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An Open Letter to A Seeker About Hexes & Curses

I am always sorry to have to write letters like this one, but I post a public reply to a seeker who wrote asking for help. I have also provided support and reassurance to other clients who come to me after encountering con artists who prey on the trust of others.  Here is the letter:  Dear Ann, I took an opportunity to write to you hoping that you can help me. For the past 10 years, it feels to me like wherever I go or whatever I do I go one step forward and three steps back. For the last few years, problems seem to be showering on me. Relationships do not start or work, jobs lost for, what seems, no particular reason, housing situation volatile, etc. Over the years, I consulted few tarot readers and psychics and they did not tell me that I was hexed or cursed.  But I also consulted a witch of some kind few times. Each time I saw her, she would tell  me that I am either cursed or hexed. She would ask for my photographs to remove the curses or hexes but when I

In Person Sessions today at Midnight Sun • 1055 Park Street • Jacksonville, FL

I look forward to being of service today and seeing clients in Jacksonville face to face! I will be offering Clairvoyant Tarot readings at Midnight Sun from 12:30 - 5:00 PM today. No appointment needed. Just walk in. It fact it is a great day to stop into  Midnight Sun!  A container of new treasures has arrived from India, Bali & Nepal. There are many lovely new gifts and "stocking stuffers" to choose from while waiting if  there is a line. Cash, debit and credit  cards are all accepted for readings. The 15 minute reading is $40 and the half hour session is $70. It is best to come prepared with your questions as I do not offer "general readings." I  look forward to seeing you soon.