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Tarot - Questions, Answers and World Views

When you come for a reading with me, it is important to know that I read from the Active tense.. or from the "Co-created Universe" perspective rather than the Passive tense, or the "Fated Universe" perspective.

I feel it is important to address this issue now as more clients are asking me to tell answer questions such as:
"Does he/she love me?", 
"What does my new boss think of me?"
"What is my daughter thinking right now?"
"What will he/she do next?"
"Will he/she ever call me again?"

While I understand that you may want to know where you stand in your love relationship, and I am happy to answer that question, it has proven best over time for you to ask to see the outcome of continuing your relationship with that person. 

The hardest thing  to read is the mind of another person in a particular moment.  A mind can be as changeable as air, and like a breeze blow softly, not at all, fiercely... all in a matter of moments.

However, if you want to see the longterm outcome of being in relationship with another person is quite possible. It is also possible to discover the best way to heal a relationship, and to see the outcome of taking a particular position in a relationship.

By asking a relationship question that makes you an active participant in the relationship, more accurate answers, more information is available. So.. if you want to know if your lover is faithful, or if your marriage will last, then asking to see the outcome of continuing your relationship with that person will reveal all kinds of useful information that you may use to decide whether to continue in that relationship or not.

I am best able to read the past, present and future outcomes of choices. I am able to tell you what will happen if you make a particular choice or take a particular action.  I will then be able to tell you that future, based on your past experience  and your current actions.

Sometimes people want to know if they "should" do, or "should not" do, something in particular. I also invite my clients to rephrase that question to ask:

"Show me the outcome of choosing to............" 
This way I will be able to tell you what will most probably occur, and you are then able to decide for yourself if you "should" take that action. You will then be responsible to decide for yourself if this action will benefit you, or if you should do it.

When discussing this topic in a workshop the other day, I realized that the term "Co-created Universe Perspective" needed a bit more explanation, so I will explore that idea in greater detail now. 

I believe in causality, that every action has a consequence.  I believe that the consequences of not only our actions, but also our thoughts and words will manifest at some point in time in our world. Whether actions manifest in this or another lifetime is not for me to say.    

So, if you are seeking to consult a psychic about a relationship, or to order a love reading, please be aware that some readers will address your questions from the Active world view, and others from the Passive world view.

To illustrate: I had a call after business hours the other night from a young woman who seemed quite manic when she called. In a rush she explained to me that she had called another psychic, seeking a free reading, and that psychic had told her that someone had "done some work" on her boyfriend, and that her boyfriend was "turned against her" and would marry another woman UNLESS the caller hired that psychic to do "more work" to reverse the first spell cast. 

At that point in the rush of information, I invited the caller to pause, have a deep breath, and to visit my site for a more information on the reading process, how to ask questions and how to avoid psychic scams. When seeking information about love, or any other matter, the best use of Tarot is to provide clarity, insight and direction.

Is it possible to see the future? Of course. We all see the future all the time. If you have ever sat high in the bleachers in a ball park you have seen the future. You have known -  before the batter knew  -  if the rightfield player would catch the ball...  or not. You have had the advantage of a distant and objective perspective on the situation. 

Clairvoyant (or psychic) readers have the advantage of that objective perspective. Some excel in particular areas of work...... some in others. I am a question specific reader. I do not ask for a specific question to be difficult, nor to be controlling. 

Rather, I am certain that our world is always much bigger, more magical, full of greater possibility that we acknowledge and I am not comfortable answering the question "What does the future have in store for me?" If you are able to first ask the future of your career, your health, your love relationship, your educational path, your spiritual journey, I could be of more use.

I know that it is easy to become entangled in the machinery of the moment and lose sight of our True Selves, our best qualities, our hopes and dreams... our essence. I know that sometimes, faced with many important life choices that a reading - in my case I offer clairvoyant tarot readings - can bless us with a second point of view that serves to clarify what we may already know.

I invite you to visit my site or to explore this blog for more information. Thank you for your kind attention to this post.

Ann George


The Reading Room at The Midnight Sun - Clairvoyant Tarot Readings in Jacksonville, Florida

I am pleased  to post a photo of a lovely, spiritual space.

This is the Tarot reading room located in the back of The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida.

This is where you may come for your clairvoyant Tarot reading. If you would like a friend or partner to sit in on your reading, this is just fine.  I am able to add an extra chair if need be.

Please be sure to call ahead to schedule your reading. You may reach be at 904-993-7466. Ann George