining a studio in just such a location for 5 years, I transitioned into telephone reading services.

Happily, the zoning code was changed, and I am now able to read from a lovely shop, The Midnight Sun in the Historic Five Points district near downtown. I pay my business tax, purchase my occupation license and file my corporate report to the State every year.

I feel this is very important. You can find me. I am available, visible, and willing to put my name, my reputation, and my contact information online for public review.

I believe it is important to respect my neighbors, who live in a quiet historic district, and wish to be in peace. They did not purchase homes, only to have a services vendor operating a consulting practice in their neighborhood. My neighborhood is zoned residential, and I also like it that way.

I feel it is important to offer my clients a professional environment, with public parking, a beautiful shopping experience should they choose to browse as well as anonymity of service.

Some suggest that it really doesn't matter. Some suggest that readers who are reading from home are just doing the best they can. Some argue that this is traditional.  It is not my intention to argue at all.

I wanted to state that I feel that a business should pay it's taxes and be part of the community... not pocketing cash and working "under the table" or "on the side."

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am indeed compliant with all city and state regulations. I apprenticed, studied and trained to be able to consistently provide my clients the very best service I can offer.

I am happy to read for you by appointment, either in person or by phone. This year I am trying something different.. the "Walk In" day. It  has been tricky to find that best day, however I seem to have settled on Thursdays from 12:30 - 5:00 PM.

I hope that having a regular walk-in day will make it easier for some clients to get a reading. As my practice has grown over the past 17 years, I do a good deal of work by telephone nationally, and have now developed a small international practice.

Phone readings are available Sunday through Friday - however it seems I will be taking Thursdays to be fully present for my Northeast Florida clients.

Wishing peace & prosperity to all.

Ann George