Past Life Reunion or True Love? • Psychic Readings for Love are Helpful.

Many people have had the experience of meeting someone and instantly  feeling as if they have know the new acquaintance forever! 

All is comfortable, sentences are completed, world views are the same, and there is often an instant sense of comfort & ease with the new friend.  This can be a very exciting time for both people as a feeling of true kinship is very hard to find. 

Sometimes these kinds of meetings occur quite unexpectedly, perhaps in a restaurant, a drum circle, the library or a coffee shop. 

Where ever they happen, both people are usually quite affected by the experience. The unexpected encounter in an everyday venue makes that moment pop. 

Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, people may feel as if they have finally met “The One”, the soul mate they have been searching for, and they fall in love without much thought at all. 

All is so breathtaking, exhilarating and special that it is very easy to mistake this kind of experience for love.

If it is true that you have encountered your true love, and you are sure this is love at first sight, this is a lovely and indeed rare event.  What is much more likely is that you are meeting someone with whom you have shared experience together in a past life, a celestial realm, or another world. 

In Western culture, we are not often presented with a world view that allows for reincarnation, much less reunion with a friend, family member or loved one from a past life.

It is my experience that people who are sensitive are more much likely to have these meetings. In fact, sometimes we can find ourselves in what I call a “past life hallway”. 

When we are in one of these moments, or hallways we may meet many people from a previous life from a particular period in time over the course of several months. 

Sometimes there is just one past life return and a years may go by before we have another one of those experiences. How do you know if you are indeed having a past life return moment?

Sometimes the moment really takes our breath away. We may feel as if our heart is pounding, as if something magical is about to happen even though we are not sure quite what it is. Then, we see our person and they the meeting is  marked by an instant recognition of the other. 

If this is a new idea, please consider that time is not linear, consciousness is eternal, and the energetic bonds we form with people who were important can enable us to meet again and again, birth to birth. 

I post this note about past life returns during this series of posts about love from a psychics perspective because sometimes we mistake a past life return for a soul mate experience. 

The physical and emotional markers are the same:
  • There is a often breathlessness, 
  • We feel as if we have known the person all our lives,
  • We can’t wait to see them again.
  • We feel an deep physical attraction to the person, and 
  • We wonder why we are reacting so powerfully.

If it is appropriate that dating begin, then it may be very easy to believe we have met our match. 

The trouble is that often a past life return, while a powerful moment in time, does not mean that the person we met is in fact a suitable life partner, lover, or even best friend. We have to allow the impact of the meeting to dim before we will be able to clearly see what is happening. 

We may be certain that we have know the person before, but we may or may not have had an intimate relationship with them. Some people meet across time again and again. They form all kinds of relationships! It is possible to meet a parent, sibling, enemy, priest or priestess, or best friend from another time.

Often we meet someone we were left waiting for, perhaps we find a beloved we lost at sea, or at war. When this kind of open ending has occurred, the reunion may be all the more powerful and the relationship that much more difficult to end. 

I post this to offer some insight for those who are having trouble understanding why it is so hard to let go of a relationship you know is not working; for those who fell in love at first sight and are now confused about  your relationship; and for those who are curious about whether or not they have found the one and are hesitant to proceed. 

Each of us is unique and it is my experience that some people have been incarnating as human beings on this planet for centuries. I usually explain a past life return moment to my clients as follows:

Time is like a candy ribbon, the kind I used to get a Christmas (last century). It was beautiful and striped, made of spun sugar and very elegant. The ribbon looped upon itself, building a tower of infinity symbols with big loops at the end, meeting in the center and looping out again and again.”

“In the middle of that candy ribbon layers of spun sugar stack one upon the other. Time is like that. We may now be at such a moment in our lives that there are layers of other lives that “press” on our consciousness. Sometimes we may meet someone from another time, and sometimes we may be working through a life lesson we still hope to master.” 

“These moments fade away. Time moves on, as do we. The length of the hallway will become dependent on the choices we make. Please use the insight revealed in your session to your best advantage in this lifetime.” 

I hope you find this post helpful. I realize that it is not possible to address all the variables that can happen when worlds collide. The purpose of writing this is to help those who are falling in love, or lust with another to have an alternate explanation for their feelings. 

Peace to all, 

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 


Love Readings • Observations & Insights from a Psychics Point of View.

I am writing about love & the metaphysics of attraction so you may review these ideas before you call any psychic for a Love Reading as some things are just energetically true. 

If you are aware of the energy habits people develop in loving relationship then you will be able to take care of yourself when seeking a partner. 

It is very important to realize that all past relationships, whether from the birth or adopted family,as well as our own early efforts at love, all relationships change us. They attune us to a frequency that is often impossible to overcome unless we pause, examine our motives, our own patterns and make changes in our mindstreams. 

