Love Readings • How to Get the Most a Psychic Session

One of the great truths of love is that at some point in time, emotional/sexual love based on desire of the other will hurt. Many people seek the advice of a psychic, clairvoyant, or even a spell caster when they are in emotional pain during a love relationship.

Sometimes, in an effort to relieve that pain, in an anxiety to have closure, a client will want to know if their beloved will divorce them, if their beloved understands how badly they have behaved, if their beloved will return.

All of these questions are coming from a passive point of view. The active point of view is to ask:
"Show me the outcome of leaving my partner."
"Show me the outcome of waiting for my partner to return."

If one is in pain..... then it is far easier to take charge of one's life and make decisions that are healing, empowering and forward moving. Waiting for someone else to make everything OK by coming home, or promising true love, is not an empowered path.

I post this now because I am faced with a dilemma. I do want to read for all my clients, however, in high stress situations where a relationship is in trouble, reading every two or three days is not at all useful. It is best to read once a week at the most. Better still to read every two or three weeks.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. The power to heal a relationship, if one can be healed, lies with the Seeker and not with the Beloved.

If the Seeker is truly courageous, the questions will be:
"Show me why I choose unavailable partners."
"Show me the best way to resolve my relationship for the greatest good of all."
"Show me the best way to forgive my partner."

I am not a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I am a clairvoyant Tarot reader, I am a medium, best as a past life medium. I have published extensively on my site about the benefits of reading, what happens in a reading, how to ask questions and my own code of ethics.

While it is often true that readings can provide a tremendous healing, great emotional relief, they cannot resolve inner emotional issues such as panic attacks, tremendous anxiety, or other conditions best treated by a professional who is skilled in the social healing arts.

I respect and am grateful that clients have come to trust me, have confidence in what I see, and also understand the the future is in flux. All outcomes are subject to change based on how each of chooses to live.

In a turbulent relationship, where each party finds their feelings changing on an hourly or daily basis..... the Tarot, or any other kind of reading my not be the best tool for comfort.

It is at these crucial times that people are at their most vulnerable. If you are in such a crisis, please remember, you have the power to change your life, to affirm a new future. A good reader will help you do that.