Tell Me My Future - How to Best Ask Your Psychic Questions.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a new client. I was not able to provide a reading for her, and we parted on good terms. She was a customer of another style of reader and was used to receiving a different kind of reading than the ones I offer.

I am publishing to share again my understanding of the right use of clairvoyance and the worldview from which I read. I realize that many cultures have different understandings of how the future unfolds.  I am able to "see the future" in general. However, as most clients want accurate readings that empower them to make useful choices, readings to validate their own intuitions, or readings to offer direction and insight, I do not offer "general" readings.

I am sure that we live in an interdependent universe. I am sure that we are co-creating our future with every thought, word and deed. I believe your future is not a given... rather it is a consequence. So, to see your future, I prefer you to ask me to see the future of __________.

Each of us has a Fire Path (this includes career, right work, ethic and values,) an Air Path (the path of words, social interactions, education and politics,) and Earth Path (the path of body, of land, of material possessions, wealth and loss,) a Water Path (the path of love, feeling, physical and emotional health,) and finally, the Spirit Path (the path of past lives, spiritual development, purpose and purification.)

On any given day, we may be more concerned with one path more than the other. We may face choices that have the ability to move us forward or hold us back, we may seek to connect with our higher selves, the divine unfolding, or the Akashic Record for guidance.

My purpose is to serve as a conduit for that information. My purpose it to look to see the outcome of your choices, the best paths to accomplish your goals, your past lives if need be so that you may gain greater insight into the now.

People sometimes come to find out about others...... living and dead. I am able to serve as a medium between the worlds, but this is always contingent upon the availability of the departed. I may or may not be able to make direct connection, however there is almost always an imprint of those who have left us, and that imprint can provide the information you seek.

I advise all clients that the most successful readings are those in which you come with questions in hand. This provides me a starting point, a ground to work form. I am not able to see 50 years forward.

The world is constantly coming. We are all in this together. If you get up from any reading, change your phone number, hair color, and occupation, you may rest assured that the future seen in the reading you just had will not likely come to pass. Why? because the foundation of the question, the nature and appearance of the seeker has changed so dramatically the the outer world will change as well.

I have published a list of suggested questions on my site, as well as a few more blog posts to help you decide if I am indeed a reader you would like to work with. If so, I offer readings by appointment.

Thank you for your kind attention to my post.