Ann George Studios, Inc. has an excellent reputation.

tarot consultant ann georgeRecently a long time client asked how she could now refer her friends to me. She told me that when she entered my name into the search engines she encountered two outrageous posts about my services on the "Rip Off Report". There she found some abusive posts about my psychic services on "The Rip Off Report"

I was already familiar with this site that allows people to post anonymous, and often very false complaints about business of any kind. As well, the site also must make money with affiliate advertising, because as you roll over a link, there is a little pop up ad that displays the very kind of service the consumer is complaining about. I did my due diligence to report to that sites web host that the information posted about me was false, and defamatory

I had also received an e-mail from a company informing me of a very defamatory report at that site & offering to "repair" my reputation for a fee. I suspect that the company offering help is in league with the owners of the company encouraging false reports. I followed up with the web host for the site that promises to "repair" the Rip-Off report, but to no avail as the ROR will not ever take down a post.

I admit that I am human, therefore capable of error, and that I cannot always read every client,  but allegations that I am a money hungry, product pushing, manipulator with no respect for human suffering is not at all true.

Here are a few links for your information about the Ripoff Report that validate my position. BE AWARE at the time of posting, these seemed like useful links. Please do not take my posting as a reference that the sites listed below will be valid tomorrow!

* Scam Review Sites
* A note from Garden Girl
* From Marketing Pilgrim* If you have been a victim of the "Ripoff Report"
* Google Reputation Mangement
* From US-Web
* The Anatomy of a RipOff Report Lawsuit.

If you would like to read some of the letters actually written by my clients over the years, please click the title of this post to check my references.

I do realize that all business are subject to criticism & all businesses make mistakes. What surprises me about the posts on Ripoff Report is the complaint seems to a personal attack that includes a bit of name calling.

If you would like to read one of the nasty notes left by others please visit:
Report One

However, a general search for my services on
Yahoo is still favorable as of this posting. Sadly, Google seems to favor the negative post on Ripoff Report at present.

Thanks to all for your attention to this post. I am still Ann George, I have consistently owned and operated my studio since 1996. I have been online since 2000, and shall continue to offer my best service to all.

Ever forward.

Ann George

Fears About Seeing the Future - Concerns for a First Reading

I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a woman who was considering having her first Tarot reading. She shared a concern that I have heard over the years, and I want to blog about this topic while our conversation is still fresh in my mind.

The concern she voiced was: "If one does see the future, can what is revealed become a self-fulfilling prophecy?" I hope my reply yesterday was thorough & useful. Here are more thoughts on the subject.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the idea of a self fulfilling prophecy which includes the following:

"In other words, a prophecy declared as truth when it is actually false may sufficiently influence people, either through fear or logical confusion, so that their reactions ultimately fulfill the once-false prophecy."

Now before I go into the specifics of my reply, I must first say that I am not a prophet. I do not ever intend that the readings I offer be taken as final, absolute, dictatorial.. or in any other way so magical that they are "declared". I do not seek to influence clients, to cause them to make one choice or another.

My primary purpose in offering Tarot consultations is to provide accurate answers to seekers questions to the best of my ability by all means possible. I have been offering readings to the public since 1996, and it is on that experience that I base my reply.

First: It is not my experience that readings in and of themselves create the future. The future seen is most always the outcome of the past actions and present choices of the seeker, as influenced by the environment in which he or she lives.

Second: Many, many times the future revealed in a Tarot consultation is changeable. We have the power to change our minds, to turn left, to stay or go... in short to make any number of choices that can avert an unfortunate outcome.

Third: While some may have a feeling of dread, or of doom; as if a "black cloud" of bad luck is following them, this emotional habit may well cause one to see negative in a situation where a positive outlook is possible.

It seems as if the importance one attaches to the future revealed in a reading determines whether or not the outcome revealed becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In an effort to be sure I am offering a good answer, I often turn to a dictionary to be sure my reply is actually on topic.

To refer again to Wikipedia, this excerpt from the article previously referenced sums up my point of view very well:

"Robert K. Merton's concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy stems from the Thomas theorem, which states that "If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences."[2] According to Thomas, people do not react only to the situations they are in, but also, and often primarily, to the way they perceive the situations and to the meaning they assign to these situations.

Therefore, their behavior is determined in part by their perception and the meaning they ascribe to the situations they are in, rather than by the situations themselves. Once people convince themselves that a situation really has a certain meaning, regardless of whether it actually does, they will take very real actions in consequence."

It is noteworthy to me that the very power of the mind to create what is usually referenced as a negative, in this case the "self fulfilling prophecy" is simultaneously one of the best reasons to consult an oracle, such as the oracle of Tarot.

I am certain that we co-create our futures, and it is in seeing the outcome of our actions that we may be free of harmful habits and patterns. Further, in my practice, readings are co-created. I am not able to read well for you if you are not willing to be present in the process with an open mind. We open the door of the Akashic Record together... to see the world that is constantly coming.



Psychic Scams - More thoughts on a sensitive subject

I have reviewed my past two articles on psychic scams, and double checked the information posted on the links I included in the last post.

I notice that one post seems to take a bit too much pleasure in calling one reader a fraud. The evidence of the "fraud" is that the reader made a mistake during a public reading.

