Tarot Readings for Court Cases & Legal Matters

As a professional clairvoyant Tarot consultant, which is the best way to describe my work, I am asked to see the outcome, or future, of many kinds of events, choices, circumstances and relationships.

I am willing to answer any question asked. The rule is that I must tell you the truthful answer to the best of my ability, no matter what that answer may be. I have learned over time to deliver very painful truths as gently as possible.

I have also learned that your dollar is best spent seeing the outcome of events over which you have some authority. 

This is particularly true when it comes to Legal Matters in general and Court Cases in particular. This does not mean that I cannot provide assistance to clients who are facing legal matters. 

There are many excellent questions to ask a reader if you are headed for legal trouble of any kind. Some of those questions are:

Show me the out come of choosing __ (attorney or law firm name here )__ to represent me in this matter.

Show me the best way to proceed to have as peaceful as divorce as is possible.

Show me the outcome of filing a lawsuit against ______________ for ________________.

Show me what actions I can take to ensure that I am victorious in this matter. 

Show me the best way to proceed under these new circumstances. 

All these questions are useful to ask as they provide you with an answer that directs you to to take an action that will benefit you.  The difficulty for most any reader who seeks to provide accurate answers to court case questions is the variables, the people who are also involved in that matter and over whom you have no control.

Therefore, the most difficult question to answer will always be: “Show me the outcome of my day in court.” or  “Show me if I will win the case.”  

In complex court cases, people are always the variables for a reader, particularly in cases where there are two parties in dispute, each having their own attorneys, in front of a judge and perhaps in front of a jury, perhaps with witnesses to be called.
As you can see from this short list of personalities involved, each with the free will to change their minds at the last minute, cast their vote in spite of evidence to the contrary, or to misunderstand evidence, fail to pay attention, or have made up their minds in advance, it can be almost impossible for a reader to always be accurate when answering “Show me if I will win the case.” .

On any given day, any person can act against their nature. They may be ill, they may have suffered a personal loss, they may not like you for no reason at all, or they might bring forward evidence that you did not expect. 

While it may be difficult to wait for the outcome, especially as many court cases drag on “forever,” I suggest you save your money and wait to see the outcome for yourself.

I am not refusing service. It is the case that many clients report that I was indeed accurate in seeing the outcome of their cases. In some instances, my accuracy has been spot on.

(Of course, my accuracy is always a reflection of the willingness of the seeker to fully participate in the session. I am not claiming that I am amazing, but when we work together, amazing insights are revealed.)

This idea of waiting to see is also good for many medical issues. In this century, it can be determined quite quickly if a woman is pregnant, if one has an illness and so on. 

The best use of Tarot is to gain clarity, direction and insight. Tarot is an excellent tool to explore the future of personal relationships, help you  make the best career choices, address relocation concerns, and is priceless when you are working with issues of personal and spiritual development. 

Tarot also works very well to reveal past lives, to help us connect with ancestors, and to discover the best way to heal, to empower, to find freedom, to find peace, to come to acceptance with the journey of our lives. 

I hope this post is helpful. It is only my opinion. Other readers may have a different point of view. I have found it a kindness to let me clients know my point of view before the make their appointments. 

Thank you,

Ann George