Psychic Phone Readings - How To Find A Good Phone Psychic

If you are curious about psychic readings, and would like to have a phone reading (an option many of my local clients choose) a quick search of the web will reveal so many choices! How do you choose?

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Choose a psychic phone reader who is in private practice. 
  • Choose a psychic reader who offers a flat, fixed rate for the services provided.
  • Choose a psychic reader who offers an ethics or a values statement on their website.
  • Choose a psychic reader that has a website that offers you useful information. 
  • Choose a reader who is happy to take your call, provide additional information about his or her services, experience, and check to see if they can answer the kind of questions you have. (I, for example, cannot find lost persons, nor lost objects.) 
  • Beware of readers who promise to solve all problems, reunite lovers, bring wealth. 
  • Choose a psychic reader who publishes their photo on line.
  • Choose a price that you are comfortable with.
  • I invite you to avoid psychics that offer "Free" readings, or the first ____ minutes free. Qualified clairvoyants, psychics and mediums provide valuable services... just as you do when you do go to work. Who works for free? Either someone who does not value their ability, or perhaps someone who is "setting the hook" to get you to begin to spend more money than you intended.
Are phone readings accurate? 

For many clients, phone readings are more accurate than the live experience. How can this be?  A qualified reader is not reading the physical body, they are reading the Akashic record. Your physical body is the vehicle that brings your voice, and thus your mind to meet the mind of the reader. Ideally, your reading is a co-created experience where both seeker and reader are opening the doors of that Akashic Record to see your past, present and possible future outcomes. 

For some, calling from the privacy of their own home is very comforting and helps them to relax. For those with a busy schedule, avoiding heavy traffic, stress and extra time on the road, makes psychic readings by phone the best choice. Many people, while confident in consulting the Tarot, a psychic or medium, want to remain anonymous about that choice. Psychic phone readings provide that security. 

The important points to ensure accuracy in any reading are:
  • Choose a qualified, experienced reader you feel comfortable talking too.
  • Ask an empowered question. There are numerous articles on this blog to help you do just that, or you can visit an article about Psychic Questions on my site.
  • If you don't understand the answer to your question, ask for clarity. 
  • Be open minded and honest. I will assume that any question you ask is coming from a place of truth and is asked for your greatest good. Can you trick me? Of course. Can you prevent me from giving you an accurate reading? Of course. Psychics don't "force" doors open, a good reader seeks to be of service. 
  • If you choose a live session, don't give away too much information. Readers who keep you talking may listen to you share your experience for 10 minutes of the appointment. (this can get very expensive if you choose a by the minute service!) and you have already given them both a biased insight, and a good deal of information to repeat back to you.
I know many ethical, talented, generous and accurate psychics, mediums, Tarot card readers, energy healers and clairvoyants. They all work because it is their calling, gift, or inescapable karma.... but it is my experience that they first seek to do no harm.

Sometimes, it is actually best to ask your friends who they use! Clarity, insight, direction from an objective third party can be a priceless asset as you craft the future of your dreams.



Psychic readings, black auras, demons working against you & when to walk away.

I recently received an email from a woman who wrote to ask my opinion of her encounter with a "psychic reader." Here is her letter:

"I have recently gone to see a psychic and was told I had a dark purple almost black aura. They told me they would help cleanse me.  I went back for part of my cleanse and she told me she was looking to see where this negative energy is originating from. On my third visit, I was told I have demons working against me.  I really would like a second opinion on this because for them to help me it is going to cost $3,500 and thats a lot, so i really want to see if there really are demons. If i could schedule a reading that would be great. Hope to hear from you soon."

Here is my reply:

"Please, do not believe the "psychic" who has told you all these horrible things. The pattern you are reporting is a traditional scam that is used by unethical "psychics". Please do not give them any more money! There will always be a "reason" they need more.

Even if you hare having hard times.... and it seems as if your are cursed... or plagued.... and you want a cleanse, a legitimate energy healing should cost no more than a visit to the doctor.. Reiki healers charge between $35 to $125 per session, and that healing is designed to restore your energy body to a natural balance.

The aura is in a state of flux, it is a rainbow body of change. I have never really seen one "stuck" on a particular color. Regardless, you are the one who will heal yourself. You are the one who has the power to  learn to protect yourself. Do not be afraid of this person/these people. Fear is what they feed on. Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars under the influence of  "psychics" who are great manipulators.

I am happy to read for you. To ensure you have a good reading, here are some articles designed introduce my services to be sure we are a good fit:


As well, you may enjoy and article I wrote:

I started pouring meditation candles, healing affirmation candles and making aura cleanse incense as well as protection and prosperity incenses,  in response to just this kind of bullying so that people would be able to use meditation candles, incense and affirmations to move through obstacles. 

Wishing you all the best!" 

While this was not a thorough reply to all issues brought up by this letter ( demonic possession, aura cleansing, energy healing etc. ) I publish it now for those who are also having a similar experience. 

There are many qualified energy healers in the greater Jacksonville area as well as in St. Augustine. You can usually find their ads in Natural Awakenings magazine, or simply ask friends who use alternative medicine. 

I hope you find this post helpful. 

Ann George
Clairvoyant Tarot Consultant
Usui Reiki Master  


The Deviant Moon Tarot • A review by Ann George

The Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza
A review by Ann George • Professional Tarot Consultant

This is a remarkably powerful tool for the experienced Tarot consultant. For best use, the reader should have a thorough understanding of the origin of interpretation of Tarot from the Hermetic or Golden Dawn perspective.

With a good grasp of the Tree of Life and the deeper meaning of Tarots, in particular the importance of the Sephira, the Elements and the Astrology of each card, the reader is given a key to empower the seeker to open doors to his or her inner mind in a most profound way.

This deck is for the brave, the mystic, the healer, shaman, and all who are willing to look deep within to see the why of their behaviour. This deck does not offer the traditional visual cues a novice reader might depend on to interpret a spread. Rather, in a wise and provocative manner, the artist superimposes visual images that almost contradict the expected imagery for the Major and Minor Arcana.

It is my experience that when these images are woven together in response to the seeker’s question, the subconscious workings of mind and spirit are revealed in a uniquely empowering way. The landscape of reality, of awakening created by the spread is breath taking. 

This deck allows the seeker to reach deep into Mind/Spirit and face demons, fears, joy, anguish and the magic that each of us hold and that each of us allow to hold ourselves back from reaching our fullest potential. 
This deck is striking in every way. Visually profound, but not for those who prefer pastels. It is a deck for spiritual warriors on path to enlightenment and freedom. It is for readers with the courage and skill to translate deep, perhaps disturbing or intimate insights in a gentle, yet fully powerful way.

There are many reviews online that talk about card stock, card size and such. I find that this deck shuffles differently each use. The stock is first class, as are inks and colors. I cherish this Tarot as one of the few that throws open the doors of perception.

“Wander down the old city alleys... in midnight mists... peer into corners to see who is sleeping there, loving there, crying in the inner shadow of the adult mind with the Deviant Moon. Travel where the Akashic record opens easily, as if it has finally been asked to dance after sitting too long against the blank wall of limitation and cowardice.”

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