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Reading Tarot : The Landscape Method - Spread & Purpose

by Ann George, Professional Tarot Consultant  Tarot card readings differ in kind. Many people are quite used to seeing the “card by card” reading in which the consultant reads each card as it is turned, telling the client the meaning of that card as pertains to that client, or the clients question.  I do not offer card by card sessions. Instead I allow the Tarot to serve as landscape of information as I lay out 16 cards for each question.   Although I am able to “see” or to know the answer as you are asking the question, it is critical to me that I find all the information available to provide you clarity, direction & insight.   I find that the 15 card spread as shown by the Golden Dawn is very useful to provide insight into the past, present and future as pertains to your question and ultimately to your well being.  This presentation of Tarot will be laid out after we have finished the visualization of all matters relating to your question.  I do not ne

Why Do People Buy Psychic Readings by Phone?

The simplest answer to that question may not be obvious. Many people live where an “in person” psychic reading is not allowed within the city or county limits. They must buy phone readings. About 10 years ago I was very interested in moving to a mountain town in Tennessee ago. I love the mountains there and hoped to open a small shop.  I stopped in for a visit with friends and made inquiries.  As it turned out, at that time most small towns & small cities in the south eastern part of Tennessee did not allow psychics to operate a business in an office, storefront nor from home by phone! I could not work in Chattanooga, Soddy Daisy, Signal Mountain nor in Red Bank, Tennessee. Psychics were also barred from working in small towns in north eastern Georgia as well.  When I first moved to Jacksonville, Florida there was a zoning code that prevented me from opening an office in the nicer parts of town.  I could not have a studio in shopping districts, malls, strip