Tarot Class & Discussion Group Today 7/11/2010

All are welcome to attend the monthly Tarot class in the lovely Studio at The Midnight Sun today from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. Class fee is $15 cash. The Midnight Sun in located at 1044 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

Professional Tarot consultant and clairvoyant reader Ann George will teach Tarot from the Hermetic perspective for the first hour of the class. The second hour is a question and answer session on Tarot and other metaphysical topics.

Students decide what aspect of Tarot to study, and the class is conducted accordingly. Last class, the focus was on how to interpret the spread of cards, and the best spreads to use to gain a clear understanding of the matter on the table.

Some cushions are provided for sitting.  You are welcome to bring your own meditation cushion and your favorite Tarot deck as well.


Ethical Tarot Readings - A response to visitor mail by Ann George

Here is a letter a received from a visitor to my site. As this letter is not at all unusual, I thought it best to answer on the Blog and hope it will be of benefit to others.

"Dear Ms. George, 
My name is _________ and I'm ___ years old from Any City, USA. I have had many "psychic readings" over the years and spent hundreds of dollars on false prophecies. I am a true believer that there are some gifted individuals out there who can tap into their "3rd eye" and use their special gift to help people. Unfortunately, I have been duped so many times over.  

I have had it pretty rough over the past 5 years or so and truly need some spiritual guidance and maybe even some reassurance that everything will be OK.  Somehow, I was led to your site and take everything as a sign. I would absolutely love to schedule a reading session with you but am so skeptical.  

Is there any possible way that you may be able to show me that you are indeed the real deal to calm my fears of spending yet more money? I truly hope that I am not offending you by implying that you are not, but I just hope that you can understand where I am coming from.  

I hope to hear back from you soon and wish you love and light." 

My thoughts:
First, I am always confused by notes that say something like: "I spent hundreds of dollars on false prophecies." I don't offer any prophecies, just answers to questions about the outcome of choices. The best way to accomplish one's goals, the meaning and purpose of a relationship or an experience, or the outcome of some other action you wish to take.  The question one asks is very important and can impact the accuracy of a reading. I have published an article to help you get the most out of your reading experience.

The fee I charge is for the time spent in consultation. There are no extra or hidden fees... so.. if the first reading with me is not useful, nor accurate, then best to move on to a reader that is better able to be of service. I do not do "work", "Magick for money" nor do I "fix" anything. I do not reunite lost loves, bring your true love back to you, have winning lottery numbers nor do I cast spells of any kind at any time for any reason. I do not "solve all problems". 

I advise that one choose a reader with a values statement on line and perhaps a testimonials page. Or, one might ask friends who use readers to recommend someone. Call the psychic or clairvoyant to talk with them a few minutes before making an appointment to see if you are comfortable with their tone of voice, hours of operation, and willingness to offer answers to questions about their reading process.

As to the matter of offering " reassurance that everything will be OK" ... I wish I could do that. That is not my job. My responsibility is to give the most accurate answer possible to the question you ask. To tell you the truth, regardless of how wonderful or how painful that may be. The good news is that we are co-creating our future, so it is often possible to change our minds, and thus to change our futures.

** Note to the author of this letter - I am not at all offended by the letter, nor the questions. I am happy you wrote, giving me the opportunity to address questions of concern to others. Sadly, there really is no way for me to calm your fears that you are wasting your money.  Please refer to my testimonials page, read my blogs, visit the many articles on my site, read and reflect on the information there. Then, decide if you believe I am the reader for you.

I send you all best wishes for peace, abundance and happiness.


Ann George