What happens in a Tarot Card Reading?

Sometimes people are very nervous when they come for their first reading, in part because they really do not know what to expect. While each reader is different, and each reading is different, if you have an ethical consultant, then there are several truths that should apply to each and every session.

The first truth is that you are in control. The Tarot is a vibrational tool, a picture book of archetypes and truths about the experiences we all face as spiritual beings in a material world. Although we are unique, life does present us all the same ultimate challenges.

We all face birth, death, illness, victory, success, loss, love - of course the list of what we share can go on and on. What is important is that  each of us will react (vibrate) to these experiences in our own unique way.

There will also be times when we feel lost, adrift, in need of guidance, clarity, insight and direction. It is in these times that Tarot is a most perfect tool to help you find your way toward the bright future you dream of.

I do not intend to oversimplify or demystify one of the most powerful oracles we have... but I do want to re-present it so that Tarot moves out of the shadows and into the light of reason, becoming a tool we are confident in using as we realize that is is a book of mirrors that can show our everyday minds glimpses of our highest mind.. our pure nature, our true purpose.

The Tarot, in the hands of a skilled consultant, will create a landscape in reply to your questions. Should you have a reading with me, then what will happen is as follows:

  • You will come to the reading (either live or by phone) with your questions ready. Some people are surprised to find that bringing specific questions is the best way to proceed. I liken it to asking someone to help you find something. It is important to tell your helper what you are looking for before you begin the search. 
  • You will ask your question out loud.  
  • Now.. the most important part of the reading begins. I will ask you to "show me" by which I mean "visualize" the answers to questions that come to my mind when I "look" at the matter you bring to the table. While you are visualizing, I am shuffling the cards.  It is your relaxation and visualization that is critical for the following reasons:
    • When you share your thoughts with me, you are giving me the necessary permission to look into your portion of the Akashic Record. 
    • By visualizing, I am able to not only receive information you would otherwise tell me, but also to see with you the important aspects to any situation. For example, I am able to see the expression of your true loves' face when you tell that you are unhappy, feel your instinctive reaction as you enter your work environment, or to peek over your shoulder at your resume. 
    • The Tarot as a vibratory tool, responds to the energy of your thoughts. As I shuffle and you visualize a combination of cards arranges itself in such a way that the answer to your question is revealed. 
  • When you feel as if you have shown me everything you feel is important to get a complete and accurate answer to your question, I will stop shuffling and spread the cards on the table. ( I do not "throw" sacred objects.. so I don't "throw" cards.)
  • It is at this time that the answers to your question are revealed. 

As each client is different, there is no way for me to explain how I see what I see and how I know what I know. My knowing will always remain a mystery to me. Part of the answer is that you showed me. Part of the answer is that we, the three of us, draw down the answer as we create, by agreement, a sacred vortex of knowing. (Yes.. I did just trip over the edge of mystic there.) 

What is important to understand is that in this process, I often serve as a conduit to help your deepest, inner self reunite with your most exalted spiritual self as we by pass the ordinary mind. Many times people feel validated and affirmed after a reading, and this is what many come for. 

Many times we will see the future, always as an outcome of actions you have taken in the past, thoughts you hold in the present, and choices you intend to make. 

Many times clients come to see their past in a new light, to gain understanding about the meaning of past events, lost loves, or in some cases to reconnect (when possible) with the energy of lost loved ones. Some even come to see past lives. 

All of these things can be seen in a clairvoyant Tarot consultation.  I do not know what happens with other readers.  Myself, I do not read on a card by card basis as I know that Tarot creates a landscape answer, each card being qualified by other cards present on the table.

I will ask to know the sign you are born under. Fire answers for a Fire sign woman have a different tone of voice than do Fire answers for a Water sign woman, so to provide the best interpretation of the spread, as well as to see clearly, knowing your sign is very helpful. 

I will always tell you the truthful answer to any question you ask. If you are afraid of a particular answer, then don't ask the question - it is that simple. I will not surprise you by answering questions you did not ask. Should such an unasked answer be present, I will ask your permission before revealing what may be the true answer to the question the mind will not allow, but the one that the heart seeks. 

Readings are available by appointment only. Contact information as well as other useful articles may be found on my web site.

I hope you find this short post helpful. 

Ann George