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What happens in a Tarot Card Reading?

Sometimes people are very nervous when they come for their first reading, in part because they really do not know what to expect. While each reader is different, and each reading is different, if you have an ethical consultant, then there are several truths that should apply to each and every session. The first truth is that you are in control. The Tarot is a vibrational tool, a picture book of archetypes and truths about the experiences we all face as spiritual beings in a material world. Although we are unique, life does present us all the same ultimate challenges. We all face birth, death, illness, victory, success, loss, love - of course the list of what we share can go on and on. What is important is that  each of us will react (vibrate) to these experiences in our own unique way. There will also be times when we feel lost, adrift, in need of guidance, clarity, insight and direction. It is in these times that Tarot is a most perfect tool to help you find your way toward the