Astrology & Tarot - Why Your Birth Sign Matters.

Astrology & Tarot - Why Your Birth Sign Matters.

I offer clairvoyant Tarot readings, which means in essence that I use the Tarot as a witness, or as a second opinion to validate what I “see.”

Many times clients who come for a live reading will see a card on the table and want to know what that card means. This is impossible to answer during a reading, in part because I am not actually presenting information on a card by card basis.
Properly used, the Tarot presents a landscape response to the seekers question. The relevant past and present events of import are presented as well as future outcomes. I use a 16 card spread - and it is in the relationship of the Tarot to each other that the answers are clarified.

The Tarot speaks in many tongues. It speaks in elements of Fire, Earth, Air & Water in particular. This is why I will ask your Sun sign, or the sign you were born under.
If you are a Fire sign person, and the Tarot reveals your answer using Water cards as the primary element of reply, then the landscape of the answer will have a different meaning than if the reply comes to you in Fire cards.

As well, in the Minor Arcana, each card represents 10 degrees of the sphere of the Zodiac! Many do not know this…. but it is true. This is an important note for students who hope to transcend memorizing card bt card meanings to be able to actually interpret the Tarot in full.

In Astrology, each sign has its ruling planet, favorable planets, and unfavorable planets. As well, each sign responds differently to the various houses (or signs) of the Zodiac, thus the Minor Arcana that are revealed will have a different meaning for you depending on your Sun sign.

Be sure, these are the subtle nuances of interpretation that mark the difference between someone who is reading offering a card by card story and a reader who is able to scan the landscape reply of Tarot to address your questions.

After you have asked your question aloud there is really no need for you to say anything else. I will shuffle the Tarot while listening for the answer to your question. I may ask you to “show me” - by this I mean either visualize or remember - things I need to see more clearly to give you the most accurate answer possible. 

Some clients want to verbally reply to my questions. This is not helpful for me. I read in “second attention” or you could say I read the Akashic record. To remain in that meditative state, it is best if you only visualize the circumstances, people, or events that are revenant to your question.

During this time, I shuffling & you visualizing, the Tarot which is an incredibly sensitive instrument, responds to the energy of your thoughts. When you are ready to see the answer and I stop shuffling, the Tarot will be aligned in such a way that the answer to your question will be revealed in the spread of cards.

Through your visualization and memories recalled, you are able to exert influence during the reading. Your thoughts, emotions, fears, feelings, hopes….. all are captured and revealed as needed by Tarot. This also is a protection, as moments in time you may not be ready to explore are minimized, areas that require your immediate attention are amplified.
I consider the spread while answering your question. It is a touchstone…. or a launch pad. I will be advised by the cards that appear as well as by those that do not. However, I will answer your question without specifically referring to a card as the validator. 

Sometimes the answers Tarot reveals is so visually amazing that I will place the cards before you, one by one, so that you can see the future unfolding for yourself. As each client selects the deck to work with in a live session, they often choose a deck that is full of images that are symbolic and meaningful to them.

Ann George

Ann George Studios, Inc.
February 24, 2016

I thank Osho Zen Tarot - The Transcendental Game Of Life for their kind permission to use their graphics on my site.Osho Zen Tarot -The Transcendental Games of Life, St. Martins Press ISBN: 0-312-11733-7 with permission of osho.com.


What kind of work do you do? Do you reunite lovers? Do you burn candles? Do you charge for prayers?

What kind of work do you do?

I am often asked this question by new clients. In fact two different callers asked me about my services today.

One caller had read a few of my articles - or blogs - and realized I do not do candle burning, I do not ask for extra money to pray for you, or to do “work” for you, nor do I promise to reunite you with your lost love, remove black clouds from your aura, or make everything "OK."

I have found that many people who make these promises really do not have the personal power to accomplish all they offer. What seems true instead is that they find fault with the client, and demand more money for more candles and more “work” as the case has become more difficult.

There are a good many con artists who are gifted - and use that gift to take advantage of people who feel lost, afraid or vulnerable. As well, those who do not want to accept responsibility for their lives often will hire someone to “fix it”. 
There is indeed a history of this kind of magic, most often call “root work” in the Delta. This kind of service springs from the intermingling of many cultures, African, Caribbean, and of course the Celtic magic of settlers in the Deep South. There was a time when sorcerers and shamans and root workers were well respected and skilled in their arts - but the art was for a purpose the purpose was most often to heal.

There are other shamanic traditions where tribal members go to the Shaman or Healer for help, blessing, protection and healing. Offerings are made for the spiritual service performed, and this is in keeping with the culture of that tribe or village.

I am a seer - the word popular in American culture is psychic and although I prefer clairvoyant, consultant search engines don’t favor that description.  My responsibility is to provide you accurate answers to any question you ask.

