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Why am I alone? Tarot readings provide a perspective on Solitude.

Why am I alone?  Many times we find ourselves looking at the happy coupled relationships of others, especially on Valentines Day, and wondering why we find ourselves without the loving relationship we hope for.  Although there are many mundane reasons why we might be single such as a hectic work schedule that leaves little time for recreation, a lack of healthy group activities that put us in contact with suitable partners, a diminishing social network as friends couple, or move away - the heart of the matter is, in my experience, caused by an imbalance in our energetic well being. Consulting the Tarot at times like these a very useful way to gain insight into the inner workings of our minds to discover those thought patterns that keep us from “right love.”  I use the term “Right Love” to try to help clients create the most complete picture of the kind of relationship they are looking for.  “Right Love” is discovered when one has really taken the time to investigate,

Professional Psychics in Jacksonville Florida Have an Occupational License.

From time to time I will get a call from someone interested in getting a reading who wants to come to my home for that service. I have come to understand that there are people who are offering readings from home in Jacksonville, Florida. In the city of Jacksonville, Florida, a professional psychic, clairvoyant, medium, astrologer or mental healer is required to purchase a business license. To obtain that license, one must provide evidence of having a business location. This is the law. There are penalties for failing to honor those requirements. Several years ago, the city restricted readers - myself included - to practice only in the areas of town zoned CCG-2. This zoning is for a variety of service providers, including but not limited to topless bars, adult bookshops, and the like. Most of these kinds of buildings were large, expensive and located in parts of town where retail shopping, boutiques, restaurants and such were hard to find. After maintaining a studio in just such