Soul Mate or Past Life Return? Notes on Energy & Relationship by Ann George

In Western culture we are not often presented with world views that include reincarnation as a matter of fact. This can put us at a real disadvantage when we meet someone we have know from a previous life time. 

The impact of meeting a past life return can be so overwhelming that we fall to the conclusion that this must be love at first sight. The symptoms of this return are often very similar to the feelings we have when we meet someone who seems just right for a love connection. 

Often when we have a past life reunion we may feel our hearts are pounding as we stare in a breathless state of joy, amazement, or desire. We may need to speak to that person right away and find ourselves giddy with delight when they smile and seem to immediately return our interest. 

We often feel as if we have know that person all our lives, that they are very easy to talk to, and of course to gaze upon. We may want to get to know them with a fierceness that is out of the ordinary. 

Sometimes we rush to pair bond, overcome by desire and optimism as this reunion of hearts and minds feels magical and rare, like something we dare not let slip away. 

All the descriptions above are common when we are reunited with a love interest, a parent, a sibling, a comrade or a best friend from a previous incarnation.  Gaining insight about the nature of your past lives can help you stop and make wise decisions before any damage is done. 

How do you get that awareness? Often people will pause and take a moment to talk with trusted friends, or to seek counsel from a spiritual mentor, cleric or a psychic consultant. Psychic mediums who are experienced with past lives may have the ability to find the history ofconnection you have with a new flame. 

Often only one person has the awareness that they are meeting someone they have known before.  From time to time both people may have the sense that a past life return or karmic meeting is happening. Everything just feels “so right” that there must be a higher purpose at play. 

Sometimes people have promised to find one another again, to cross time and to transcend death to be together again. Sometimes we simply vibrate at a frequency that is familiar and attractive to those we have known before. 

If you find yourself suddenly in a new relationship that seems to be careening out of control, too much too soon, too powerful too fast, you could well be having a past life return experience.  It is far more likely that this is true than that you have met your soulmate, or as I prefer to call the experience, your “right love”. 

Soulmate pairing may start off with a sudden awareness of the fine qualities of the other followed by a gradual “getting to know” phase wherein both people carefully share with each other, gently discovering their commonality. 

Soulmate relationships often unfold gently, like a rose, while the past life return begins with the joyful energy of fireworks. People are looking for reunion, for a like-minded soul to love and share with. 

It takes time to get comfortable with a new partner. It takes time for each person to step out of best behavior and into their true, everyday personality. This is why it is best to allow several months to pass before making a decision about the future of dating a new person. 

This importance of taking time to wait for the unfolding of authentic self, which is natural when courting, is also important to take before returning to dating after a break up. We may not be aware that we are energy beings who are vibrating at a very particular frequency, but we are. 

This condition of vibrating at a frequency may be illustrated by citing examples we have all wondered about in our daily lives.  Most everyone has wondered why the lovely, talented woman (who seems to have her choice of most any partner) consistently attracts and chooses an alcoholic mate. 

Perhaps we have a male friend who is handsome, outgoing and a great guy yet he seems to attract and chose women who are unfaithful or abusive.  How does this happen we wonder, Does he not see her true nature? Does he want to be unhappy? 

In both examples, the “good” person we know does not realize that they have become so conditioned to the frequency of abuse that they are now magnetic to abusers. It is not a conscious desire or choice but rather a consequence of failing to stop and clear the energy of previous relationships. 

There is an expression, “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. If we don’t change our ways, we will continue to emit that subtle song that serves as a magnet to just the wrong person.

There are many different ways to clear energy in the human aura and this post is not to address that, rather to mention that energy healing is a very good way to come to center and have a fresh look at that new relationship with a calm and centered eye. 

If you would like to consult me about past life returns, the outcome of loving relationships or energy healing, please call my Studio at  904-993-7466. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

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What to Expect for Your First Psychic Reading - by Ann George - Psychic

Notes on what is possible and appropriate when consulting a psychic.

People coming for their first psychic reading may not have any idea what to expect.  The scenarios provided by movies and television are very far removed from the reality of a consultation with an experienced psychic. 

At my studio the emphasis is on your well being.

When you are coming for a reading this is your time to get your needs met. My goal is to provide honest, accurate answers to your questions to the best of my ability. I will give you my full attention and help you feel at ease by answering any questions you have about the reading process. 

