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A Note To New Clients • Psychic Readings by Ann George

After working 20 years as a professional Tarot consultant and medium, there are some questions that are always uncomfortable for me.  One of those is “Is my partner cheating on me.”  If you do indeed want hard evidence that your partner is actually having a physical, sexual affair there are still private detectives who will trail your husband, wife or lover and provide you hard evidence that yes there is cheating.  In the same way medical questions are best handled by a doctor. I am happy to look and see if you have chosen the best doctor for your needs, I am happy to find the best way for you to prepare for an operation, but it is not ethical for me to “see” medical issues and to be the final answer when it comes to your health.  If we have been working together for years and prior questions such as “Show me the best way to live a long, healthy life.” have been asked and answered, then you may have chosen to see a doctor for troubles I see that may affect your future

My Story • The Journey of a Phone Psychic In Private Practice

I am sure from time to time, people wonder how I came to work as a professional psychic consultant. It certainly isn’t at the top of socially accepted professions in the the United States.   For many people, those who offer alternative healing services such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Sound Healing, or Movement Therapy there is often a calling to the profession. Some have no choice at all and are born gifted with psychic ability or healing ability and must come to terms with that.  There have always been seers and mediums, but more energy went into “debunking” than into research last century.  Now we live in the time of quantum physics where science is constantly proving the mystic true.                 In 1994, the “gift” I had managed to live with quietly since birth was becoming harder and harder to suppress. At age 36, I did not realize that I had begun “reading” in my daily life. At work, in social conversations, I was accidentally telling the future, or secrets I did n