Practical Mysticism Workshops Begin - First Class Saturday 1/31/15.

Join Ann George - a practicing mystic and natural clairvoyant - for an esoteric workshop series designed to help you rediscover the mystic in the mundane. 

Ms. George will be offering a series of 12 classes. Each class will be offered on the last Saturday of every month from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun is located at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204. It is served by the #15 and the #5 bus routes. Each class is $20 per person. Cash please, however debit and credit cards are accepted ($22 per class.) 

Each workshop will explore such topics as:

1) The relevance of the Signs of the Zodiac and how they may best used in advising every day decisions;
2) Signs, Omens, and Totem Animals - how to “see” them in the everyday;
3) Paranormal Events of All Kinds ( please bring your questions);
4) Empowering Rituals - simple, elegant ways you can make simple acts sacred;
5) Opening to your Inner Mystic;
6) Action on the Mystic Path;
7) The Internal Dialogue;

Exploring the mystic in all paths possible for over 43 years, Ann George is very well researched and a welcoming and articulate speaker. Her intent, to help you return to your own “mother beat” of awareness that awakens the inner self to the inner divine. This first class we will begin with a study of the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries.

This class will not focus on Tarot in particular, rather, the mystic awareness necessary to develop a relationship with an oracle ( Tarot, Runes, Bones, Crystals & Stones  or what ever you are called to read.)


"A true psychic does not have to use cards to read you." and other odd statements found on line.

I was doing a search to see what was new on the web, and I found a very helpful article published some five years ago. The article could have been excerpted from my site as much of what was published mirrors my values - almost verbatim.

However, I am always saddened by the kind of exclusive statement found in the article which read:
"A true psychic does not have to use cards to read you, but will connect with, and read your energy vibrations, and a true medium will connect with energy vibrations of spirit."

As a Clairvoyant person - or if we must use the word "psychic" person - I am able to read my clients without Tarot. However, I find no benefit what so ever in denying my clients access to the most accurate reading possible. 

Tarot ensures that this will occur. Why? Because it is a vibrational double check. Tarot is responsive to the "vibrations" of the seeker, and thus clarifies or brings forward inner thoughts and feelings, insights and concerns the clients has but may not be able to voice.

As well, as a vibrational tool, Tarot allows the client to set emotional or psycho/spiritual boundaries for the reading, ensuring that I am able to answer the questions presented without wandering into areas a client may not prefer to discuss or address during a particular session. 

I read the Akashic Record. I do not read your vibrations, energetic or otherwise. People come to me to see the future, to see the outcome of choices, the best way to achieve a goal, the future of a relationship. 

Their past actions, current thoughts and feelings co-create the future, and if changed, those same thoughts and actions can bring about a new future. This is the best reason to consult a seer - (clairvoyant, or psychic, or Tarot consultant) - to co-create the future you prefer, and to avoid unnecessary suffering whenever possible. 

As for me... I trust Tarot. It is an amazingly accurate book of mirrors in the right hands. I would rather a Tarot reading from a gifted psychic that a psychic reading without Tarot. Therefore, I offer my clients what I myself prefer to purchase. 

Thank you for your kind attention to my post. 

Ann George


"It's in the blood." In defense of a published quote in Florida Times Union article quoting Ann George.

Greetings and best wishes to all,

This will be a short post to speak to a quote published recently in a Times-Union article on psychics.

I received a call from a journalism student who was clearly unfamiliar with psychism  in general, as well all all things occult, mystic, and paranormal. As I am fond of true journalism, I invested at least an hour an a half in two conversations to try to help her understand that reducing an ancient practice to 1000 words was going to be quite hard.

I did my best to refer her to my website, invite her to limit the scope of the article, and to provide her a better understanding of people who are born clairvoyant.  One  of my goals in particular was to reposed to her question about whether or not all people are psychic, how it happens that I am psychic, and other tangental questions.

My quote - "It's in the blood." - was the summary of a long conversation about the fact that the ability to see the future, to have precognition, to see spirits, and to be able to see past events might well be a trait that his inherited. I did provide her a good deal of information, made a concerted effort to help her gain an understanding of my practice,  and I do realize her article was subject to editing.

All the same, I do feel my time was not well spent as my only quote is the rather primitive assertion the newspaper saw fit to publish. Regardless, I do think it is important to accept that some people are just born with the ability to see the future.

Many readers will tell you they are third, fourth or even seventh generation psychics. I know that I have ancestors who are gifted as well as living relatives who have the ability to "know" or to "see" things before they happen.

My point was that psychic ability, just like hair color, may be in the basic DNA of a person, beyond their control, and a fact they must come to terms with.  I often consult people who are in fact very uncomfortable with their ability to have visions, see spirits and to know the future.

There is very little support in this country (USA) for those people who are gifted. Many feel as if they are going crazy and are ashamed to seek counseling.  The article was a step forward, a bit sideways, but forward all the same.

I would like to add now that even thought a person may be gifted at birth, there are those who are determined to master that gift, to train, to study, and practice or apprentice, so that they may provide their clients the most accurate reading possible.

I apprenticed under a well respected reader back in 1995 as well, I trained at various psychic fairs here in town to be sure that I was able to connect with my clients and the Akashic each time I was called upon to read.  I continue to study to this day.

I hope that those who read the article will also note this is a misquote:

"Psychics possess a number of abilities which allow them to provide a number of services, George said. These include tarot readings, in which a special deck of cards is used to help divine the prophecies, and the use of ritual candles for meditation purposes. Many psychics also claim to have an array of healing powers. "

I do not "divine the prophecies." I am not a prophet and have never claimed such status. I do not use candles in my readings. I do hand pour and sell ritual meditation candles to be used by any one who chooses to purchase them, but I do not sell candle magic of any kind. 

As to the statement " Many psychics also claim to have an array of healing powers. " I do not recall saying anything like that. It is true that many who offer readings are also trained energy healers, and I may have said that. 

It is my hope that if you saw the article, you will visit my site and realize that I am far more articulate, and far more willing to help everyone who choses to, come to an understanding of the psychic arts. 

Wishing you peace in all things. 

Ann George