Mistakes happen. No reader is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. To expect a human being to always perfectly see the past, present of future of the live or lives of another is just not reasonable.

Even the best reader, with the best intention will find some clients difficult to read. As well, those who come to a session to play "trick the psychic" make it impossible for a reader to see clearly.

For example, if you already know the answer to the question you are about to ask a professional reader, why bother asking? What purpose could that serve. (If you are seeking deeper insight into the how, or the why of something.. seeking clarity, then of course ask the question.)

Good readers come to the table willing to do their best to look for your answer, the outcome, the future for your greatest good. When I sit down to do a session, I choose to believe my client has come with an open mind and a willing heart. In that trust, I offer my services, knowing that time & again, the best sessions happen when we agree to work together.


Tarot Consultations Only - Ethics of a Professional Reader

tarot card reader, professional tarot consultantI have received several emails lately from new visitors to my website asking if I will perform rituals for them.

In particular, I have been asked to do rituals for success, to reunite lost loves, to bring money, and to break up relationships.

I do not now, nor have I ever offered services of this kind. I do not do "work" and have published many articles written to help new clients better understand the the power to change our lives rests with in each of us.

We are the magic, we create the future, we can change so much about our lives when we have some clarity, insight and direction. An ethical Tarot consultation can indeed offer that clarity and an out picturing of the future outcome of our actions.

I provide Clairvoyant Tarot readings by appointment. The fees for my services are clearly stated, and don't change. You receive the reading you pay for, one which offers many benefits.

I have written many articles, some in this blog, others on my site, that address the nature & purpose of my services. I will refer you to an article Candle Magic & Psychic Scams written to help you avoid being scammed, tricked, and/or manipulated by "readers" and "advisors" who claim to be able to change your luck, bring your true love back etc.

Please know that I do not intend this post as a criticism of others religious practices, others cultural values nor ritual in general.

However, I have received so many call from people who have been abused by "psychics" who offer rituals for money that I try to help people identify the difference between the personal rituals of prayer, meditation, offerings and ablutions that one does for oneself and spell casting or "rituals" done by strangers to affect change for the client.

These links will help you identify tricks of con artists who pose as psychics or spiritual advisors with the intention of gaining as much of your money as possible as well as insights into the ethics of other traditions:
For a bit more information on my own values as a reader, I offer a link to testimonials from my website.

I have received some negative reviews over the years, some from clients who wanted to hold me responsible for the decision they made as a result of information revealed in a reading.

Some that were from clients who may have had an unrealistic expectation of my abilities, and some that were from people who wanted a "free" reading. I am not the best reader for everyone, but I do give every client my full attention and best effort.

Ultimately, any seeker consulting a reader of any kind is best served when they realize they are buying that professional time, talent and attention.


The Sacred Trust - Ethics of a Professional Tarot Consultant

in person Tarot readings Jacksonville FloridaRecently, I had a curious friend ask me a question about a my reading process, and in particular about the kinds of things that occur in a reading.

I realized that it may be time again to post more information about my values as a reader so that others can know my thoughts on the Sacred Trust. Those words may sound dramatic, or self important, which is not at all my intention.

Rather, the words "Sacred Trust" reflect my deep sense of gratitude to the oracle of Tarot, my respect for the seekers, and an abiding commitment to keep the confidences entrusted to me by my clients.

I mention my gratitude to Tarot as it is this mystic device, this ancient book of mirrors that made it possible for me to gain mastery over my clairvoyant "gift", which I assure you, when running wild is no gift at all. Unbridled clairvoyance in my experience was a kaleidoscope of information that served no one.

It is the Tarot that made it possible to serve the public. For me, the Tarot is the portal I am able to open when needed and close when finished, allowing me to offer my clients accurate readings consistently.

I believe that as a reader, consulting the oracle of Tarot is a task to be undertaking in sacred space, with pure intention, and tremendous respect for the elders who have gone before me.. opening the door to the Akashic record.

As well, in this day & time, I have tremendous respect and appreciation for those who are not afraid to acknowledge that the mysteries endure, that the World is indeed a multi-dimensional experience, and that the unseen is often far more real than the tangible.

To be certain that I was able ready to work for the public, I apprenticed under a well-respected psychic in private practice for almost 9 months before opening my first Studio.

Today, I am able to work again for the public as city regulations that kept the mystics on the outskirts of town in adult entertainment zonings have been changed. My new little studio is located in the sacred space at 1055 Park Street, in the lovely studio in the back of The Midnight Sun.

We are able to close the door and have a private reading in that lovely room. What ever is revealed in your session, stays in that room unless you choose to reveal the information.

As for me, I will forget the reading shortly after we have finished. I will not be able to recall something I may have told you in a session at a later date. If you like, you are welcome to take notes during the reading. (I do not offer taped sessions.)

While at first, it may not seem very useful to have a Tarot consultant who forgets your session, in fact, the opposite is true. The future is in play, and always changing. Were I to hold the information revealed to you last month, it would be similar to hoarding old newspapers.

You will make changes, decisions, take actions and meet new people between readings. What was once revealed may have already occurred. When you sit down to see the outpicturing of your actions again, we will be able to access your portion of the Akashic, and all that has gone before - all that is relevant to your question - will be available again.

For another view of Tarot Ethics, please visit Tarotpedia.

Thanks to all for your continued support.


Ann George