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Tarot: The Why of Live Readings by Clairvoyant Ann George - Professional Tarot Consultant.

As I have been fortunate to have worked as what I am or who I am, for over twenty years now. As time has passed, many of my local clients moved away but still wanted to be able to have readings with me. It is through their encouragement and support that I began reading by phone in 2000. Over the years I have found that telephone readings offer us many advantages. I know now that they are as accurate as live readings, as well they save us precious time. Voice to voice and mind to mind we open the Akashic Record to see the future.  The blessing of live reading time is that we are still voice to voice and mind to mind, but because we are physically present with one another we can share the experience of the special vortex that is created when we come together with the agreement that we will see the future, more specifically, the outcome of your choices.  As well many people enjoy seeing the Tarot cars that manifest during their sessions. Some take photos of the spread of the

In Person Readings January 14, 2016 • Walk In Thursday with Ann George at Midnight Sun

One of the advantages of coming into Midnight Sun for a live reading is that you may choose the Tarot you wish to consult. I offer three choices. The Archeon Tarot pictured on the left is a jewel toned deck. It is a modern era deck designed by artist Timothy Lantz, and I feel it holds true to the Hermetic principles necessary to trust the oracle we are consulting. There are many decks - but not all offer two male and two female court cards, thus presenting a world out of balance. Mr. Lantz follows the Hermetic tradition and I appreciate that. Many clients prefer the Hermetic Tarot, which I have reviewed on line . This is far and away the best study deck for new students.  For those who appreciate astrology, this deck reveals the planets and signs that govern each of the Minor Arcana. Of course, the decks are all the same, have the same 78 cards, and the same astrology applies to them all. With this deck, it is easier for you to identify and find your own meaning to the inter

Tarot: key to your inner vision, knowing, and a portal to your best possible future.

This blog is written to the seers and seekers as both must be pressed by the seemingly concrete world of traffic, shopping, “shows,” bills, and bills, and the pressure to get ahead…. or, for some,  just to get a place to sleep for the night.  It seems modern Western society tries to press us into an unnatural world view. It presents us with a created reality, one no longer built from mud and thatch, from logs or sod. Our homes are built by other hands and no longer our own. Our food grown by others or processed by others and re-presented to us in various forms. The dirt roads are paved, the homesteads with garden, chickens, perhaps a cow or goat are long gone. The pushcart vendors selling fresh vegetables from country gardens do not cry out in the city streets selling the fruit of the earth nor the fish from the sea.  The young are faced with a fabricated reality that separates them from the living Earth and all those wonders. City children, plagued by light pollution,