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Tarot & Inter-dependance: Why the Question Matters

If you are coming for your first live reading with me please take a moment to review the Tarot section of my web site. I published those articles to offer new clients a clear introduction to my process so that they may understand what I think I am doing, what I am able to offer, and what my limitations are. ( I am not good at finding lost objects, lost pets, nor lost people. ) This information helps me to be more comfortable when we finally sit down together to do a reading because I know that you have had a chance to "meet" me before we begin. A truth that is revealed in the reading process is that we are co-creating our future. Every choice we make, word we speak, action we take will affect our future. We are always making choices. When we come to the reading table, the answers revealed during the session reflect past acts and decisions. The answers that I am able to offer are a direct reply to the primary question you ask. Tarot readings address both the internal and ex