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Psychic Services • A "menu" from Ann George Studios, Inc.• Established 1996

As I am rebuilding my website to accomodate the new “Phone First” protocols of design I have been looking at other readers sites. Some are very, very well done! I have added a new “phone friendly” store page which is still in process. The Tarot section has been updated for some time now. I have been very surprised to see psychic readers, especially in Jacksonville, Florida, advertise services that are not allowed under the occupational license for our profession. Some services advertised actually require a college degree in most states!  Some "psychics" are selling spells and magic. I do not sell magic. You are the magic. My job is to help you rediscover this truth. I am not posting this list in judgement of any other service provider. Everyone brings different gifts to the table. I am posting to share that some services others offer may leave you vulnerable to emotional or financial abuse (the sale of magic spells in particular). Always avoid invitations to bury mone

What does that Tarot card mean? A deeper look at readings.

Some readers use a traditional 10 card spread, often called the Celtic Cross.    In a 10 card spread the reader will often turn and place the card on the table.  Many readers will tell you what that card means before revealing another.  When the next card is turned, the reader will then tell you the meaning of that card, in the new positon as it applies to your question. The Reading unfolds card by card until all ten are put down to reveal your answer.  I do not do card by card readings, but use a “landscape spread” of 16 cards.  As I was born clairvoyant, the Tarot is my key to the Akashic Records.  As well I find it is a vibrant tapestry, rather like a table cloth we lay down to  present your answer.  I use the Tarot as another set of eyes that often  clarifies  and  also  validates my seeing.  When we really look closely at the Tarot, an ancient book of wisdom, we find treasury of hidden knowledge that may originate in Chaldean times.  Some say the Tarot is filled w

Will My Loved One Be Ok? Seeking Psychic Insights for Friends & Family.

Many times clients come for a reading because they are very concerned about a family member. The pressing question is “Will my child will be ok?” or perhaps, “I just want to know how my sister is doing.”  These are important and loving questions, but they are very hard to answer as asked. The best way to get the most information about a loved on is to phrase the question in a way that includes you in the asking.  If you ask, “Show me the best way to parent my child at this time.” I will be able to find answers to that question.  If you ask, “Show me the best way to support my sister at this time.” I will be able to find answers to that question.  We all face hard times, difficulties that we must walk through, and walking through with the loving support of a family member or friend is far easier for most of us that walking alone.  When you come to the reading with the desire to help someone, the doors of the Akashic Record are very easy to open.  When you are a