A good psychic reading should provide you clarity, insight and direction. You may also feel validated, affirmed and empowered. You may find the energy of the reading process is very comfortable . With each clear answer you might be both exhilarated and relaxed. 

I have published a list of frequently asked questions for you to review. This will give you some idea about what others want to know. It is possible to see the best way for you to heal from emotional wounding, or how to achieve closure, forgiveness, and peace of mind about life issues that are important to you. 

Many people want to see the outcome of continuing a dating relationship or the best path to find right love. Others want to connect with departed loved ones, or to see the future of their career choices. Some people want to see the outcome of moving to another city while others need insights on the best way to get a raise in their current positions. 

There is no limit to the kind of questions you may ask however it is important to ask an empowered question. An empowered question, one that puts you at the center of the matter,  always gives the most room for a thorough answer.  For more information about empowered questions visit this page before you choose to schedule a reading, I believe it will help you work well with most any psychic you choose. 

To be sure you will be comfortable, please call ahead to speak with your reader before scheduling a session. If you are booking a reader from a phone service, this may not be possible, so please read his or her introduction carefully. A professional psychic will take your call and happily answer questions about their process, fees, or questions about the kind of readings they offer. 

Consulting a psychic, clairvoyant who uses an oracle such as Runes or the Tarot enables many to feel even more confident they are making good decisions. The Tarot is a well respect oracle with a rich history. Based on ancient spiritual and metaphysical principles, Tarot is a very useful tool in the right hands and some readers offer psychic sessions with Tarot. 

Some readers will want you to ask them your question. Some psychics will want you to tell them your backstory while others do not need to hear but prefer to “see” the history that prompts the question. Some psychics offer general readings and do not want you to say anything at all.  Calling first will help you know what to expect from each reader. 

I take a good many calls from people who may not have done their research and have had a frightening experience. Scam artists who pose as psychics can do a great deal of harm. 

Usually the con artist discovers a problem of some kind and offers a cure, a very expensive cure. If you feel uncomfortable in a session or if someone tries to sell you magic or “work," I encourage you to leave that situation at once. 

I will not find curses, hexes nor bad luck that someone has “put on” you.*  I will not answer questions you do not ask. I am not looking for dark clouds in your aura nor any problems you do not have. I will not use your session to try to sell you anything. My purpose is to be of service. All good readers really do want to help their clients. 

You will know you have found a good reader because you feel comfortable talking with that person. If you choose someone who has good reviews, has been in practice several years and who will take your interview phone calls you are well on the way to experiencing the benefits of seeing your future. 

To schedule a session with me, please call 904-993-7466.

Wishing you joy on the journey. 

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It's In the Cards! The Tarot - a closer look

From time to time I meet people who are very uncomfortable with the very idea of Tarot cards. It seems that to many the Tarot has been represented as unclean, dangerous, a tool of the Dark Arts or as something to be feared and avoided. 

However more and more people are willing to test that theory and ask me about Tarot card readings. I am very glad for this. Once properly understood, the Tarot ceases to be frightening and instead becomes a very useful tool to help achieve the future that one really does hope for. 

I began an intensive study of Tarot in 1995. This study began as a relentless pursuit to discover the origins of the interpretations.

When I found the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson the little book in the back sent me on a tour of Hermetics, the Tree of Life model of the universe as well as a visit to publications about the Golden Dawn. 

I came to realize that the Tarot fit perfectly on the Kabbalahistic Tree of Life.The Major Arcana are indeed each a path on that Tree. Each card in the Major Arcana coincides with one of the paths as well as the nature of movement of divine energy from one sphere of consciousness to another. 

To get a better understanding of all the possible interpretations of the Major Tarot I studied some Hermetics. What a wonderful rabbit hole I found. (I may not have made clear that I am referring to the mystery school of esoteric Judaism.)

The Tarot and origin of meaning is a very complex and rewarding study. I am including a few links to sources of more information is it is impossible to cover the relevant topics in a short post. If you do click a link, I hope you enjoy the journey of discovery as much as I.

Through that little book I also came to realize how the Minor Arcana are indeed an out picturing of the Zodiac, that their meaning is derived from the Astrology of Tarot which is the placement of planets in signs and the interpretation of the affect of each planet on each sign. 

