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Love Readings • How to Get the Most a Psychic Session

One of the great truths of love is that at some point in time, emotional/sexual love based on desire of the other will hurt. Many people seek the advice of a psychic, clairvoyant, or even a spell caster when they are in emotional pain during a love relationship. Sometimes, in an effort to relieve that pain, in an anxiety to have closure, a client will want to know if their beloved will divorce them, if their beloved understands how badly they have behaved, if their beloved will return. All of these questions are coming from a passive point of view. The active point of view is to ask: "Show me the outcome of leaving my partner." "Show me the outcome of waiting for my partner to return." If one is in pain..... then it is far easier to take charge of one's life and make decisions that are healing, empowering and forward moving. Waiting for someone else to make everything OK by coming home, or promising true love, is not an empowered path. I post this now