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The 15 Minute Clairvoyant Reading • What Can Be Accomplished?

While some readers charge by the minute, I offer two session lengths instead. I have found this is the best way help my clients. ).This post covers the 15 minute reading ($40). The benefits of booking time to ask questions are many, the most important being that you are able to come to the session knowing which questions to ask, which are most important, and how much (if any) discussion you would like in session. In a fifteen minute reading I am able to fully answer one, two or three questions. The empowered question - questions you ask to see the outcome of a decision or choice in any life area - are best.  Free will questions such as “Will I?” or “Should I” are not suggested for several reasons. First, you know what you will and won’t do.  Second: You have the ability to make any decisions you like and the ability to change your mind at any time. It would be foolish of me to try to predict or to foresee your decision on any topic at an unknown point in time in the