Reading Tarot : The Landscape Method - Spread & Purpose

by Ann George, Professional Tarot Consultant 

Tarot card readings differ in kind. Many people are quite used to seeing the “card by card” reading in which the consultant reads each card as it is turned, telling the client the meaning of that card as pertains to that client, or the clients question. 

I do not offer card by card sessions. Instead I allow the Tarot to serve as landscape of information as I lay out 16 cards for each question.  

Although I am able to “see” or to know the answer as you are asking the question, it is critical to me that I find all the information available to provide you clarity, direction & insight.  

I find that the 15 card spread as shown by the Golden Dawn is very useful to provide insight into the past, present and future as pertains to your question and ultimately to your well being. 

This presentation of Tarot will be laid out after we have finished the visualization of all matters relating to your question. 

I do not need you to speak to tell me the particulars of your issue because I will be shuffling the Tarots while you are visualizing the “back story” of your concerns. In this way the Tarot, which is in fact an incredibly sensitive book of wisdom, or book of mirrors, will respond to the  frequency of your thinking. 

The Tarots will then present a very specific response to your issue and will validate and clarify what I “see” as the answer to your question.  I am a natural clairvoyant - or psychic - and will have additional insights as a result of your permission for me to look  with you. The Tarot serves as a spring board to the Akashic, and helps bring focus and perspective. 

Sometimes clients will want to know the meaning of a particular card during their session. It is almost impossible for me to stop reading to explain the interpretation of the card. If you choose to ask again after the session is over, I will try to explain the card in general. 

Each Tarot has at least 10 possible interpretations all of which are affected by the cards on either side & each of those cards also has 10 possible interpretations. It is the richness of meaning and the interdependence of cards that combine to form a unique insight for you. 

It is also wise not to try to read the cards yourself. Many people will see the Death card, (card of Scorpio) or the Devil card (card of Capricorn) show up in their session and react to the writing on the bottom. Neither card is limited to the printed description and so the Tarot you see may not mean anything frightening at all. 

It is best to relax and pay attention to the answer to your question as often there is a lot to learn. If you are relaxed you will better absorb the answer. Some people use their phones to record the session while others take notes. Whichever method of remembering you prefer is fine. 

I must say that sometimes on playback your reading will sound quite different than the one you remember hearing in my office. This is because we create a unique vortex when we ask and enter the Akashic. While you may not go with me, your presence (physical or spiritual) is key to the answer. 

It is also important to say that if you are physically present, or able to be present by phone, your attention is what activates the session. 

In summary, all readings I offer will be both psychic* and Tarot readings. In this way I am able to bring all resources to bear on your concerns. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

©Ann George Studios, Inc. 2018 
All Rights Reserved

To clarify further terms:  

* Psychic readings or clairvoyant readings are essentially the same type of reading. The words psychic & clairvoyant may be used interchangeably, although most people are familiar with the word psychic. 

Defined by Miriam Webster, one meaning of the word psychic is “: sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.” 

Clairvoyance is defined as being “ able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception claims to be clairvoyant.” Clairvoyant simply means clear seeing.”


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