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Astrology & Tarot - Why Your Birth Sign Matters.

Astrology & Tarot - Why Your Birth Sign Matters. I offer clairvoyant Tarot readings , which means in essence that I use the Tarot as a witness, or as a second opinion to validate what I “see.” Many times clients who come for a live reading will see a card on the table and want to know what that card means. This is impossible to answer during a reading, in part because I am not actually presenting information on a card by card basis. Properly used, the Tarot presents a landscape response to the seekers question. The relevant past and present events of import are presented as well as future outcomes. I use a 16 card spread - and it is in the relationship of the Tarot to each other that the answers are clarified. The Tarot speaks in many tongues. It speaks in elements of Fire, Earth, Air & Water in particular. This is why I will ask your Sun sign, or the sign you were born under. If you are a Fire sign person, and the Tarot reveals your answer using Water cards as the

What kind of work do you do? Do you reunite lovers? Do you burn candles? Do you charge for prayers?

What kind of work do you do? I am often asked this question by new clients. In fact two different callers asked me about my services today. One caller had read a few of my articles - or blogs - and realized I do not do candle burning, I do not ask for extra money to pray for you, or to do “work” for you, nor do I promise to reunite you with your lost love, remove black clouds from your aura, or make everything "OK." I have found that many people who make these promises really do not have the personal power to accomplish all they offer. What seems true instead is that they find fault with the client, and demand more money for more candles and more “work” as the case has become more difficult. There are a good many con artists who are gifted - and use that gift to take advantage of people who feel lost, afraid or vulnerable. As well, those who do not want to accept responsibility for their lives often will hire someone to “fix it”.    There is indeed a history of this

Love Readings - Psychic Insights on Love

Love Readings - Psychic Insights on Love Love Readings - What Can You Tell Me About My Soul Mate? I recently received this question from a casual seeker. “What Can You Tell Me About My Soul Mate?” This passive form of seeking guidance in general illustrates why so many find it difficult to attract a right relationship. I do not try to answer this kind of question as there is no ground to stand on, no point of reference from which to see the future. Instead, I invite my clients to stop a moment, and really consider what kind of love it is they truly want before making their appointment for a reading. If you want “right love” (which means love that is good for you!) and you are consulting a psychic, clairvoyant or counselor to get help with this issue, it is important for you to know what you are looking for. Many times when asked to visualize the kind of companion they seek people offer very general answers such as: “I want a good man/women who loves me.” This is actually a