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Reconnecting to Spirit Realms - The Healing Benefits of a Reading

To hold our natural ability to connect with spiritual realms it is very important that we maintain our ability to connect to the natural world.  For many people this is becoming much more difficult to do.  We are at an unusual time as humans on the planet. Many of us no longer walk barefoot on the Earth for we now have paved roads, sidewalks and shoes.  Our most basic connection to the natural world is broken as we no longer feel the Earth beneath our feet as we walk across her.  For many, a calming walk through the woods or meadows is not an option. The wilderness is tamed and filled with buildings of all kinds. We can go to parks in cities, but the sound of traffic follows us almost everywhere, disturbing our connection to our own inner knowing. Where once we could relax on a porch or a stoop in the evening and hear the crickets, tree frogs, night birds and many other creatures moving in the darkness, many now hear traffic, sirens, or radio music as cars dri

Creating a Frequency - How We Access the Akashic with Tarot

I often write articles to help people understand the metaphysics of seeing the future. My motive is to help new clients feel comfortable when they come for a psychic reading with Tarot.  I will always prefer the word “clairvoyant’ to describe the services I offer. It seems a cleaner description, to be “clear seeing.”  Lately I have been helping first clients come to a greater peace for their session by explaining an aspect of “how” we get to the Akashic Record to find the answers to their questions. I will post that explanation here, and hope you enjoy it. You do need to come to the table with questions. Really, anyone who sits for a reading already has questions, they may not yet be clearly articulated, but we sit for readings to gain insights we don’t yet have. Often we just want clarity, insight, a sense of what is happening.  The process of accessing the Akashic begins when you speak your question. Let’s use the example question of “Show me the outcome of staying in

Did the cards tell you all of that? Psychism and Tarot.

Sometimes new clients, and some who have had readings with others, seem surprised when their reading is very accurate.  Often they want to me explain the cards to them so that they can get a better understanding of the psychic process and how it was possible for me to “know all of that”.  In some cases, Tarot card readers do offer a card by card explanation. The “Ten Card Spread” is an excellent choice to provide this service.  I do not offer a card by card session. If you were to ask me about my reading style, I would say I use a 16 card spread and the “landscape” method of reading. You can find more information about that on this  page on my site.   As I was born clairvoyant, I have always seen and known things that should have been beyond my reach. When I was young I could see all kinds of spirits and “creatures” that others did not see. I was often able to “hear” people thinking, and it was very easy for me to know what was going to happen next.  I did not