If today, you have a glimpse of the spiritual path of study that reveals the meaning of Tarots you may also become interested in consulting this “book of mirrors”. 

Knowing that the meaning of cards is not random, that the interplay of unfolding time, life path challenges and qualities of personality are all easily included in the images, I hope you will realize that the rich mystery involved flows from a higher source than you may have imagined. 

Born clairvoyant I found the Tarot to be a perfect tool to help me use my “seeing’ to best benefit others who seek insights into their lives. If you would like to consult the Tarot with me, you may do so by phone, or in person at one of two locations in Jacksonville, Florida. 

For more information, please call 904-993-7466 or my site. 


Finding the Right Psychic Reader: Tips for Choosing an Ethical Psychic

It may be that you find the best psychic reader the very first time you call for information. That is wonderful when it happens. 

Often people find they have to make several phone calls and “interview” several readers before they find someone they feel comfortable consulting. 

Choosing the right psychic is just as important as most any other lifestyle choice. 

I encourage you to choose someone who is willing to take your call, answer questions about the services that reader provides, quotes you pricing and in general is available to you for that important first call. 

If you feel rushed off the phone or pressured to make an appointment, you may want to keep looking for a reader who is more available to you. A professional psychic consultant should want you to feel comfortable with your choice and want you to understand the services they offer. 

Once you have chosen your psychic, it is important to come to your session with honesty, openness and the willingness to participate in the reading process. Your attention is critical whether you have chosen someone for a “general reading” or you prefer a question specific reader - you must be fully present to get the best outcome. 

Remember, everyone in business wants to succeed, to be liked and to do well. In most businesses a great effort is made to please the client. When it comes to psychic services, you may find that honesty is more valuable than your comfort in the long run.

In my practice, I must honestly answer each and every question you ask me, regardless of whether the answer is pleasing. Some questions are difficult to hear. Sometimes psychics are asked very powerful questions that can redirect the future and complete attention as well as candor is a must. 

Sometimes we are asked questions that we would rather not have to answer such as “When will my _________ die?” or other questions regarding health, longevity, marital fidelity. To be sure, sometimes death is a blessing to those who are watching a loved one suffer. Still, it may be difficult to hear, and hard to answer. 

The best readers will find the accurate answer to your question and stay with you during the answer to be sure you understand just what was revealed. The truth is what most clients come to hear. 

Psychics or clairvoyants who have mastered their own preferences can come to a session without prejudice, judgment and expectation. I feel it is critical for a reader to be as objective as possible and to tell difficult truths with kindness. 

Some readers are very loving, very reassuring, and offer comfort and emotional support. Others are more factual and strive to provide accurate answers in an objective manner. There are all sorts of personal variations in between these examples. 

Once you are in session, in particular if you are working with a new psychic, if you find that your reader has missed the mark, it is a kindness to let them know. Everyone has a day when they are not top notch! 

Some readers may feel an initial disconnect with their client, but will continue to try to provide a reading all the same. There are many kind reasons why this happens. Many times the reader knows that it can take a moment or two to “find” the person or the matter their seeker is asking about  Sometimes language gets in the way. 

From time to time you may think you have asked a direct question only to find that your psychic heard you say something else.  I stop throughout the reading to ask “Is that clear?”. I am trusting you to tell me that it is not if you have no idea what I am talking about, or if you feel I am describing the wrong person, place or situation. 

Every reader will have a bad day, so you may want to evaluate your psychic kindly if you have been working with them for some time and it seems they are not accurate with all their answers. He or she may not be aware that they are a bit “off” when they book your session, nor perhaps even as the session begins. 

One complication in the reading process is that often the seeker has a very fixed idea about a person, a relationship or a career choice. When dealing with questions concerning relationships many times a person can be blinded by desire, anger, resentment or love and therefore be unwilling to hear a message that contradicts their perception of the beloved. 

My clients would much prefer that I tell them the truthful answer, yet some answers are hard to tell. Sometimes the dream is not coming true, the beloved is not faithful, or the plan will fail.

If you are able to remain open minded, and ask your psychic questions to clarify what he or she meant to say, a better understanding of the message can be realized. Then again, your reader really may have missed the mark and the answer be of no seeming value. 

