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Clairvoyant Ann George adds a new Walk-In Reading day for Jacksonville, Florida clients.

Clairvoyant Psychic & Tarot consultant Ann George of Ann George Studios, Inc. is now offering clients a new "Walk In" reading day at her Five Points Office located at 1055 Park Street, Room 101, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.  Ms. George has offered her clients a Walk-In Thursday for many years. This relaxed style is very popular and has been a great success.  Clients very much enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Midnight Sun, as well as the lovely new reading room in the back of the shop. As no  appointment  is needed you may come at your convenience.  Many clients are happy to hear that Monday will also be a walk-in day for clairvoyant Tarot consultations, psychic readings, past life readings and mediumship as well. Walk-In hours are 12:30 - 5:00 pm.   Should  there  be a wait, you may sign in at the back counter and enjoy browsing all the books, candles, crystals, stones, incense and other wonderful  gifts  and  jewelry  from Bali, India & Nepal s