Thus empowered, you will be able to decide if the outcome of the choice you are about to make is indeed an outcome you want to experience. If not - you can ask another question, look down a different road and choose another future. 

I do not offer advice, I do not make predictions. I simply “see” the answer to your question and tell you the answer. 

Most people feel validated, as if they now have extra insight, or clarity, or are comforted by what is revealed - even if the answer is difficult to bear.

I hope you find this little blurb useful.

Ann George

Ann George Studios, Inc.

February 16, 2016


Love Readings - Psychic Insights on Love

Love Readings - Psychic Insights on Love

Love Readings - What Can You Tell Me About My Soul Mate?

I recently received this question from a casual seeker. “What Can You Tell Me About My Soul Mate?” This passive form of seeking guidance in general illustrates why so many find it difficult to attract a right relationship.

I do not try to answer this kind of question as there is no ground to stand on, no point of reference from which to see the future. Instead, I invite my clients to stop a moment, and really consider what kind of love it is they truly want before making their appointment for a reading.

If you want “right love” (which means love that is good for you!) and you are consulting a psychic, clairvoyant or counselor to get help with this issue, it is important for you to know what you are looking for.

Many times when asked to visualize the kind of companion they seek people offer very general answers such as: “I want a good man/women who loves me.”

This is actually a call for disaster. The universe may hear you and present you with exactly what you asked for and nothing more. Thus, you may receive a suitor with no criminal record, a good moral code who loves you, wants to be there for you, wants to be with you, wants to dote on you, wants to offer you constant attention, to be in your presence as much as possible. .. to “love” you.

The sad part about asking in such a way is that the person you attract may present with deep value conflicts to your lifestyle. Some of these are that the person:
Is not of your faith, 
  • Does not share your preference for exercise, 
  • Is a carnivore to your vegan lifestyle,
  • May not be fluent in your primary language,
  • May pressure you to marry,
  • May want to be supported by you,
  • May smoke, drink to excess, or have other vices you abhor, 
  • May have a large extended family you prefer not to know,
  • May have a jealous nature. 

Clearly I can go on. The fact is that you may well attract someone who does not have anything in common with you at all! Of course they will still be “good” and “love” you.

So, the first step on the path to seeking right love is to know, and to be able to visualize, just what you want in a loving relationship. How will you spend your Wednesday evening? What will you do on Sunday?

The more clearly you are able to visualize your preferences, the more accurately a reader can guide you to the type of person you seek. I often suggest that clients take the time to make a list of qualities they strongly prefer in a partner as well as behaviors they are not willing to accept.

 Sometimes it is the “little things” that drive couples apart.
To Attract Right Love - Take Time For Yourself!
Another difficulty I often see in the search for right love is that people do not take the time between relationships to analyze what happened in the last one and so, still fresh from wounds and disappointment, they try again to make a love connection.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been single, if you have not made an honest assessment of what happened, why the relationship did not work or last, then it will be difficult not to make the same mistake again. The reason is that your are still vibrating at the frequency that attracted your last partner, or worse are vibrating in a damaged frequency. Like a wounded animal in the ocean if you are vibrating at a damaged level you are most likely to attract a shark, a hero, or simply drift on down the river of love with no navigation at all.

You may not clearly know what went wrong - and this is an excellent time to have a reading. The questions to ask may be:

  • Show me the meaning and purpose of my relationship with ________________.
  • Show me the best way to heal my relationship with ________________ if possible. 
  • Show me how to recover from my relationship with _____________________.

Should you choose to spend your reading on these kinds of questions then it will be important to be able to call to mind the history of your journey with your former lover. I support the decision to order a reading to gain a second insight into your last relationship as it is often so freeing!

Please feel welcome to call to schedule your session. I am at 904-993-7466.

One problem with rushing from one relationship to the other is that you have not “reassembled” yourself. Relationships of any kind are energetic connections. Once broken, they leave both parties “apart” in an energetic way. Allowing yourself to return to center, to grieve, to assess, and to heal is the best way to begin again.

Some Of Us Are Comfortably Single.

Many cultures put great emphasis on having a loved one, a true love, a husband or wife and in the US we are heading right for the “Day of Days” for couples and often a day of sorrow for the single. 

I encourage you to “break the rules” and ask an elder out for Valentines dinner. Take a good friend out for a drink to celebrate all the fine times you have enjoyed as a “couple.” Send flowers to a relative, perhaps a maiden Aunt with a kind note. Send a card or a cologne sample to an Uncle or family friend. 

If you are single - and in love with life, the Divine, your art, your music, your dance - then you may be one of the luckiest people of all. You too could have a reading about developing your relationship with your passion.

Often the greatest expressions of love come from the joy of using your calling to benefit others.  It is my hope that this blog post about attracting right love from the metaphysical point of view is helpful to you.

May all your sweet dreams come true,

Ann George