An Open Letter to A Seeker About Hexes & Curses

I am always sorry to have to write letters like this one, but I post a public reply to a seeker who wrote asking for help. I have also provided support and reassurance to other clients who come to me after encountering con artists who prey on the trust of others. 

Here is the letter: 

Dear Ann,

I took an opportunity to write to you hoping that you can help me.

For the past 10 years, it feels to me like wherever I go or whatever I do I go one step forward and three steps back. For the last few years, problems seem to be showering on me. Relationships do not start or work, jobs lost for, what seems, no particular reason, housing situation volatile, etc.

Over the years, I consulted few tarot readers and psychics and they did not tell me that I was hexed or cursed. 

But I also consulted a witch of some kind few times. Each time I saw her, she would tell  me that I am either cursed or hexed. She would ask for my photographs to remove the curses or hexes but when I would return after some time, she would tell me that I was cursed or hexed again. 

The last time I saw her, I was told some things that are unpleasant, to put it mildly.

I would like to hear if you could help me and clarify my situation.  I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your kind consideration.   

Here is my reply:

Dear Seeker, 

Readings are very useful tools to provide clarity, direction and insight. I offer Clairvoyant Tarot readings to provide the most accurate answers to your questions and to gain greatest access to the information you have stored in the Akashic Record. 

When coming to me for a reading, it is important to know that there are those people who will “find” a supernatural cause for your troubles. They will then present a ritual, offer to do “work” and charge a remarkable fee for their services. I am not one of those readers. 

Should someone you hire for a clairvoyant, psychic, or any other kind of  supernatural consultation present you the idea that you are cursed, this is when you should walk away! Simply get up - pay whatever money you owe for the time - and leave.  
There are very few people who actually have enough personal power to place a hex or curse on another person. There are fewer still who can remove a hex if it is indeed placed by a shaman, priest or priestess who practices this kind of malicious deed.

It will always be incredibly unlikely that you are cursed or hexed. In the 20 years I have been consulted as a professional psychic reader, I have encountered only one person suffering the effects of an ancestral curse. 

What is more often true is that you have lost touch with yourself. This is so easy to do in our modern culture! It is very easy to be caught up the the drive of modern life, of going, doing, being, achieving, spending, working, and we seldom find little time to rest and refresh much less reflect and review to see if our values and lifestyle decisions still serve us well. 

Many times it may indeed seem that we are cursed with a run of bad luck, however, the likely cause is either a failure or inability to be able to stop and take stock of our situations, get some clarity, see some options, and make new choices. 

We can become accustomed to failures and losses, we can suffer energetically and be “wounded” on a deep level that changes us. These changes, or energy wounds, often attract similar people, similar employers, similar situations into our lives. 

Often we don’t realize there are solutions, and just keep on doing the best we can - never really getting ahead, or feeling as if we are successful.

A reading can help you “see” yourself and your situation clearly from an objective point of view. The reader - who does not know you, nor anything about you - will be able to see your situation and tell you how your life appears to them.

The very best readings - the best insights and freedoms - are possible when you approach the session with empowered questions.

“Show me the best way to heal my relationship if possible.”
“Show me the best path to success in my current position.”
“Show me the outcome of changing careers at this time.”
“What changes will help me attract loving relationships.”
“How may I best improve my financial situation.” 
“Show me the best path to peace of mind at this time.”

These are just some of the empowered questions that you may ask in a reading. These are questions that help you create the future you want to enjoy.

Of course there are dark days, hard times, but people do find ways to live with and through them. A reading can provide you the guidance  you ask for, the insight you need to change your thoughts, your habits and your actions. 

The changes or answers revealed in a session can help you recreate the future you desire. Of course, you have to put the suggestions in practice or they will be of little use. 

The today we are experiencing now is an out picturing of all we have thought in the past. I am convinced that every action has a consequence. I also believe that “With our thoughts we make the world.” (Buddha)

When we are empowered with insights from a reading, often we are really reuniting our everyday mind with our awakened mind and allowing ourselves to hear our own truth, find our own answers using the reader as a mirror for parts of ourselves, our hopes & dreams that we have lost or forgotten.

I am very happy to read for you. It will be my pleasure to help you find a way move forward through the challenges you face. 

As your letter was so important, and brings up questions asked by many, I thought it best to publish my answer. 

Thank you for writing, and thank you for your patience with late reply. 

Ann George

© 2015


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