I publish articles to blogs and websites on many topics pertaining to psychic readings and more often I will publish articles on Tarot. I use the Tarot in readings as it is a wonderfully accurate oracle and well respected. I find Tarot to be the key to the Akashic Record and a steady guide once there.  The Tarot is a “book of mirrors” and is highly responsive to your thoughts as well as the spoken word.  

Over the years I have developed a tremendous respect for this oracle, and refer to the Tarot during a clairvoyant reading be sure that I am on point, and answering as honestly as I can. I too may fall short on any given day, not for want of trying. Each person gifted with psychic abilities has different talents. 

If you are feeling hurt, or badly used, or as if the “other” should be the first one to call, or to make some effort to heal the relationship then you may not be open to the answer that you  must take the first step to achieve healing.  Sometimes the answer requires that you, the client take some responsibility to participate in the solution. 

To come to the point, it is always best to let your psychic consultant know right away if you are not comfortable or feel that they are not able to see for you. Speaking up will save you both time and money as well as the discomfort from sharing later that the reading wasn’t all it should have been. 

A failure to make a good connection one session does not mean that psychic is “fake” or “false” or “has no gifts”. Anyone can have a bad day at work. Of course as psychic consultants often deal with important emotional questions, having a bad day is no consolation to the client. 

Speaking up to share that you are not comfortable and prefer to stop now, perhaps to reschedule later, is the best way to ensure a full refund of payment made. When you purchase a reading, you really are paying for the psychics time, talent and attention. Should he or she fail to provide you first quality time and attention it is best to point that out. 

If you are trying a new reader, please purchase the smallest package possible so that you can see if the two of you are a good match. Hopefully you have visited a website that provides you a good overview of what to expect as well as references or testimonials. 

If you choose to purchase a session with me, I am sure I can meet all the suggested requirements I have posted. To schedule, please call my Studio at 904-993-7466. I offer in person as well as phone readings most everyday. 

For more information or to prepay for your reading, please visit my phone friendly site.

Thank you for your kind attention to my blog. 

Ann George

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Reading Tarot : The Landscape Method - Spread & Purpose

by Ann George, Professional Tarot Consultant 

Tarot card readings differ in kind. Many people are quite used to seeing the “card by card” reading in which the consultant reads each card as it is turned, telling the client the meaning of that card as pertains to that client, or the clients question. 

I do not offer card by card sessions. Instead I allow the Tarot to serve as landscape of information as I lay out 16 cards for each question.  

Although I am able to “see” or to know the answer as you are asking the question, it is critical to me that I find all the information available to provide you clarity, direction & insight.  

I find that the 15 card spread as shown by the Golden Dawn is very useful to provide insight into the past, present and future as pertains to your question and ultimately to your well being. 

This presentation of Tarot will be laid out after we have finished the visualization of all matters relating to your question. 

I do not need you to speak to tell me the particulars of your issue because I will be shuffling the Tarots while you are visualizing the “back story” of your concerns. In this way the Tarot, which is in fact an incredibly sensitive book of wisdom, or book of mirrors, will respond to the  frequency of your thinking. 

The Tarots will then present a very specific response to your issue and will validate and clarify what I “see” as the answer to your question.  I am a natural clairvoyant - or psychic - and will have additional insights as a result of your permission for me to look  with you. The Tarot serves as a spring board to the Akashic, and helps bring focus and perspective. 

Sometimes clients will want to know the meaning of a particular card during their session. It is almost impossible for me to stop reading to explain the interpretation of the card. If you choose to ask again after the session is over, I will try to explain the card in general. 

Each Tarot has at least 10 possible interpretations all of which are affected by the cards on either side & each of those cards also has 10 possible interpretations. It is the richness of meaning and the interdependence of cards that combine to form a unique insight for you. 

It is also wise not to try to read the cards yourself. Many people will see the Death card, (card of Scorpio) or the Devil card (card of Capricorn) show up in their session and react to the writing on the bottom. Neither card is limited to the printed description and so the Tarot you see may not mean anything frightening at all. 

It is best to relax and pay attention to the answer to your question as often there is a lot to learn. If you are relaxed you will better absorb the answer. Some people use their phones to record the session while others take notes. Whichever method of remembering you prefer is fine. 

I must say that sometimes on playback your reading will sound quite different than the one you remember hearing in my office. This is because we create a unique vortex when we ask and enter the Akashic. While you may not go with me, your presence (physical or spiritual) is key to the answer. 

