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Psychic Reading Styles - Passive vs. Active Thought

I recently read for a woman who had frequented other styles of readers in the past. She reported to me that when she went to them, she sat down, and they "read" her.  I am sure this is true. There are spiritualists, psychics and mediums who work from another frame of reference than I do, and are able to "see" the energies around a person at a particular time and offer advice and validation just upon seeing a person. There are always those who promise to "solve all problems", "reunite loved ones" and "heal all illness." I am not that kind of service provider either. I am a question specific reader. I have respect for my clients innate wisdom, and their intuition. Providing accurate answers to direct questions that are troublesome gets straight to the heart of the matter. If you would like to see the future outcome of a decision you are going to make, I can help you. If you would like to see the outcome of continuing your current