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Tarot Podcasts: Explorations of Tarot by Ann George

Pod Casts on Tarot - and other esoteric concerns  are now available if you simple click this link.  I am new to the podcast process, and  record without a script, nonetheless, I present a link to my pod bean page - and a podcast for new clients. I will continue to record about all matters Tarot. I also hope to have a section for paranormal event questions and answers in the near future. Thank you kindly, Ann George

Love Readings - Clairvoyant Tarot for Relationships.

Loving relationships can bring great happiness, joy, comfort and pleasure. When a couple has managed to build a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, honesty and open communication they have one of the greatest blessings this life offers. Clairvoyant Tarot readings do provide clarity, insight and direction during all phases of a loving relationship.   Clearly the best time to consult a gifted reader is before you fully commit to a loving  relationship. If you have been dating and feel as if you have a good idea of who you are seeing, have had conversations about mutual goals and hopes for the future, then this is the best time to consult a reader to see the outcome of continuing your relationship. If the outcome is favorable, most people choose to continue. If the outcome is not favorable, many will choose to move on, or to ask a second question to see if the relationship can be improved.  Some people consult after a few dates as they have very strong feelings towa

Reading the Now

I am almost always asked to do readings to see the future. I also offer past life reading and mediumship work as is necessary for the emotional well being of my clients.  I am a question specific reader, and do not “throw the cards” or “read the cards” in the sense that I rely on the Tarot exclusively for seeing. Rather, the Tarot is my validator, the second opinion and witness that empowers me to rest assured that what I “see” is accurate.  My responsibility is to tell you the truthful answer to any questions you ask. In recent times, more clients are coming for an assessment of the present. Their concerns are best expressed as: “What is going on?“ “Why do I feel this way?” “Am I on the right path”  “What is my life’s purpose.” These kinds of questions, arising more and more often, confirm that we are indeed in a strange and stressful time. The world we inhabit is rapidly changing and forces both obvious and subtle are changing our lives. A reading can he