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Past Life Reunion or True Love? • Psychic Readings for Love are Helpful.

Many people have had the experience of meeting someone and instantly  feeling as if they have know the new acquaintance forever!  All is comfortable, sentences are completed, world views are the same, and there is often an instant sense of comfort & ease with the new friend.   This can be a very exciting time for both people as a feeling of true kinship is very hard to find.  Sometimes these kinds of meetings occur quite unexpectedly, perhaps in a restaurant, a drum circle, the library or a coffee shop.  Where ever they happen, both people are usually quite affected by the experience. The unexpected encounter in an everyday venue makes that moment pop.  Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, people may feel as if they have finally met “The One”, the soul mate they have been searching for, and they fall in love without much thought at all.  All is so breathtaking, exhilarating and special that it is very easy to mistake this kind of experience for love.

Love Readings • Observations & Insights from a Psychics Point of View.

I am writing about love & the metaphysics of attraction so you may review these ideas before you call any psychic for a Love Reading as some things are just energetically true.   If you are aware of the energy habits people develop in loving relationship then you will be able to take care of yourself when seeking a partner.  It is very important to realize that all past relationships, whether from the birth or adopted family,as well as our own early efforts at love, all relationships change us. They attune us to a frequency that is often impossible to overcome unless we pause, examine our motives, our own patterns and make changes in our mindstreams.  An easy example is the person who seems to always choose an alcoholic partner.  I submit there is an energetic reason for this. If a child is raised in a household where alcohol abuse is the norm, and the chaos of addiction is accepted in that home then, that child will accept the “frequency” of alcoholism and be fa

Walk In Thursday - Clairvoyant Tarot Readings, Mediumship & Other Psychic Services

It is always a pleasure to offer readings at Midnight Sun , a lovely import store full of jewels, gemstones, crystals, statues, incense and clothing of all kinds.  This is a welcoming environment and an excellent space for readings.   Sometimes people ask me if I read from any other location. For an in person session, the answer is most always no.  (I sometimes will read for small private parties.)  I do offer telephone readings from my personal Studio, which is also a space vibrating at a very clear and lovely frequency.  I do not offer “in person” readings from that space, which is in my home.  In Duval County, those who are offering psychic services of any kind are required to buy an occupational license, in fact a   “Fortune Teller” license. It took many years to be able to get that occupational license in a retail zone.   There is a new loophole that was created to further undermine professional consultants. People may now offer readings at flea and