An easy example is the person who seems to always choose an alcoholic partner.  I submit there is an energetic reason for this.

If a child is raised in a household where alcohol abuse is the norm, and the chaos of addiction is accepted in that home then, that child will accept the “frequency” of alcoholism and be familiar with that. Another way to state this is: A person will naturally vibrate at the frequency they experience, or are surrounded by in childhood.

Of course this can change! 

Most often the child does not have anyone to help them know that alcoholic behaviours and the coping skills of those in love with an alcoholic are not healthy. 

If you accept the idea that we are in fact spiritual beings, energy beings in a material shell, then you should be able to accept that any child raised in an alcoholic environment will be conditioned or tuned to attract an alcoholic personality.

Alcoholics vibrate at a familiar frequency to all children raised in alcoholic homes. That chaos is their normal. Falling in love with a person who vibrates at a “normal” frequency is comfortable.

Often as we begin to fall in love our partners may not manifest a full alcoholic personality right away, however that frequency is there and familiar. 

Should the partner begin to abuse alcohol, all the learned coping skills from childhood may kick in. In some cases, feel that something is not quite right and question the relationship. 

I realize this example is a very broad brush introduction to the idea that we can be attuned to attract a particular partner.

We can be changed by the people we love. We are deeply changed by the people with whom we share our bodies. Sex is a powerful energetic experience/transformation and a bond of some kind is always created. 

The energetic connection we make with sex may override our best thinking, but it will seldom override our inherited or our attuned frequency. If we make the effort to come to a deeper understanding of ourselves, or avail ourselves of healing modalities such as Reiki, massage, acupuncture or other energy work we can change our frequency. 

When we seek to attract right love, often we have an outline of what we want to experience in a relationship. The more detailed our description of a right partner, the greater the possibility that we will find - or attract - that person.

If we have very open expectations - perhaps something as vague as I want my partner to be sexually appealing, have a good job, like the same music I do…. etc, then we are attracting on the most superficial level.

If we wish to attract a partner who is honest, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, loving, open, generous,  peaceful, we will have a much better chance of success.

It takes time to discover the inner qualities of a person, and time to be sure that we are attracting what we want on a soul level. Most people are lovely for the first four to six weeks of dating. 

It takes time, talking, shared experiences to discover who your partner really is on a soul level. Allowing sex to occur early in the process does not help us discover who we are really dating. Of course we will know if there is a sexual compatibility, but that comfort alone will not sustain a relationship when two people have very different value systems. 

If you are going to have a love reading, the first best thing to do is to check in with yourself and know why you are interested in someone, or to take a good look at how your relationship began. 

In general, it is best to date someone who has been single for several months. Dating a new partner while he or she still has a relationship to end will not allow you to see that persons authentic self. 

They may be vibrating at a “damaged” frequency. They may be seeking a hero, they may need comfort and care-taking, and when they are stronger present a very independent or perhaps an aloof personality that was always there.  

Best questions to ask to see the future of a love relationship are asked after you have had a least three dates with your partner. That way there is enough ground to stand on for a reader to go looking. 

Best questions are often:

Show me the outcome of continuing my relationship with ____________.
Show me the meaning and purpose of my relationship with______________.
How may I best succeed in my relationship with_______________.
What behaviours am I doing that are hurtful to my partner_____________.

If you have to ask whether or not your partner is faithful, you are probably: 
  1. not yet ready for a relationship, or
  2. you are in a relationship with the wrong person! 

Questions that are very difficult to answer accurately are:
  • Does my partner love me?
  • Is my partner faithful?
  • Should I stay with my partner? 
  • Is my partner my soul mate?
  • When will I find my soul mate? 
  • Will I get married? 
  • Will I have children? 
  • When will my partner call me? 

These are all “free will” questions or questions that are subjective. One person may believe they love another, yet the person who is loved may not appreciate or even realize that they are loved. We are all so different, we all have different values and expectations of love. A person may love you very much, but that does not mean the love offered will fill your expectation.

Therefore the best questions are always the ones listed at the beginning of this post. I realize now that I have only touched on a few concepts of the energetic nature of relationships. I will blog more as soon as possible.

I hope you have found this helpful. If you would like to schedule a reading with me, I am available by phone Sunday through Friday from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Eastern Time.  Please call 904-993-7466 to schedule or visit my website.

Ann George

© Ann George Studios, Inc. 

I have been doing Usui Reiki energy healing since 1990. I have been a professional Clairvoyant offering Clairvoyant Tarot for the past 20 years. The post above is made possible by working with human energy bodies and their affect on the metaphysics of attracting a healthy relationship. 


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While this is sometimes embarrassing for me, the truth is that every reading gives you the opportunity to change your future, to create a new truth, a new self. 

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