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Tell Me My Future - How to Best Ask Your Psychic Questions.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a new client. I was not able to provide a reading for her, and we parted on good terms. She was a customer of another style of reader and was used to receiving a different kind of reading than the ones I offer. I am publishing to share again my understanding of the right use of clairvoyance and the worldview from which I read. I realize that many cultures have different understandings of how the future unfolds.  I am able to "see the future" in general. However, as most clients want accurate readings that empower them to make useful choices, readings to validate their own intuitions, or readings to offer direction and insight, I do not offer "general" readings. I am sure that we live in an interdependent universe. I am sure that we are co-creating our future with every thought, word and deed. I believe your future is not a given... rather it is a consequence. So, to see your future, I prefer you to ask me to see the future