It is also important to say that if you are physically present, or able to be present by phone, your attention is what activates the session. 

In summary, all readings I offer will be both psychic* and Tarot readings. In this way I am able to bring all resources to bear on your concerns. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

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All Rights Reserved

To clarify further terms:  

* Psychic readings or clairvoyant readings are essentially the same type of reading. The words psychic & clairvoyant may be used interchangeably, although most people are familiar with the word psychic. 

Defined by Miriam Webster, one meaning of the word psychic is “: sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.” 

Clairvoyance is defined as being “ able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception claims to be clairvoyant.” Clairvoyant simply means clear seeing.”


Why Do People Buy Psychic Readings by Phone?

The simplest answer to that question may not be obvious. Many people live where an “in person” psychic reading is not allowed within the city or county limits. They must buy phone readings.

About 10 years ago I was very interested in moving to a mountain town in Tennessee ago. I love the mountains there and hoped to open a small shop.  I stopped in for a visit with friends and made inquiries. 

As it turned out, at that time most small towns & small cities in the south eastern part of Tennessee did not allow psychics to operate a business in an office, storefront nor from home by phone!

I could not work in Chattanooga, Soddy Daisy, Signal Mountain nor in Red Bank, Tennessee. Psychics were also barred from working in small towns in north eastern Georgia as well. 

When I first moved to Jacksonville, Florida there was a zoning code that prevented me from opening an office in the nicer parts of town. 

I could not have a studio in shopping districts, malls, strip malls nor office buildings. I was restricted to an “outskirts of town” zoning that was not visually welcoming. I am very glad that zoning restriction was lifted. 

Another reason many people choose  the benefits of a clairvoyant (psychic) reading by phone is that the consultant they have used for many years may moved, to continue to use his or her services they must work by phone. Here is an article to help you choose a good phone psychic.

In some cases there is no one in town to choose. I recently had a conversation with someone who had gone to visit the only psychic in her town. She had a very bad experience and did not have a reading with a professional seer. She had a reading with a con artist. 

It is frustrating for me to hear stories of people being taken advantage of by tricksters, cold readers, and the wicked who are observant enough to do a good “cold reading”. These con artist are able to serve up just enough information that “hits home” to awaken our natural desire to be close to the mystic, the wonder of the unfolding universe.  

The customer who sees a con artist walks away unhappy, maybe frightened, and often several hundreds of dollars the poorer because that customer did not have a frame of reference for what is possible when entering the mystic. 

I will continue to publish articles about what to expect from a reading, how to have a good reading, and how to find an ethical reader. You may find some useful articles on those topics right on this blog.

Another reason people choose to purchase phone readings, whether they are buying psychic, clairvoyant, Tarot, or mediumship readings is that it saves the client so much time & money to work by phone.

In my city, which is constantly under construction, it takes some people as long as 45 minutes to get to my office.  A phone reading can be minutes away (although it is best to schedule your session at least a day or two ahead).

If you are calling for a reading, you are most likely at home, or in a safe & comfortable place where you have control over your immediate environment. If you are calm, you will be best able to focus on your question, and think about the bits and pieces you need to remember so that we can find your answer. 

I believe ethical readings are co-created. We both participate in finding that “spot’ in the Akashic where your future is being created. 

I am very happy to have two locations in Jacksonville to best serve you if you prefer an in person session.  Both offices are very safe & comfortable. If you live nearby please feel welcome to stop in my Five Points office on Walk-In Thursdays from Noon to 5:00pm. 

I have an office in Murray Hiill  that is open most every other day. You do need to make an appointment to see me in that office.  

Please call the Studio to schedule either a phone or a private session. Please leave a message if I am unable to answer  904-993-7466. I have been working by phone since 2000 and am very pleased to say I have clients all over the country, and some over seas. 

Finally, phone readings offer the same benefit as an “in person” consultation. 

If you stop to think about, you will realize that there is nothing in the physical body we need for a reading. If we can connect mind to mind through talking and listening, we can see the past, present or future. 

In closing: 

I am fortunate to have one of the most secure and well respected online agents to handle my transactions. I hope to remain in service and available to both my local and long distance clients for years to come. 

If you want a reading and do not have a safe resource in your town, please feel welcome to call me at 904-993-7466 to schedule your appointment. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post, I hope you find it helpful. 

Ann George

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