To See The Future • For those new to Psychic Readings

From time to time new clients sit down for a reading and admit that they are rather anxious, and some admit they are a little bit afraid. I always present two reassuring and truthful statements as there is little time to give a detailed explanation once the session is booked. 

The first important idea is that I am not going to answer any questions you don’t ask. You have control over the direction your reading takes when you come to the session. I have written many articles to help you prepare your questions so that you get your needs met.

The second, and perhaps most important idea is this:
If we see an outcome during the session, perhaps an unfortunate outcome for your question, then the best use of a true clairvoyant or psychic reading occurs. 

You can change your future.

Our thoughts, words and deeds bringus to the now. There will be consequences of our actions. There are always reactions to actions. Some people are willing to dare to create new futures while others prefer to follow a path that seems laid out before them. 

When you come to an understanding of your history as pertains to the question you see the ground your future is built on. When the most important present circumstances are revealed, you see the thoughts, people, or events that affect your judgment & your decision making. 

Therefore by changing your view of the past and choosing to examine & perhaps change present though & immediate plans you can change the future as pertains to that question. 

For example, suppose you want to see the outcome of accepting a promotion at your job. I will ask you to visualize your workplace, co-workers, employer and perhaps your current job description. I might ask you to visualize the promises made when you were offered the raise. 

As you focus on these ideas, and allow yourself to “be present” in your question - together we will open that door in the Akashic Record where your timeline resides. There, we will find the answer which is based on recent history and current circumstances. 

If the outcome revealed is not what you prefer….. you don’t have to take the promotion. Follow up questions are always welcome. I am happy to explore any future you wish to see. 

Some people think that somethings are “just meant to be.” I don’t think this is the best language to describe the future, nor the present. 

The benefit of seeing the future is that you are able to see if your actions will bring you the results you seek. If so, then steady on!! If not, we will be able to see what can be changed. 

Of course there are somethings we cannot change, but because most of us have a good deal of free will, there is much we can do to make our world a world we enjoy. 

My promise is always that I will tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask. Always. I have been reading over 20 years now and have leaned to tell difficult truths as gently as possible. When consulting a clairvoyant, psychic or the Tarot, your future depends on just that.

I offer in person readings every Monday & Thursday on a walk-in basis in Jacksonville, Florida. No appointment needed - rather first come, first served. 

Walk in to 1055 Park Street (Midnight Sun) to find my office in Room 101 in the back. I am sure you will enjoy the shop! It is full of crystals, incense, candles,  gems & organic bulk herbs as well as fine imported gifts from Bali, India & Nepal. 

Walk in hours are 12:30 - 5:00 PM. I also offer readings by telephone and at other times during the week by appointment. Feel welcome to visit my website for more information. 

I hope you find my article helpful. 

Ann George
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