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Why I Offer Psychic Readings by Appointment • Ann George

I often get calls from new clients who are hoping for a reading “right now”.  I do understand the excitement of wanting to know what we want to know as soon as possible.  
As I am in private practice, not a call center service provider, I am not resting in a state of psychic attention all day. 

I do not work for a “by the minute service”.  There is a mobile friendly shopping cart on my site that will process all credit cards and take PayPal. I work by appointment to offer you the best service possible.
One important reason for by appointment psychic readings, whether by phone or in person, is that I want to be prepared, calm, focused on you, your call. I want you to have the best reading possible. 
I do not use spirit guides nor spirits of any kind when I do a reading. I am not connecting to angels or any other energetic beings to receive answers to your questions. 

This is also why I do not offer “general” readings. I am a “question specific" reader. I do use Tarot as a second, a val…