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Important update - new site using my name is not endorsed nor affiliated with Ann George Studios, Inc.

It came to my attention today that there is a new web site on line. Interestingly the domain name of this site uses my web site name as their url. Ann George Studios, Inc. home page carries the description: "Psychic -Ann George - Clairvoyant." .. and all these adjectives apply to me, and the kind of work I do. The new site is using: pyschicanngeorgeclairvoyantinfo as their domain name. I suppose I should flattered in some way? After providing service to clients on line since 2000, my website has earned a good search engine placement. That someone should try to take advantage of the placement by using my name to draw traffic to their site seems less than straight forward. Of course, I wish all honorable merchants the best of luck! I do want to make it perfectly clear that I am not affiliated with, nor do I endorse the web site found at that address. Ann George Clairvoyant, Psychic, and Usui Reiki Master.

Tarot Salon - Class & Metaphysical Discussion Today.

All are welcome to attend the monthly Tarot class in the lovely Studio at The Midnight Sun today - 8/8/10 from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. Class fee is $15 cash. The Midnight Sun in located at 1044 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204. Professional Tarot consultant and clairvoyant reader Ann George will teach Tarot from the Hermetic perspective for the first hour of the class. The second hour is a question and answer session on Tarot and other metaphysical topics. Students decide what aspect of Tarot to study, and the class is conducted accordingly. Last class, the focus was on how to interpret the spread of cards, and the best spreads to use to gain a clear understanding of the matter on the table. Some cushions are provided for sitting.  You are welcome to bring your own meditation cushion and your favorite Tarot deck as well.