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Mediumship Services with Ann George in Jacksonville, Florida

I often am asked to provide mediumship by my clients. Some new clients seek me out specifically for that service.  For many years I was reluctant to advertise that I am indeed able to contact, or make a connection with the consciousness of people who are no longer incarnate.   I should write that sentence differently. I should say, I am able to contact your loved ones who have “crossed over”.  Those are easy words, but they do not really provide the best description of what services I offer.  I am a mystic, a seer, a clairvoyant person. I have always “seen” spirits of all kinds. I was born with that ability, and in so seeing have come to understand what science now proves true: Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.  I suppose for some people, having a reading with a true medium affirms that we do continue, that our loved ones are not lost to us, just removed for now.  When I say “true medium” I am referring to someone who can actually directly connect wi