Soul Mate or Past Life Return? Notes on Energy & Relationship by Ann George

In Western culture we are not often presented with world views that include reincarnation as a matter of fact. This can put us at a real disadvantage when we meet someone we have know from a previous life time. 

The impact of meeting a past life return can be so overwhelming that we fall to the conclusion that this must be love at first sight. The symptoms of this return are often very similar to the feelings we have when we meet someone who seems just right for a love connection. 

Often when we have a past life reunion we may feel our hearts are pounding as we stare in a breathless state of joy, amazement, or desire. We may need to speak to that person right away and find ourselves giddy with delight when they smile and seem to immediately return our interest. 

We often feel as if we have know that person all our lives, that they are very easy to talk to, and of course to gaze upon. We may want to get to know them with a fierceness that is out of the ordinary. 

Sometimes we rush to pair bond, overcome by desire and optimism as this reunion of hearts and minds feels magical and rare, like something we dare not let slip away. 

All the descriptions above are common when we are reunited with a love interest, a parent, a sibling, a comrade or a best friend from a previous incarnation.  Gaining insight about the nature of your past lives can help you stop and make wise decisions before any damage is done. 

How do you get that awareness? Often people will pause and take a moment to talk with trusted friends, or to seek counsel from a spiritual mentor, cleric or a psychic consultant. Psychic mediums who are experienced with past lives may have the ability to find the history ofconnection you have with a new flame. 

Often only one person has the awareness that they are meeting someone they have known before.  From time to time both people may have the sense that a past life return or karmic meeting is happening. Everything just feels “so right” that there must be a higher purpose at play. 

Sometimes people have promised to find one another again, to cross time and to transcend death to be together again. Sometimes we simply vibrate at a frequency that is familiar and attractive to those we have known before. 

If you find yourself suddenly in a new relationship that seems to be careening out of control, too much too soon, too powerful too fast, you could well be having a past life return experience.  It is far more likely that this is true than that you have met your soulmate, or as I prefer to call the experience, your “right love”. 

Soulmate pairing may start off with a sudden awareness of the fine qualities of the other followed by a gradual “getting to know” phase wherein both people carefully share with each other, gently discovering their commonality. 

Soulmate relationships often unfold gently, like a rose, while the past life return begins with the joyful energy of fireworks. People are looking for reunion, for a like-minded soul to love and share with. 

It takes time to get comfortable with a new partner. It takes time for each person to step out of best behavior and into their true, everyday personality. This is why it is best to allow several months to pass before making a decision about the future of dating a new person. 

This importance of taking time to wait for the unfolding of authentic self, which is natural when courting, is also important to take before returning to dating after a break up. We may not be aware that we are energy beings who are vibrating at a very particular frequency, but we are. 

This condition of vibrating at a frequency may be illustrated by citing examples we have all wondered about in our daily lives.  Most everyone has wondered why the lovely, talented woman (who seems to have her choice of most any partner) consistently attracts and chooses an alcoholic mate. 

Perhaps we have a male friend who is handsome, outgoing and a great guy yet he seems to attract and chose women who are unfaithful or abusive.  How does this happen we wonder, Does he not see her true nature? Does he want to be unhappy? 

In both examples, the “good” person we know does not realize that they have become so conditioned to the frequency of abuse that they are now magnetic to abusers. It is not a conscious desire or choice but rather a consequence of failing to stop and clear the energy of previous relationships. 

There is an expression, “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. If we don’t change our ways, we will continue to emit that subtle song that serves as a magnet to just the wrong person.

There are many different ways to clear energy in the human aura and this post is not to address that, rather to mention that energy healing is a very good way to come to center and have a fresh look at that new relationship with a calm and centered eye. 

If you would like to consult me about past life returns, the outcome of loving relationships or energy healing, please call my Studio at  904-993-7466. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George

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