Psychic Reading Styles - Passive vs. Active Thought

I recently read for a woman who had frequented other styles of readers in the past. She reported to me that when she went to them, she sat down, and they "read" her.  I am sure this is true.

There are spiritualists, psychics and mediums who work from another frame of reference than I do, and are able to "see" the energies around a person at a particular time and offer advice and validation just upon seeing a person.

There are always those who promise to "solve all problems", "reunite loved ones" and "heal all illness." I am not that kind of service provider either.

I am a question specific reader. I have respect for my clients innate wisdom, and their intuition. Providing accurate answers to direct questions that are troublesome gets straight to the heart of the matter.

If you would like to see the future outcome of a decision you are going to make, I can help you. If you would like to see the outcome of continuing your current relationship under the present circumstances, I can help you. Should you care to see your most relevant past lives, I am able to help you.

What I am not willing to do is to tell you what will happen to you........... in general. We are co-creating our future. Every thought, word and deed brings us closer to happiness, to riches, to spiritual harmony, or farther away.

Of course it is true that one can reach a point of chaos and despair where it is hard to even think of a question that might shed some light and show a way out of the darkness. I can help you find your question.

I will not tell you what to do. I will not give you any advice, in fact.... I will not remember the session. My responsibility to you is to leave my "self" outside the reading experience. To drop my agenda, personality, preferences and value system so that you are accessing the Akashic record without obstruction.

Can you make it difficult for me to give you and accurate reading? Of course! A true reading is a co-created experience where two people agree to open the door to the Akashic Record, or Astral Plane, or Field of Perception, and look together to see the past, present or future as clearly as possible.

The future is huge...... amazing! and time is beginningless. I think if I am to be of good service to my clients, and they to be happy with me, then we must agree to work together for clarity, insight and sometimes just validation.

If you are not willing to be open with me, to concentrate, to "show me" your wedding day, to visualize your office environment and co-workres or to concentrate on your plans to succeed in business.. or whatever is necessary to answer your question,  then I can't accurately see your future.

I need a starting point.... you provide the ground for seeing with your question, and your visualizations.  I will ask for the question to be spoken aloud.... the rest is your visualization process until the moment you decide it is time to see the answer to your question. To me, this is reasonable.

Once you decide that you have "shown me" all there is to see...... then I will answer the question. I use Tarot to validate clairvoyant perceptions. You may pick the deck the you prefer of the three I bring to the table. The purpose of choosing is simply your comfort.

If we find that the future yields an outcome that you do not prefer to experience, we may always look for a way around that.........

I hope my note is helpful to those of you who have thought of having a reading with me.... but were wondering what might happen.

Wishing you every happiness.

Ann George
Clairvoyant Tarot Consultant.