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Buyer Beware! Not All Consultants Can See The Future.

I realized I have been living in my own little bubble of assumption and have fallen out of touch with how best to present myself to new clients. I am writing this post to help you feel comfortable that you do understand my abilities as well as my limitations.  Who Am I?  My name is Ann George and I am the owner of Ann George Studios, Inc. I have been open as a Psychic, Tarot Studio and Reiki Healing Practice since 1996. I am both a psychic person as well as a professional Tarot Consultant. Sometimes I use the word clairvoyant to describe myself. Other adjectives I prefer are mystic, seer, empath, as well as clairsentient. I have always seen spirits, energies, etheric or ghostly beings, as well as the future. When I was much younger I could hear people thinking. This was not a cultivated quality, I was born this way. When I was in my late thirties, I realized that the “gift” was not going away, instead it was becoming stronger.  To manage the return of “seeing” I mad